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Famous Trials
[Professor Douglas O. Linder, University of Kansas]

Free the West Memphis Three

Court TV Crime Library

WM3 Stories: The Commerical Appeal

Parabola Interview: Damien Echols

Videos & Audio

SantaCruz IndyMedia [radio program: 56 min]

[The West Memphis Three] [CNN: Doubts Cast in WM3 Case (with short footage of Terry Hobbs)] [ABC News: Update] [West Memphis Three: Time for the Truth: pt.1, 9.58 mins.] [Time for the Truth, pt.2] [KAIT News: On the Supporters] [KART News: 10th Anniversary of the Crime] [Natalie Maines Joins West Memphis 3 Fight]

[Jessie Misskelley] [Jason Baldwin]

[Where the Bodies Were Found]

True Crime With Aphrodite Jones

Terry Hobbes

[Terry Hobbes] [Terry Hobbes-pt.2] [Terry Hobbes-pt.3] [Terry Hobbes-pt.4] [Terry Hobbes-pt.5] [Terry Hobbes-pt.6] [Terry Hobbes-pt.7] [Terry Hobbes-pt.8] [Terry Hobbes-pt.9] [Terry Hobbes-pt.10] [Byers vs. Hobbes]

John Mark Byers

[Interview with John Mark Byers] [Best of John Mark Byers] [Best of John Mark Byers-pt.2] [Best of John Mark Byers-pt.3] [Think What You Might] [Byers vs. HBO Filmmakers]

Appeals Defense Team (Press Conference|November 1, 2007)

[Damien Echols Legal Defense Team Press Conference] [Press Conference-pt.2] [Press Conference-pt.3] [Press Conference-pt.4] [Press Conference-pt.5] [Press Conference-pt.6] [Press Conference-pt.7] [Press Conference/Q&A: pt.1] [Press Conference/Q&A: pt.2] [Press Conference/Q&A: pt.3] [Press Conference/Q&A: pt.4] [Press Conference/Q&A: pt.5]

[Transcript: Damien Echols Legal Defense Team Press Conference]



Introduction & Narrative Day of Discovery of the Bodies [pt.2]

The Neighborhood The Place Views of the Discovery Woods

Strangers on Bicycles Witness: Last to See the Victims Alive

Witnesses: Seeing the Victims Before Their Death Chris Wahl

Sightings of White & Black Vans The Tattooed Man

The Bojangles Man [Mr. Bojangles: youTube video] [Commentary on the Bojangles Incident]

Odd Characters Rumors and Confessions

Crime Scene Evidence Sticks from the Crime Scene

Slick Bank at the Crime Scene Polygraphs

Detective's Interviews with Damien Echols [pt.2] [pt. 3]


Injuries to the Victims


Door to Door Interviews

DNA Evidence

Physical Evidence for DNA Analysis Biological Samples

DNA Summary of DNA Evidence Hairs

Physical Evidence

Hairs Hair Fibers Wax Shoelaces

Clothing Clothes, Fabric, and Fibers

Knives [pt.2] [pt.3]

Evidence List Evidence Findings


Dale Griffis: Expert on the Occult

On Dale Griffis (Questioning his Credentials and His Testimony): [commentary] [Who is Dale Griffis?] [Background] [Police Who Believe]

Tony Anderson (fingerprint expert) [pt.2]

Cult Killing?

Cult Aspects ot the Case A Satanic Aspect

Statements of Ricky Climer

Persons of Interest

James K. Martin

L.G. Hollingsworth [L.G. Hollingsworth Telephone Call]

Anthony Hollingsworth

Defendant: Jason Baldwin

Jason Baldwin

Statements of Baldwin's Mother & Step-Father

The Two Baldwins

Defendant: Jessie Misskelley

Jessie Misskelley Misskelley's Confessions Analysis of Misskelley's Confession

Exhibit of the Search Warrant

Defendant: Damien Echols

Background: [pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6]

Echols & Detective Ridge: [pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3]

Rumors about Echols: [pt.1] [pt.2]


Photos and Families

Documentary Films: "Paradise Lost"

"Paradise Lost" I & II
[an essay/review of the two West Memphis Three documentary films by Andy Opel in Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media]

Reproducing a Trial: Evidence and Its Assessment in Paradise Lost
[Jennifer L. Mnookin]

Jessie Misskelley Trial

Prosecution's Closing Argument

Supplemental Resources

Guy Reel, Marc Perrusquia & Bartholomew Sullivan, The Blood of Innocents (New York: Pinnacle Books/Kensington Publishing Corp., 1995) [Note from the "Free the West Memphis 3 website: "Originally published in 1995, the book was written by reporters from the local paper and has a sensational tone. It contains several inaccuracies and instances of speculative journalism. Names have been changed and obviously none of the recent developments are mentioned."] [The authors of The Blood of Innocents reported the case for the Commercial Appeal, the largest newspaper in Memphis.] [Names for Pseudonyms Used in The Blood of Innocents]

M.W. Anderson & Brett Savory, The Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis 3 (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004)

Damien Echols, Almost Home: My Life Story--Vol. 1 (New York: iUniverse, 2005)

Damine Echols, Life After Death (New York: Blue Rider Press/Penguin Group, 2012)