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Character Arc 1: What Is It?

Character Arc

Character Development Drives Conflict

The Great Character Arc Controversy

Character Arc, Christopher Vogler, and the Hero's Journey

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Two Big Mistakes Screenwriters Make When Developing Characters
[7:05 mins.] [William C. Martell]

What Screenwriters Should Know About a Character's Inner Journey
[8:54 mins.] [Michael Hauge]

Great Stories Use this Key Component [Core Wound] Early and Often
[5:37 mins.] [Peter Russell]

The #1 Most Important Element In Developing Character
[2:30 mins.] [John Truby]

How to Make the Audience Care about Your Characters
[2:52 mins.] [John Truby] [we care about characters because of 1) their weakness, and 2) their goal]