Films Screened in Lawyers and Film:

"The Verdict"

"The Castle"

"And Justice for All"

"Class Action"


"The Sweet Hereafter"

More Lawyer Films:

"A Man for All Seasons"

[See also: "Luther" (2003)--Luther's Defense at the
Imperial Diet of Worms

"A Time to Kill"


"Bringing Down the House"

"Cape Fear"


"A Civil Action"

"Judgment at Nuremberg"

[Hans Rolfe Delivers Closing Argument for the Defense]

[Judge Dan Haywood Delivers Decision of the Court]

"Kramer vs. Kramer"

"Laws of Attraction"

"Legally Blonde"

[Elle Woods Delivers Student Address at Harvard Law School's 2004 Graduation Ceremony]

"My Cousin Vinny"

[Defense Counsel John Gibbons Stutters His Way
Through Opening Statement

[Defense Counsel John Gibbons Cross Examines Witness Tipton]

[Defense Council Vincent Gambini Cross Examines Mr. Tipton]

[District Attorney Jim Trotter III 'Voir Dires' Mona Lisa Vito]

"Presumed Innocent"

"Primal Fear"

"Regarding Henry"

"Reversal of Fortune"

"Runaway Jury"

"The Accused"

"The Client"

"The Devil's Advocate"

"The Firm"

"Twelve Angry Men"