It's All About Story and Nothing Else
[1:33:58 mins.] [UCLA Professor Richard Walter] [screen 7:54 mins. to 11:14 mins.] [a movie cannot be reduced to a theme or an idea; it's all about the story]

Writing For Emotional Impact
[1:25:17 mins.] [Karl Iglesias]

Andrew Stanton: The Clues to a Great Story
[19:16 mins.] [TED Talk]

Film Criticism

Roger Ebert on Film Criticism
[4:50 mins.] [screen to 1:14 mins.]

On Perceptions of Film Critics

Reading a Film

How to Analyze Film
[10:17 mins.] [Jeff Finn, 2015] [inital focus on narrative]

How to Analyze a Movie?: The Screen's Inner Logic
[1:50 mins.]

Slavoj Zizek on How to Examine Films
[59:43 mins.]


If a Screenwriter Can't Answer this Question, They Shouldn't Write the Screenplay
[8:06 mins.] [William C. Martell]