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An Introduction to "Lawyers and Literature
Drawing on the Work of Jordan Peterson

Read, Become Articulate, Transform the World [4:51 mins.] [Jordan Peterson]

Jordan Peterson on Fictional Truth [7:48 mins.]

The Buddha's Renunciation [11:11 mins.] [the Buddha story; "looking beyond the confines" of protected space/protected lives; curiosity that has you looking for trouble; getting beyond the confines of paradise]

Re-Reading the Course Through Videos

Three Premises: Reading|Stories|The Course

Roger Schank: Learning by Doing [1:31 mins.]

How to Get Out of the Box [13:38 mins.] [Giovanni Corazza, professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum at the University of Bologna, teaches science and the applications of creative thinking]

Honoring the Stories of Illness: Dr. Rita Charon [18:16 mins.] [Dr. Rita Charon is recognized as one of the founders and leaders of narrative medicine]

On Reading

Reading and the Good Life [4:04 mins.]

Why We Read: Francine Prose [9:54 mins.] Pt2 [9:32mins.] Pt3 [9:51 mins.] Pt4 [7:57 mins.] Pt5 [11:37 mins.] Big Think Interview With Francine Prose [31:53 mins.]

How We Read?

Salman Rushdie on Reading [5:35 mins.]

Reading Short Stories [5:23 mins.] [Peter Kittle, Professor of English, California State University--Chico]

Name It & Tame It [1:36 mins.] Left Brain Storytelling [1:36 mins.]

Reading the Characters We Find in Fiction

  Salman Rushdie on Lives of Fictional Characters [4:05 mins.]

  Salman Rushdie on Truth in Fiction [3:14 mins.]

  Michael Blumenthal on the Characters We Find in Literature [3:45 mins.]

Thinking About Reading & Literature

  David Foster Wallace on Literature [2:52 mins.]

  David Foster Wallace on Commercial Literature and Reading [4:19 mins.]

  Kurt Vonnegut Interviewed on Reading [6:58 mins.] Pt2 [11:06 mins.] Pt3 [6:12 mins.] Pt4 [7:01 mins.]

  Harold Bloom interviewed by Brian Lamb, CSpan [9:37 mins.] Pt2 [9:14 mins.] Pt3 [7:54 mins.] Pt4 [9:46 mins.] Pt5 [4:42 mins.] Pt6 [3:50 mins.]

  The Neurology of Reading [3:31 mins.] [Margaret Atwood]

Martha Nussbaum with Bill Moyers: The Fragility of Humanity [5:48 mins.]

Poets and Prose Writing [6:01 mins.] [Edward Hirsch] [full interview :: 34:33 mins.]

Why Robert Stone Writes [3:34 mins.] ["You need stories."] Stories Read and Lived [5:04 mins.] [Robert Stone talks about his early life as a reader; readering whatever he blunders into] [full interview :: 39:00 mins.] On Short Stories: A Writer Tries "I" [5:48 mins.]

Tom Perrotta on Becoming a Writer [5:16 mins.]

  Iris Murdoch on Philosophy and Literature [10:18 mins.]

  An NPR Report on a Study in Science [4:05 mins.] [audio; "All Things Considered"]

Fiction, Literature, the Humanities

How Fiction Makes Our Brains Better [3:06 mins.]

The Role of Fiction in the Well-Lived Life [9:11 mins.] [Professor Joshua Landy, co-director of the Literature and Philosophy Initiative at Stanford, talks about his current research on the role that fiction plays in the well-lived life.]

David Foster Wallace: The Future of Fiction in the Information Age [4:13 mins.]

In the Defense of the Humanities [6:16 mins.] [Professor Joshua Landy, co-director of Stanford's Philosophy and Literature Initiative]

Iris Murdoch on Philosophy and Literature [10:18 mins.] Pt2 [10:40 mins.] Pt4 [8:51 mins.] Pt5 [4:49 mins.]

The Death of Criticism? [1:09:57 mins.] [Terry Eagleton] [Eagleton's lecture begins at 4:30 mins.]

From The Anxiety to the Anatomy of Influence: A Conversation with Harold Bloom [1:19:32 mins.]

Why Read Literature? An Examined|Meaningful Life

  Why Read? [56:55 mins.] [Mark Edmunson]

  Sheldon Solomon on Identity Crisis [2:55 mins.]

  Does Fiction Have a Practical Purpose? [4:08 mins.] [Rebecca Goldstein]

  Why Study English Literature? [1:03 mins.] [Bo Ekelund, Stockholm University]

  Imagination and Empathy [31.57 mins.] [Ken Robinson]

  Sam Keen on Minor Epiphanies [0:28 mins.] Sam Keen on the Meaning of Life [1:24 mins.] Sam Keen on Life's Filters [3:30 mins.]

On Being Lost: Finding Ourselves in What We Read & Write

  Sam Keen on Being Lost [1:32 mins.] [On Work] [1:38 mins.]

  Michael Blumenthal on Writing [7:34 mins.]

  "Forgetfulness": A Poem by Billy Collins [1:41 mins.]

On Fear

  Karen Thompson Walker: What Fear Can Teach Us [11:31 mins.]

Talking with Each Other About What We Read

  Is There Truth in Interpretation? Law, Literature and History [1:07:10 mins.; the lecture begins at 10:14 mins.] [a lecture by Ronald Dworkin]

Thinking About Stories and Storytelling

  Stories in Our Lives [59:41 mins.] [Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, an early pioneer in the mind/body holistic health movement]["stories are about the art of living"] [Dr. Remen is a physician]

This World is Made of Stories [6:21 mins.] [Michael Meade] On Stories & Myth [5:39 mins.]

Jordan Peterson on How You Inhabit a Story [14:15 mins.]

Salman Rushdie on Mythology and Interpretation [5:44 mins.]

  Kurt Vonnegut: The Shapes of Stories [4:36 mins.]

  Kurt Vonnegut: How to Write a Short Story [1:28 mins.]

  Roger Schank on Stories [13:32 mins.] Pt2 [13:50 mins.] Pt3 [13:25] Pt4 [8:39 mins.]

  Idris Shah, The Teaching Story [47:17 mins.] [audio] Pt2 [47:04 mins.] [audio] Idris Shah, Caravan of Dreams Stories [51:26 mins.] [audio]

Nicole Krauss: We Create Who We Are [26:16 mins.] ["I go to books for serious things."]

Tobias Wolff on Short Stories [2:28 mins.] Art is Essential [28:29 mins.]

TED Talks|Stories

Stories Out Loud: Bill Harley [13:36 mins.] Andrew Stanton: The Clues to a Great
[19:16 mins.] The Mystery of Storytelling: Julian Friedmann [18:28 mins.] The Power of Story: Susan Conley [18:56 mins.] The Transformative Power Of Storytelling: Cheryl Hunter [15:24 mins.] The Power of Storytelling to Change the World: Dave Lieber [17:16 mins.] Sarah Kay Poetess/Storyteller [12:33 mins.] Patricia Evangelista: Why We Tell Stories [14:40 mins.] Steve Denning: Leadership Storytelling [15:50 mins.] Todd Babiak: Tell Me a Story [16:02 mins.] Jeff Parkin: The Future of Story [18:43 mins.] Jonny White: Psychologically, We are our Stories [18:44 mins.] Narrative Humility [17:40 mins.] [on how to listen to stories]

Narrative Medicine as a Way of Thinking about Narrative Jurisprudence

  Rita Charon in Conversation with Magdalene Brandeis [1:20:21 mins.] [Dr. Charon's presentation begins at 8:08 mins.] Rita Charon: A Sense of Story, or Narrative Medicine for the Chaos of Illness? [1:21:17 mins.] Narrative Methods of Building Effective Health Care Teams [51:23 mins.]

Narrative Humility: Sayantani DasGupta at TED [17:40 mins.]

Dr Oliver Sacks: Narrative and Medicine: The Importance of the Case History [40:59 mins.]

The Lawyer as Storyteller

Storytelling, Persuasion, Narrative [12:33 mins.] [Charles Rose]

Opening Statements and Storytelling [13:39 mins.] [Professor Wes Porter, Director of the GGU Litigation Center at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco

Speaking & Participating in Class

How to Lose the Fear of Being an Idiot [4:36 mins.] [School of Life]

How to Know If Someone's Ideas Are Their Own [2:59 mins.] [Jordan Peterson]

How to Write and Verbalize Your Thoughts [2:03 mins.] [Jordan Peterson]

Skillful vs Unskillful Discussion [5:46 mins.] [Jordan Peterson] [end presentation at 1:18 mins.]

On Writing (Jordan Peterson)

On the Power of Writing [4:04 mins.]

Self Authoring [9:49 mins.]

Intro to Self Authoring [8:47 mins.]

Self Authoring: It Changes You! [18:10 mins.]

Introduction to Writing an English Essay

Introduction [2:15 mins.] Paraphrasing [6:53 mins.] Methodology: An Introduction to Literary Theory [16:45 mins.] A Close Reading [13:24 mins.] The Historical Background [16:55 mins.] Aesthetics [12:55 mins.] Ecocriticism [12:45 mins.] Introduction to Marxist Literary Theory [16:23 mins.]

Literary Interpretation & Theory

A Literary Theory Course [Paul Frey, Yale]

Introduction to Theory of Literature - Introduction-II - Ways In and Out of the Hermeneutic Circle - Configurative Reading - The Idea of the Autonomous Artwork - The New Criticism and Other Western Formalisms - Russian Formalism - : Semiotics and Structuralism - Linguistics and Literature - Deconstruction - Deconstruction-II - Freud and Fiction - Jacque Lacan in Theory - Influence (Harold Bloom) - The Postmodern Psyche - The Social Permeability of Reader and Text - The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory - The Political Unconscious - The New Historicism - The Classical Feminist Tradition - African American Criticism - Post-Colonial Criticism - Queer Theory - The Institutional Construction of Literary Study - The End of Theory? - Reflections; Who Doesn't Hate Theory Now

How to Read Literature: Four Angles of Interpretation [9:40 mins.] [Nick Courtright]

Introduction to Marxist Literary Theory [16:23 mins.]

Course Authors | Course Stories

Kafka's "Before the Law"

"Before the Law" [2:56 mins.] [Orson Wells narration]

Alon Levi Film Adaptation of the Parable [8:56 mins.]

Franz Kafka Mini Documentary [5:33 mins.]

David Foster Wallace on Kafka [9:28 mins.]

Lowell B. Komie, a Lawyer/Writer and His Stories

Investidura [10:22 mins.] Celebrating the Uruguayan Debut of Lowell B. Komie's short stories [2:09 mins.] Lowell Komie Talking About a Trip to The Netherlands [3:23 mins.] Komie Talking About Paris & Amerstdam [3:42 mins.]

Melville, "Bartleby, the Scrivener"

Bartleby: Eine Geschichte der Wall Street [10:00 mins.]
Experimentalfilm von Andreas Honneth, 2009

Bartleby, the Subversive [3:28 mins.]

Leslie Hall Pinder, On Double Tracks

Leslie Hall Pinder Interview [14:46 mins.] Pt2 [6:13 mins.] Pt3 [7:40 mins.] [discussing her book, Bring Me One of Everything]

Block Party
[8:36 mins.] [An imaginative video about writer's block]

Book Trailer for Bring Me One of Everything [1:34 mins.]

Leslie Hall Pinder Reading from Bring Me One of Everything [6:36 mins.]

Margaret Atwood, "Weight"

Turning Pages: The Life and Literature of Margaret Atwood [3:21 mins.]

Margaret Atwood on the Creative Process [4:57 mins.]

Margaret Atwood on Why We Tell Stories [5:05 mins.]

The Power of Ideas [28:41 mins.]

One on One: An Atwood Interview [22:38 mins.]

Cynthia Ozick, "Puttermesser"

  "Reading is Bread": Cynthia Ozick [22:49 mins.] [short version] [8:28 mins.]

James Clarke, The Juried Heart

  James Clarke Reading: "How to Bribe a Judge" [2:13 mins.]

  James Clarke on the Human Face of the Law [2:29 mins.]

  James Clarke on the Door to Poetry [1:57 mins.]

  The Kid From Simcoe Street, An Autobiographical Work [2:58 mins.]

Tolstoy, "The Death of Ivan Ilych"

Professor Andrew W. Kaufman Lectures on "The Death of Ivan Ilych" [7:06 mins.]

Sheldon Solomon on Mortality [2:62 mins.] [Sheldon Solomon is a Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College] Sheldon Solomon on Why We Fear Death [3:04 mins.]

Robert Jay Lifton on 9/11 and His Own Death Anxiety [3:14 mins.]

Sam Keen on Ernest Becker [4:41 mins.] [Ernest Becker is the author of The Denial of Death]

Lawyers | Poets | Poetry

Ways of Thinking About Poetry

"Poetry" by Marianne Moore [1:52 mins.]

Garrison Keillor Reading Billy Collins: "An Introduction to Poetry" [1:12 mins.]

Billy Collins: Everyday Moments, Caught in Time [15:13 mins.] [TED Talk]

Slowing Down [0:40 secs.] [Naomi Shihab Nye] Unfolding [0:40 mins.] Write Things Down [2:08 mins.]

Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" [3:23 mins.] song|music by Paul Finnican [Robert Frost reads "The Road Not Taken"] [A Reading of Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"]

David Whyte on The Power of Imagination [1:44 mins.] On Belonging and Coming Home [2:02 mins.] Preserving the Soul [8:28 mins.] David Whyte's Three Marriages [2:55 mins.] Resilence [4:23 mins.] The Journey [3:03 mins.]

Mary Oliver with Coleman Barks [6:35 mins.] [Mary Oliver reads her poems; the relevant part of the video is the conversation with Coleman Barks that begins at 3:04 mins.]

Scott Griffin (a Canadian businessman) on the Importance of Poetry [16:33 mins.] [TED talk]

Reading Poetry

How To Read a Poem [4.01 mins.] [Edward Hirsch] [full interview] [34:33 mins.]

Mary Oliver reading "Wild Geese" [1:20 mins.]

Coleman Barks reads the Poetry of Rumi [4:43 mins.]

On Becoming a Poet

Coleman Barks [32:09 mins.]

How I Came to Work on Rumi's Poems [2:05 mins.]


Richard Krech In Chambers [9:25 mins.] Krech reading Travel Poems [7:23 mins.] Krech Reading More of His Poems [5:29 mins.]

Michael Blumenthal Reads His Poetry at West Virginia University [3:12 mins.] Michael Blumenthal Reading [59:50 mins.]

Archibald MacLeish

Archibald MacLeish reading "Ars Poetica" [1:19 mins.]

Wallace Stevens

"The Man with the Blue Guitar" [1:08 mins.] "The Idea of Order at Key West" [3:29 mins.] "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" [2:17 mins.] "The Emperor of Ice-Cream" [1:03 mins.] "Sunday Morning" [6:54 mins.] Harold Bloom reciting Wallace Stevens' "Tea at the Palace of Hoon" [1:42 mins.] Wallace Stevens reads "Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour" [2:03 mins.] Wallace Stevens reads "So & So Reclining on Her Couch" [2:12 mins.]

Harold Bloom reciting Wallace Stevens' "Tea at the Palace of Hoon" [1:43 mins.]

Edgar Lee Masters

"The Hill" [2:06 mins.]

Charles Reznikoff

"Beggar Woman" [0.20 mins.]

Lawrence Joseph

Lawrence Joseph [28:30 mins.]

Poets on Poetry

Charles Wright on Poetry as a "Reason for Living" [3:44 mins.]

Donald Hall recites his poetry, talks of his life [30:04 mins.]

Joy Harjo: Poems are houses for spirits [28:46 mins.] [". . . writing a poem is about listening."]

Jane Hirshfield on her "unearned luck," her poetry [29:59 mins.]

A Poet Has Some Fun

Coleman Barks reading "The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving" [3:44 mins.]

Writing: Other Course Resources

On Writing a Creative Essay for the Course

  John Irving on The Thrill of the Blank Page [1:00 mins.]

  Christopher Hitchens Advice for Writers [2:07 mins.]

  Junot Díaz Discusses the Writing Process [3:56 mins.]

  Three Tips for Young Writers [1:55 mins.]

  How To Write Better Almost Instantly [1:09 mins.] Pt2 [0:47 mins.]

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Writing for Scientists [18:15 mins.] [a Lee Gutkin presentation; Gutkin mentions both narrative law and narrative medicine] The Structure of Creative Nonfiction [8:00 mins.] The Author in the Writing [2:20 mins.]

Advanced Creative Nonfiction [13:35 mins.] [Lex Williford] Pt2 [14:37 mins.] Pt3 [13:58 mins.] Pt4 [10:25 mins.]

Susan Orlean: Creative Nonfiction | Write Truth with Style [1:34 mins.] Susan Orlean Interview [9:09 mins.] Susan Orlean: The Power of Narrative [1:12:35 mins.] The freewheelin' Susan Orlean [9:09 mins] Ian Brown in conversation with Susan Orlean [9:09 mins]

Narrative Nonfiction

Making It Work: Surviving the Process, Surviving Yourself--Living and Writing Narrative Nonfiction [1:27:20 mins.; panel discussion]

Lawrence Weschler presents "Form and Freedom in Narrative Non-Fiction" [1:41:35 mins.]

On Writing (the actual process)

Scott Berkun: On How to Write Well [5:12 mins.]

Poets v. Prose Writers

On What Writers Learn from Poetry and from Fiction [6:00 mins.][Edward Hirsch]

Writers Talking about Writing

Andre Dubus III [13:43 mins.] John Irving on the Need to be Alone [1:20 mins.] Staring Down the Challenges of Writing [3:47 mins.] [Paul Auster, novelist] Tom Perrotta's Advice to Writers [7:10 mins.] Learning How to Write Well [5:47 mins.] [Yann Martel, novelist, author of Life of Pi] How Do You Write? [4:01 mins.] [Jonathan Franzen] Judy Reeves on Taking Pen in Hand [46:20 mins.] On Writing: The Best Writing Advice I Know [1:38 mins.] [James Scott Bell] Walter Mosley [2:07 mins.] Charlie Rose Talks to Writers [13:43 mins.] [Charlie Rose talks to Martin Amis, Zadie Smith, Malcolm Gladwell, Joan Didion, Jonathan Franzen, and Fran Lebowitz] Michael Connelly [1:24 mins.]

Writers Big Think Interviews

Tim O'Brien [45:55 mins.] John Irving [36:27 mins.] Robert Stone [45:55 mins.]

Screenwriters on Writing

  The Writer's Journey and Mythic Structure with Christopher Vogler [4:56 mins.]

  Christopher Vogler on the Hero's Odyssey in Writing [31:51 mins.]

  Big Think Interview With Robert McKee [1:00:38 mins.]

  A Writer Attends a Screenwriting Workshop: A Scene from "Adaptation" [3:02 mins.]

  Robert McKee: How Do You Tell A Non-Linear Story? [5:09 mins.]

  Robert McKee: Writers Make Sense Out of Chaos [9:10 mins.]

  John Truby: The Anatomy of Story: Pt1 & Pt2 [6:44 mins.] Pt3 [3:38 mins.] Pt4 [7:17 mins.]

  John Truby: The Story World [6:03 mins.]

  John Truby: On How a Character Changes [6:07 mins.]

Physicans Writing

   Abraham Verghese: Medicine and Writing [4:50 mins.]

  Danielle Ofri on Writing about Medicine [0:57 mins.] [Danielle Ofri is the editor of the Bellevue Literary Review, a journal devoted to medicine and literature]

  Physicians as Writers: Oliver Sacks in Conversation with Danielle Ofri [48:15 mins.] [the Sacks/Ofri conversation begins at 5:10 mins.]

  Why Physicians Write: Danielle Ofri [1:09:11 mins.]

  Danielle Ofri Reads "Tools of the Trade" from her book [10:25 mins.] [Danielle Ofri is the author of Incidental Findings: Lessons from My Patients in the Art of Medicine (New York: Beacon Press, 2006)]

  Medical Students' Reflective Writing: What Can We Learn? [10:25 mins.] [Johanna Shapiro presentation begins at 4:00 mins.]

Good and Bad Writing

  Steven Pinker on Good Writing, with Ian McEwan [1:18:02 mins.]

Importance of Writing

  The Right Stuff: The Importance of Writing [1:19 mins.]

Lawyer Writers

  An Interview with John Grisham [6:20 mins.]

Additional Course Resources

Literary Theory|Criticism

"My allegiance is not to a literary theory but to the sum total of my liberating literary experiences . . . ." ~ Frank Lentricchia, The Edge of Night: A Confession 88 (New York: Random House, 1994)

  Literary Schools of Interpretation: With Drawings [10:50 mins.]

  The Major Theories of Literary Criticism [22:00 mins.] [Marc D. Baldwin]  

A Brief Introduction to Literary Theory [28:43 mins.] [Raph Stevens]

Literary Criticism: How and Why? [42:37 mins.] [Simon Leys]

Introduction to Literary Theory [39:29 mins.] [a teacher's lecture/introduction to a course]

  Terry Eagleton: "The Death of Criticism?" [1:09:50 mins.]

Schools of Literary Theory

The New Criticism [34:50 mins.] [Ralph Stevens]

Formalist Criticism [21:01 mins.]

Structuralist Literary Theory [32:35 mins.] [Ralph Stevens]

An Endnote: Humanities and Liberal Arts Education

  Mark Edmundson: A Real Education [7:32 mins.] Mark Edmundson on Education [10:04 mins.]

  Bennington President Liz Coleman's Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education [18:39 mins.]

  Terry Eagleton in conversation with Roger Scruton [1:26:58 mins.]

  The Humanities in the Face of Brain Science: Roger Scruton [1:27:12 mins.]

Speaking of Education: Ken Robinson

  An Interview with Ken Robinson [15:54 mins.] Part 1 of the Interview [23:52 mins.] Life Is Your Talents Discovered [10:58 mins.] Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education's Death Valley [19:11 mins.] [Ken Robinson] How to Change Education [24:02 mins.] Educating the Heart and Mind [48:58 mins.] Innovation and Creativity in Education [59:41 mins.] Can Creativity Be Taught? [6:55 mins.]

Beyond Endnotes

  Reason, Fiction and Faith [35:00 mins.] [Rebecca Goldstein, a philosopher and a novelist, discusses her work with Steven Pinker, a cognitive psychologist]

  A Conversation with Anne Lamott [57:11 mins.]


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