lawyer as storyteller

James R. Elkins


Instructor's Writings

An Early Effort to Outline the Emergence of What Become Known as "Narrative Jurisprudence"

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An Early Bibliography of the Narrative Perspective as It Emerged in Various Disciplines

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The First Story Perspective Approach to Lawyer Films and a Critique of Existing Legal Film Criticism

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A Narrative Approach to the Pedagogy of Legal Writing

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Introduction to One of the First Law Review Symposiums Devoted to Narrative Jurisprudence

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My Effort to More Fully Outline the New Narrative Jurisprudence (and a Misc. Essay)

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A Letter to Australian Students in Which I Relate Narrative Jurisprudence to "Law and Literature"

"A Letter to 'Law & Literature' Students in Australia," in Law, Memory & Literature 20-33 (Australian Legal Philosophy Students Association, ALPSA 2004 Annual Publication, 2004) [on-line text]

A Series of Essay/Articles in Which I Talk About Legal Education as My Students Experience It

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