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College of Law :: West Virginia University
Fall, 2017

Guest Poets

Opening Scenes

Dead Poets Society: Words and Ideas [3:09 mins.] [shorter version] [1:57 mins.] Dead Poets Society: Todd's Poetry Scene [2:49 mins.]

Monday, Aug. 28. 2017: William Stafford

You Must Revise Your Life
[Lecture: City Club of Portland] [57:10 mins.] [lecture begins at 2:22 mins.; end lecture at 13:57 mins.]
[end class presentation at 13:57 mins.] [[intriguing comments on the poet's use of language]
[William Stafford (1914-1993) taught at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon for 30 years. He achieved international acclaim as the author of dozens of volumes of poetry, winner of a National Book Award, consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress, and Oregon Poet Laureate.]

["William Stafford was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, in 1914. After the Second World War (to which he was a conscientious objector), he earned a Ph.D. at the newly created Iowa Writer's Workshop. A longtime lecturer, workshop leader, and advocate on behalf of younger writers and readers, Stafford taught English at Lewis and Clark College from 1956 to 1979. He was awarded the National Book Award in Poetry for Traveling through the Dark . The author of over fifty books, Stafford remains one of the most beloved and widely read poets in contemporary American letters. He died in Oregon, where he had formerly served as the state's poet laureate, in 1993." The Way It Is New and Selected Poems by William Stafford, Graywolf Press website]

The Way It Is
[2:37 mins.] [Michael Meade talking about William Stafford and the way he wrote poems; Meade reads a Stafford poem, "The Way It Is"]

The "Thread" Upon Which Your Life Is Organized
[1:39 mins.] [a reading of a Stafford poem, "The Way It Is" by Dale Biron] [another presentation of the Stafford poem and the story of how it was given to a businessman]

William Stafford & Robert Bly on William Blake
[2:02 mins.] [Conversation between Robert Bly and William Stafford from William Stafford & Robert Bly: A Literary Friendship, a film by Haydn Reiss (Magnolia Films, 1994)] [discussion of Blake's "golden thread"]

Additional William Stafford Videos: Robert Bly Reads William Stafford: The Darkness Around Us is Deep [14:17 mins.] [1993 Minnesota Men's Conference] "What Happens When You Get Lost" [5:06 mins.] [Poems for the Soul] [Michael Meade reading a William Stafford poem] Stories About My Father: William Stafford on Teaching[ [3:33 mins.] [Kim Stafford, William Stafford's son, telling stories about his father] Stories About My Father: William Stafford on Writing [2:20 mins.] ["writing is available to everyone"] Stories About My Father: William Stafford as Witness [3:08 mins.] Interview: Poetry of William Stafford [28:15 mins.] [An interview of Stafford by Jim Wayne Miller] [Western Kentucky University] The Poet William Stafford [28:26 mins.] William Stafford & Me: One Man Show by Dale Biron [1:15:50 mins.]

William Stafford: "Ask Me" [1:28 mins.] [a reading of Stafford's "Ask Me" in a somewhat overly dramatic presentation] William Stafford Reads "Scars" [0:45 mins.] William Stafford Reading "Farm on the Great Plains" [1:39 mins.]

Monday, September 11, 2017: On Poetry

Charles Wright on Poetry as a 'Reason for Living'
[3:44 mins.]

Galway Kinnell on What Poetry Is
[1:33 mins.]

Rachel Piercey: Why is Poetry Important?
[1:44 mins.]

Sarah Crossan: Why is Poetry Important?
[0:45 mins.]

John Lyons: Why is Poetry Important?
[1:11 mins.]

Why Poetry? Scott Griffin
[1:22 mins.]

Roger McGough: Why is Poetry Important?
[1:17 mins.]

Tracy K. Smith, P. O. P
[5:30 mins., begin presentation at 4:01 mins.]

Billy Collins: The Egotism of Poetry [2:12 mins.]

Additional Short-Takes on Poetry Videos: Poetry Voices: Sarah Crossan [13:07 mins.] North Carolina Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti [2:44 mins.] Marvin Bell on Poetry [1:18 mins.] Poets on Poetry [1:33 mins.] Joanna Lumley on Poetry [11:09 mins.] Lucille Clifton on What Poetry Is [1:36 mins.] Charles Simic on His Writing Process [1:42 mins.] Dale Biron [5:36 mins.] [TED Talk] Poet's View: Anthony Hecht [2:05 mins.] Martín Espada on Being a Political Poet [1:54 mins.]

Monday, September 18, 2017: David Whyte

Preserving the Soul
[8:28 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Live to the Point of Tears
[2:45 mins.]

The Practice of the Imagination
[1:44 mins.]

3 Marriages
[2:55 mins.]

Courageous Conversations
[2:54 mins.]

On Belonging & Coming Home
[2:02 mins.]

Additional David Whyte Videos: David Whyte on Neruda and the Poetry of Self Compassion [2:05 mins.] The Courage to Create: Poetry in the Age of Technology [3:00 mins.] [discussing the three marriages] The Poet & the Mystic: A Transformational Dialogue between David Whyte and Thomas Huebl [59:55 mins.] [David Whyte's comments on "saints and sinners" begins at 1:36 mins. and ends at 4:54 mins.; the polar oppositions that divide us; additional commentary by Whyte at 8:20 mins to 14:02 mins.; Whyte on the inevitable path of heartbreak begins at 21:50 mins. ("going on without knowing") and ends at 30:22 mins.; further Whyte comments at 36:40 mins. and end at 52:50 mins.] Life at the Frontier: The Conversational Nature of Reality [19:13 mins.] [Whyte's presentation begins at 0:56 mins.] [TED Talk] A Lyrical Bridge between Past, Present and Future [20:15 mins.] [TED Talk] [the meeting of what we call "you" and the world] Amsterdam 2015 [2:40 mins.] David Whyte's Address to Royal Roads Graduates [20:29 mins.] [an introduction to David Whyte and his work ends at 3:03 mins.] [Whyte's address begins at 4:50 mins. and ends at 20:29 mins.] Krista Tippett & David Whyte on Becoming Wise [1:39:06 mins.] [WGBH Boston]

"The Opening of Eyes" [1:21 mins.] "Start Close In" [2:50 mins.] "Everything is Waiting For You" [3:06 mins.] David Whyte on Poetry [3:28 mins.] [reciting his poem, "Everything is Waiting For You"] [2007] "The Journey" [3:03 mins.] "Leave Everything You Know Behind" [3:03 mins.] "The Well of Grief" [2:43 mins.] "Sweet Darkness" [2:30 mins.] Resilience [4:23 mins.] Self-Portrait [2:04 mins.]

Monday, September 25, 2017: Medicine & Poetry

Why Medicine Needs Poetry
[5:35 mins.] [Danielle Ofri, physician, and editor of the Bellevue Literary Review]

Medical Students Nurture the Soul through Poetry
[3:52 mins.] [PBS Newshour]

Student Physicians Embrace Poetry to Hone Art of Healing
[7:27 mins.]

Additional Medicine & Poetry Videos: "Body Language" Poems of the Medical Training Experience [4:03 mins.] Poetry & the Art of Medicine [2:06 mins.] A Turn for the Verse: Poetry in Medical Education [19:28 mins.] Paul Kaloostian Discusses His Book, "From the Eyes of a Doctor" [1:26 mins.] Richard Bronson, Passage: Poems New and Selected [15:23 mins.]

Doctor|Poet Rafael Campo Finds Rhythm through a Stethoscope [5:35 mins.] Rafael Campo Poetry Reading [10:05 mins.] [2012 West Chester University Poetry Conference] Healing Words with Dr. Rafael Campo [35:32 mins.] [Center for Humanities in Medicine, Mayo Clinic] Rafael Campo Talking about Poetry, Medicine and the Hippocrates Prize [4:11 mins.]

Monday, Oct. 2, 2017: Edward Hirsch

A Conversation on Writing
[23:36 mins.] [end class presentation at 3:44 mins.]

How to Read a Poem & Fall in Love with Poetry
[1:20:24 mins.] [Library of Congress] [Interview by Washington Post Fiction Editor, Ron Charles]
[begin class presentation a 8:44 mins.; end at 18:58 mins.]

The UnLoneliness Project
[2:54 mins.] [Foundation for Art & Healing]

Additional Edward Hirsch Videos: Big Think Interview [38:32 mins.] [begin in class presentation at 19:00 mins.] Rattapallax Feature: Edward Hirsch [10:54 mins.] [begin class presentation at 8:16 mins.] Poets Writing Prose [14:05 mins.] [on prose poems] On Falling in Love with Poetry [28:40 mins.] Gabriel: A Poem [11:34 mins.] [Hirsch makes brief comments about his book, How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry (Harcourt Brace & Co., 1999)] An Evening on Poetry: Edward Hirsch and Robert Polito [1:07:21 mins.] [American Academy in Rome] [Hirsch's reading begins at 22:14 mins.] Reading at the 2008 Dodge Poetry Festival [3:48 mins.] [reading "Self-Portrait," "Cotton Candy," and "Special Orders"] [end class presentation at 1:40 mins.] "A Partial History of My Stupidity" [2:08 mins.] [introduced by Garrison Keillor] "Fast Break" [6:04 mins.] Edward Hirsch at Lone Star College [6:31 mins.] [Hirsch reading begins at 2:10 mins.]

October 9, 2017: Jane Hirshfield

"For What Binds Us"
[2:17 mins.]

Jane Hirshfield Reading "The Weighing"
[1:47 mins.]

What Inspires Her Poetry
[2:57 mins.] [Academy of American Poets] [poetry "transcends easy language"]

The Writing Life
[29:59 mins.] [interview begins at 0:58 mins., with Hirshfield reading some poems about poetry, including a poem titled "The Poet"] [end class presentation at 11:22 mins., after Hirshfield reads "Identity"]

Additional Jane Hirshfield Videos: Short Poems [6:29 mins.] [Academy of American Poets] [brief comments on "short poems"] Jane Hirshfield on Poetry [6:14 mins.] [NPR audio; interview] "My Skeleton" [3:14 mins.] Tracing the Lyric [46:17 mins.] [Hirshfield comments on lyrical poems; her basic introductory comments ends at 8:28 mins.] [panel includes Mark Doty and Linda Gregerson] An Afternoon with the Poet [59:31 mins.] Jane Hirshfield at The New School of Commonweal [1:30:25 mins.] [begins by reading her poem, "The Poet"] [Hirshfield presentation ends at 42:12 mins.] Lunch Poems [27:25 mins.] [presentation begins at 0:46 mins.] Poetry for Every Season: Kiku Poetry Reading [41:37 mins.] [focusing on autumn poems, some Japanese and some of her own work]

October 16, 2017: Wendell Berry

Before I started working with lawyer poets, the poets I had read were Robert Bly and Wendell Berry. I read Robert Bly because I heard him perform his poems at a C.G. Jung conference in 1976, and was drawn to his work. I read Wendell Berry because he's a Kentucky man and I knew early on that I wanted to read everything that Wendell Berry writes.

On His Hopes for Humanity
[39:39 mins.] [with Bill Moyers] [2013] [Moyers says of Wendell Berry, he is "a master of words."] [Poems include, "A Warning to My Readers," in The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry 117 (Berkeley, California, 1998) and "The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer" in Farming: A Hand Book 44 (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1970)] [End in-class presentation at 5:29 mins.]

Avenali Chair in the Humanities, 2012
[1:19:15 mins.] [a little speech, followed by reading of a short story and some poems] [the opening comments outline the uplands agriculture of his Port Royal, Kentucky farm; the presentation begins at 4:00 mins. and ends at 10:06 mins.] [the political part of Berry's speech ends at 18:02 mins.] [Berry's reading of his short story, "Down in the Valley Where the Green Grass Grows"; story begins at 19:10 mins and ends at 33:52 mins.] [Poems begin at 34:58 mins., with the in-class presentation part of the reading of poems at 37:36 mins. & ends, for class purposes, at 44:40 mins.; Berry reads "The Sycamore," in New Collected Poems (Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2012), at p. 73, followed by a story about his neighbor, and then a poem about his father, at 42:04 mins., a poem from a series of poems, "In Extremis: Poems about My Father, pp. 334-341, poem XII at 340-341 that ends at 44:40 mins] [on being a farmer and a poet: 1:05:46 mins. and ends at 1:07:46 mins.] [Summary of in-class presentation: 4:00 mins. to 10:06 mins.; 37:36 mins. to 44:40 mins.; 1:05:46 mins. to 1:07:46 mins.]

"How To Be A Poet"
[1:30 mins.]

Additional Wendell Berry Videos: Wendell Berry Reads "The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer" [3:06 mins.] Wendell Berry Reads "A Poem on Hope" [5:30 mins.] ["A Poem on Hope" begins at 36:52 mins. in the full Bill Moyers, interview, "On His Hopes for Humanity"] Wendell Berry Discusses Life [27:05 mins.] [Wisconsin Book Festival] [comments on becoming a writer and learning about how to live his life; talks about knowing Wallace Stegner from his time at Stanford in 1958; on being invited to teach at the University of Kentucky; these comments begin at 5:42 mins. & end at 13:04 mins.] A Reading Session [46:08 mins.] [Wisconsin Book Festival] [begins presentation talking about 1945] Wendell Berry & Gary Snyder [1:49:45 mins.] [2014] Wendell Berry & Eric Schlosser: The World-Ending Fire [1:12:25 mins.] An Evening with Wendell Berry [2:03:57 mins.] Yale 2013 Chubb Lecture [1:23:57 mins.] The Thought of Limits in the Prodigal Age [1:11:50 mins.] [2016] [Wendell Berry presentation begins at 9:03 mins.] [on the economies of land and industrialism] One Book, One Community [45:07 mins.] Reading at Warren Wilson College [1:01:30 mins.] [audio only]

October 23, 2017: Rumi

Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet: The Best Selling Poet in America

Robert Bly Reading Rumi

Robert Bly Reads Rumi
[2:15 mins.]

Robert Bly Reads a 2nd Rumi Poem
[3:07 mins.]

Naomi Shihab Nye Reads Rumi

Naomi Shihab Nye Reads Rumi's Father
[1:48 mins.]

Naomi Shihab Nye Reads Rumi's Father #2
[0:56 mins.]

Additional Naomi Shihab Nye Videos: Naomi Shihab Nye: On Inspiration [3:21 mins.] On What Inspires Her Poetry [3:18 mins.] Naomi Shihab Nye on the Art of Teaching Poetry [9:37 mins.] "Kindness" [2:07 mins.] "Gate A-4" [4:12 mins.] Naomi Shihab Nye Reading "How Do I Know When a Poem Is Finished" [1:52 mins.]

Coleman Barks

The Poetry of Rumi
[6:00 mins.] [Barks reads with Robert bly]

Rumi on Love
[2:41 mins.] ["love is like a weather you walk inside"]

Additional Coleman Barks Videos: Coleman Barks: Opening the Heart Through Ecstatic Poetry [21:07 mins.] [6:00 mins. version of the TED Talk] [TED Talk] [Barks tells the story of how he got started in his Rumi work and his friendship with Robert Bly] [Rumi as a way to get out of his "analytic thinking."] Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Interviews Coleman Barks [32:09 mins.] [interview begins with Barks talking about how he became a poet] One Through Love [9:15 mins.] [2012] [on longing in Rumi's poetry] Coleman Barks Reads Rumi [1:54 mins.] [2014 mins.] ["when the heart learns to see"] [full version of the panel on which Coleman Barks appears :: 1:09:49 mins.; Barks appears at 52:24 mins.] Barks Talks about a Trip to Afghanistan and a Blues Version of a Rumi Poem [7:50 mins.] Seat in the Shade 2016 [51:02 mins.] [College of Education, University of Georgia] [first poem recited: "What Was Said to the Rose"] An Evening with Coleman Barks [1:15:59 mins.] [2016] Bill Moyers Interview [52:43 mins.] “This We Have Now”: An Interview [18:30 mins.] [talks about how he got into the "Rumi work"] Audio :: "This Is How I Would Die"--a Rumi Poem [5:49 mins.] "I am Here"[ [4:19 mins.] Soul of the World [2:36 mins.] Voice of Longing [9:43 mins.] Song of the Reed [7:17 mins.] "A Sufi Was Wandering the World " [8:00 mins.] [audio with visuals]

Robert Bly

Reading Kabir

Robert Bly Reads Kabir
[1:55 mins.] ["Inside this clay jug"]

Robert Bly, the Poetry of Kabir
[8:00 mins.] [Mythic Journeys Conference] [Kabir was born in 1398] ["Friend, wake up"] [video quality is poor]

The Spiritual Athlete in an Orange Robe
[4:15 mins.] [Mythic Journeys Conference] [Bly continues his reading of Kabir]

Bly Reading Other Poets: Antonio Machado's "Last Night as I Was Sleeping" [visual video with music to accompany the poem] Bly Reads Antonio Machado from "On Being A Man" [2:10 mins.] [1989] Robert Bly Reads Pablo Neruda [5:18 mins.] Bly Reads Ibn Hazm [8:04 mins.] Bly Reads St. John of the Cross [6:03 mins.]

Additional Robert Bly Videos: Robert Bly [5:03 mins.] [Bly, his private writing sanctuary he calls "The Little House," reads three poems.] Robert Bly: "The Blinding of Sampson" [3:27 mins.] [Mythic Journeys Conference] [Bly reads one of his own poems] Robert Bly Reads "Snowbanks North of the House" [2:25 mins.] Robert Bly Reads "Winter Poem" [3:04 mins.] Robert Bly Reads "Driving My Parents Home at Christmas" [2:17 mins.] Robert Bly Reads "The Dead Seal at McClure's Beach" [4:09 mins.] Robert Bly & Friends Reviving the Oral Tradition [16:55 mins.] [Bly and friends celebrate Myth, Poetry, Storytelling and the Oral Tradition at the 2008 West Country Storytelling Festival] Robert Bly: News of the Universe [3:53 mins.] [from a documentary film, Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy] Cornelius Eady Talks with Robert Bly [28:44 mins.] [2012] [Bly explains his use of musical instruments to accompany some of his readings; 14:32 mins.] A Reading by Robert Bly [1:06:43 mins.] [University of Minnesota, 2013] [Bly appears at 15:12 mins.] Bill Moyers & Robert Bly [27:20 mins.] [interview begins at 2:48 mins.] [audio out of sync with video] Bly at the Minneapolis Pubic Library [59:28 mins.] [poor quality video] Robert Bly [56:26 mins.] [poor quality video]

October 30, 2017: Prose Poems

Edward Hirsch: Poets Writing Prose
[14:05 mins.]

Rita Dove

Rita Dove Reads Her Prose Poem "Prose in a Small Space"
[2:34 mins.] [2010]

Louis Jenkins

Louis Jenkins Poetry
[49:32 mins.] [audio] [Robert Bly introduces Louis Jenkins at the 1996 Minnesota Men's Conference] [Bly introduction of Louis Jenkins ends at 2:38 mins.]

Louis Jenkins: 2nd Annual Pankake Poetry Reading
[49:41 mins.] [Louis Jenkins' reading begins at 9:56 mins.] [end in-class presentation at 22:36 mins.]

Additional Louis Jenkins Videos: Louis Jenkins Reads "My Ancestral Home," "Basement," "The Afterlife," & "Suitcase" [ [5:47 mins.] [2013] Duluth Poet Louis Jenkins [6:48 mins.] [comments on the use of his poems for a play] Louis Jenkins reads "Some Things to Think About" [1:02 mins.] Louis Jenkins Reads "Dream of Wealth" [0:34 mins.] [1976] Jenkins Reads "Violence on Television" [1:37 mins.]

November 6, 2017: Billy Collins & Joy Harjo

Jane Hirshfield on Short Poems
[6:29 mins.]

Billy Collins

Billy Collins Reads Poetry at White House Poetry Night
[6:14 mins.] [end in-class presentation at 3:30 mins.]

The Egotism of Poetry
[2:12 mins.]

Additional Billy Collins Poems: Everyday Moments, Caught in Time [15:13 mins.] [TED Talk] "Litany" [4:10 mins.] "The Lanyard" [3:55 mins.] "Consolation" [3:25 mins.] "The Last Read" [7:25 mins.] Four Poems [8:43 mins.] On the Great Poets [3:16 mins.] A Conversation With Billy Collins [1:18:25 mins.] [JFK Presidential Museum Library] On Writing Poetry No One Sees [3:30 mins.] [NPR]

Billy Collins Creativity Conversation [1:06:30 mins.] [Emory University]

Joy Harjo

A Life in Poetry
[49:22 mins.] [Chicago Humanities Festival, 2013] [end class presentation at 16:42 mins.]

Additional Joy Harjo Videos: "Remember" [2:03 mins.] "A Poem to Get Rid of Fear" [2:44 mins.] Poems Are Houses for Spirits [28:46 mins.] Nearly Unbearable Grace [27:32 mins.] [2008] Reading at Cornell University [1:08:46 mins.] [2016] The Blaney Lecture [44:44 mins.] [Academy of American Poets, 2015]

November 13, 2017: A TED Talk on Poetry

Poetry: Why It is Important
[16:33 mins.] [Scott Griffin] ["Scott Griffin is a Canadian businessman and philanthropist best known for founding the Griffin Poetry Prize, one of the world's most generous poetry awards in 2000, and Poetry In Voice, a recitation competition for Canadian high schools. He is also the Chancellor of Bishop's University.]

Michael Blumenthal: What is the Value of Art
[7:33 mins.] Pt2 [3:45 mins.]

Additional Videos Featuring Michael Blumenthal

Michael Blumenthal reads his Poetry at West Virginia University [3:12 mins.] The Road Not Taken-Twice: Of Courage and the Choice Between the Literary and the Legal Life [59:49 mins.]

Additional Videos of Poets You Might Want to Peruse

Mary Oliver

Donald Hall Recites his Poetry, Talks of His Life [30:04 mins.]

Tina Chang

Tina Chang, P. O. P [14:17 mins.] Tina Chang in Conversation [3:34 mins.] Tina Chang Reads "Bitch Tree" [2:37 mins.] Brooklyn Poet Laureate & Sarah Lawrence Writing Faculty Member [13:37 mins.] Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang [29:59 mins.] [poor quality audio] Poets Tracy K. Smith & Tina Chang [1:03:59 mins.] [Tina Chang appears at 17:28 mins.]

Rita Dove

Big Think Interview [33:35 mins.] White House Poetry Evening: Barack Obama Introduce Rita Dove
[8:56 mins.] PBS News Hour Interview [7:36 mins.] [commenting on an anthology she compiled] Charlie Rose Interview [9:52 mins.] [1999]

Idra Novey

Idra Novey on Her Poetic Beginnings [11:53 mins.]

Galway Kinnell

Galway Kinnell reads "The Deconstruction of Emily Dickenson"
[4:34 mins.]

"The Sulphur Baths at Esalen"
[6:41 mins.]

"The Bear"
[4:53 mins.] [1973]

"The Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible"
[6:09 mins.]

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet Galway Kinnell Dies at 87
[3:53 mins.] [PBS News]

Marie Howe

Marie Howe Reads at the 2014 Dodge Poetry Festival
[3:00 mins.]

"After the Movie"
[3:44 mins.]

The Writing Life
[29:01 mins.]

An Evening with New York State Poet Laureate Marie Howe
[35:05 mins

Li-Young Lee

Li-Young Lee, a Conversation of Poetry and Consciousness
[29:38 mins.] [The Writing Life]

A Conversation on Writing
[20:51 mins.]

Poetry Keynote: Chicago 2015
[8:41 mins.]

On Art as Natural Religion
[1:26 mins.]

Poet Li-Young Lee reads at Emory University
[50:09 mins.] [2000]

Charles Bukowski

Poetry In Motion [4:37 mins.] Charles Bukowski on Dying and How to Write [4:38 mins.] [Charles Bukowski: 1920-1994] ["Poetry is generally very dull . . . very pretentious."] Living an Unconventional Life: Alan Watts & Charles Bukowski [5:15 mins.] Humanity: Charles Bukowski & Alan Watts [4:49 mins.]

Patti Smith

Patti Smith Interview: Advice to the Young [6:02 mins.] Patti Smith Performs Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" [8:22 mins.] [Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, 2016] "Because the Night" [3:37 mins.]

James Galvin

Writers on the Fly: James Galvin [11:54 mins.]

Philip Levine

Philip Levine Reads "Gin" [5:24 mins.] [Levine was Poet Laureate of the United States] Philip Levine Reads "Philosophy Lesson" [3:53 mins.] Philip Levine Reads "The Simple Truth" [3:24 mins.] Philip Levine on the Writer [26:37 mins.]

W. S. Merwin

On the Life of the Imagination at Poets House [6:40 mins.] Live from the New York Public Library
[6:17 mins.] [2014]
Connections [16:51 mins.] [TED Talk] With Naomi Shihab Nye [6:50 mins.] [2000]

C.K. Williams

Becoming a Poet [2:06 mins.] Poets in Person [3:39 mins.] Poetry for All Seasons of Life [23:18 mins.] [TED Talk] An Evening with C.K. Williams [59:16 mins.] A Reading at Emory University [1:02:54 mins.]

Robert Bringhurst

Ottawa International Writers Festival
[9:43 mins.] Pt2 [7:27 mins.] Pt 3 [4:48 mins.]

Cascadia Poetry Festival Reading
[19:49 mins.]

What is Language For?
[1:24:35 mins.]

Poets & Singers: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Chelsea Hotel #2 Live [6:35 mins.] Hallelujah [4:38 mins.] Suzanne [3:51 mins.]

Poets & Artists

Jordan Peterson: The Necessity of Artists in Society [8:47 mins.] Interview with Vancouver Poet and Painter Gabryel Harrison [3:50 mins.] Belinda Rogers: Poet and Painter [6:48 mins.] Gary Bunt Painter & Poet [18:38 mins.] Interview with Painter/Poet Kami Kotobi [12:34 mins.]

Poetry & Music

Joy Harjo on Music and Poetry [7:46 mins.]

Hafiz: "In a handful of the sky and earth" [2:26 mins.] Music to Listen to While Writing: Essays, Papers, Stories, Poetry, Songs [47:03 mins.] Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit [59:32 mins.]

TED Talks

Reading Poetry in the Age of Anxiety: The Only Way to Live
[22:04 mins.] [Garry Leonard]

We Need the Dreamers, Poets, and Doers
[17:12 mins.] [Tim 'Mac' Macartney]

Incarcerated Women and the Tansformational Power of Poetry
[17:40 mins.]

The Healing Power of Poetry
[12:50 mins.]

The Power of Poetry and Vulnerability
[11:42 mins.]

Why Spoken Word Matters
[17:05 mins.]

Morning Breaks: Lemn Sissay
[16:44 mins.]

What is Poetry?

Poetry is (Speaking Portraits) [Vol. I]
[1:20:54 mins.] [Poets in Vol. I: Ammiel Alcalay, Hector Alves, David Antin, Arman, Coleman Barks, Caroline Bergvall, Charles Bernstein, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Harvey Bialy, Blue, Lee Ann Brown, Tisa Bryant, Elizabeth Clark, Michael Coffey, Alan Davies, Michel Deguy, Timotha Doane, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Fisher, Joanna Fuhrman, Eric Gansworth, Steven Goodman, Carla Harryman, Kevin Hart, David Henderson, Mitch Highfill, Bob Holman, Anselm Hollo, Mikhail Horowitz, Fanny Howe, Susan Howe, Romana Huk, Franz Kamin, Robert Kelly, Richard Kostelanetz, Louise Landes Levi, Judith Malina, Chris Mann, Michael Meade, Joyce Carol Oates, Sharon Olds, Cheryl Pallant, Nick Piombino, Kristen Prevallet, India Radfar, Carter Ratcliff, Hanon Reznikov, Jerome Rothenberg, Sapphire, Leslie Scalapino, Ron Silliman, Charles Stein, David Levi Strauss, Kate Suddes, Chris Tysh, Cecilia Vicuña, Tenzin Wangyal, Barrett Watten, Henry Weinfield, Elizabeth Willis, Krzysztof Ziarek]
Vol. II [1:47:30 mins.] [Part 1: Mark Mirsky, Michael McClure, Maryrose Larkin, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Robert Kelly, Elaine Equi, Charles Amirkhanian, Charles Stein, Nancy Kuhl, Maria Damon, Vyt Bakaitis, Debrah Morkun, Eleni Stecopoulos, Lamont Brown Steptoe, Nada Gordon, Sam Truitt, Elizabeth Bryant, Carlos Soto-Roman, Jena Osman, Vincent Katz, Tinker Greene, Gerard Malanga, Alana Siegel, Jeffrey Robinson, Dorota Czerner, Barbara Blatner, Kenneth Irby] [Part 2: Jonas Mekas, Don Byrd, Jennifer Scappettone, Mark Mirsky, Burt Kimmelman, Hank Lazer, Sara Larsen, Lori Anderson Moseman, Ryan Eckes, Geof Huth, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Chris Funkhouser, Elaine Equi, Anna Moschovakis, Clark Coolidge, Jesse Glass, Rochelle Owens, Jerome Sala, David Brazil, Richard Deming, Rae Armantrout, Jacques Roubaud, Maureen Thorson, Joan Murray, Anselm Berrigan, David Wolach, Peter Cook & Kenny Lerner] [Part 3: Michael McClure, Amy Catanzano, Basil King, Jennifer Bartlett, Nancy Frye Huth, Marilyn Stablein, Michael Slosek, Robert Mittenthal, Bob Perleman, Deborah Poe, Chris Piuma, Kimberly Lyons, Frank Sherlock, Rachel Levitsky, D. H. Melhem, CA Conrad, Patricia Spears Jones, George Economou, Lynn Behrendt, Julian Semilian, Rebecca Wolff, Robert Kelly, Will Alexander, Alana Siegel, Barbara Kremen, Kythe Heller, Torben Ulrich]