Memoir and Legal Education

[4th Class]

Class 4: Readings

Philip N. Meyer, "A Law Practice Story"

Phil Meyer is a law professor at Vermont Law School. Meyer is the former director of the Vermont legal writing program. He now teaches criminal law and writes about the story aspects of trial advocacy, and has authored a series of articles that relate trial lawyers' storytelling to the structure found in Hollywood film stories.

["A Law Practice Story" was published as an introduction to Meyer's essay, "The Darkness Visible": Litigation Stories & Lawrence Joseph's Lawyerland, 53 Syracuse L. Rev. 1311 (2003)][Meyer has published several issues in the Legal Studies Forum over the years: introduction to a symposium on legal writing that Meyer guest-edited -- Voluntary Acts (an excerpt from a novel in progress) -- The Exploding Frog: A Legal Writing Teacher's Dream -- Criminality, Obsessive Compulsion, and Aesthetic Rage in "Straight Time" -- Visual Literacy and the Legal Culture: Reading Film as Text in the Law School Setting]

Peter Haje, "How To Succeed as CEO"

Peter Haje, retired from the practice of law, now writes short stories, many of them about lawyers and the practice of law.

[Two of Haje's stories have appeared in the Legal Studies Forum: : "A First Class Sort of Guy" :: "I Wouldn't Say a Lot"]

Allan B. Ecker, "The Sound of Silence: Adlai E. Stevenson, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Russians"

Allan Ecker submitted one of his short stories for publication in the Legal Studies Forum in 2010. The bio that accompanied the story reads as follows: "Allan B. Ecker is a New York City lawyer and writer. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1953 and has practiced law for more than 50 years. A newspaperman before he became a lawyer, Ecker has now resumed his writing. He is a frequent contributor to The Green Bag."

Lowell B. Komie, "Baron von Grafenstein"

Lowell Komie has been publishing short stories since the 1950s. "Baron von Grafenstein" appears in Komie's collection of non-fiction essays, A Lawyer's Notes (Swordfish/Chicago, 2008)]

Carl Reisman, "A Commitment for Sanity"

Carl Reisman is an Illinois lawyer and a published poet.