Memoir and Legal Education

[5th Class]


Class 5: Readings

Louise Harmon, "A Memoir: What I Did Not Put on My Law School Application"

Louise Harmon is the author of Fragments on the Deathwatch (Beacon Press, 1999). The review of the book reads as follows: "Fragments on the Deathwatch is a strange, fractured book, part legal advocacy, part poignant memoir. . . . Despite its importance in traditional cultures around the world, the time we spend with those who are dying is often ignored in modern life. From the roadblocks thrown up by institutions both legal and medical to our society's taboos about discussing death, we conspire to keep people at arm's length from their dying loved ones. A professor of law at Touro College, Harmon can't help but frame much of her argument in legal terms, in spite of her insistence that no professional vocabulary is adequate to the nuances of grief. Perhaps in order to compensate for this lawyerly-ness, Fragments on the Deathwatch comes liberally enriched with footnotes, commentary, and a plethora of quotes from poetry as well as from the law. Most powerfully, Harmon also tells the agonizing story of her father's own death and her vigil at his side."

Ann E. Tweedy, "The Book Skirmishes"

Ann Tweedy spent several years as counsel for a Northwest Indian tribe. She has for the past several years been teaching law, at California Western and Michigan State. She has recently accepted an offer to join the faculty at Hamline. Tweedy is also a poet.

Lee Brooks, "Theft"

Lee Brooks was a partner in the litigation department of a Detroit law firm. He is currently teaching writing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. You know him as a poet and in 2009 published 67 of his sonnets under the collection title, Novlets.

Peter R. Haje, "Finding Work"

L. Ward Abel, "Synonyms for Six"

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"Synonyms for Six" appears in L. Ward Abel, Torn Sky Bleeding Blue (erbacce-press, 2010)

Laura Chalar, "True: A Glossay"

Laura Chalar is an Uruguayan lawyer, author, and poet.

Andrea Estevan, "Such is Life"

Andrea Estevan, an Uruguayan colleague of Laura Chalar, was recruited for a Legal Studies Forum memoir issue by Ms. Chalar.

Andrea Estevan (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1974) is a notary public, lawyer and graduate from the Uruguayan Center for Judiciary Studies (CEJU). She has worked in the mediation centers of the Uruguayan Judiciary, and in the Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration Committee of the Uruguayan Notarial Association. Estevan coordinates, together with a fellow poet, the "La pluma azul" (Blue Quill) group, which organizes monthly poetry readings.

Mike Sutin, "Notes for a Final Accounting"

Mike Sutin is a New Mexico lawyer and a poet. He has published several collections of poems.