Memoir and Legal Education

[6th Class]

Class 6: Readings || Michael Blumenthal

Michael Blumenthal is currently a visiting professor of law at West Virginia University. He is an acclaimed poet, essayist, and the author of both a memoir and a novel, he has previously taught literature at universities around the world.

In an interview of Professor Blumenthal conducted by Professor Sharon Ryan, Blumenthal addresses questions of interest to a student of memoir writing: On Creative Writing || Pt.2

"The Road Not Taken Twice" [on-line text]

[31 Legal Stud. F. 1 (2007)]

"Country of the Second Choice" [on-line text]

[presented as a commentary on National Public Radio (NPR)]

"The Giant Who Goes With Me Wherever I Go: Of Panic and Its Pains, with a Postscript on Psychopharmacology" [on-line text]

[forthcoming, Legal Studies Forum, vol.35, 2011]

"Letter to My Students (2001)" [on-line text]

[31 Legal Stud. F. 93 (2007)]

"A Letter to My Students" [on-line text]

[31 Legal Stud. F. 407 (2007)]

Excerpts from Weinstein Among the Dying (Zoland Books, 1993)

[on-line text][31 Legal Stud. F. 163 (2007)]

Selection of Blumenthal's poetry

[31 Legal Stud. F. 247-406 (2007)]