Memoir and Legal Education

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Memoir Writing

Devotion: A Memoir
Dani Shapiro

[Shapiro reading the first chapter of the book]

Lit by Mary Karr
author of Liar's Club and other memoirs

Memoir Writing
Connie Matthiessen

Never Tell Our Business to Strangers
Jennifer Mascia

How to Write a Memoir
Elaine N. Orr, author of Gods of Noonday, and and Nancy Stolfo-Corti

Memoir Writing
Elaine N. Orr

Nancy Stolfo-Corti Interview
author of The Otherside of Tuscany

Memory Writing is a Journey
Jeremy Waxler

On Memoir Writing
James Dobson

Memoir Writing
Therese Bartholomew

Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir
Sue William Silverman

Women's Memoirs Writing Secret #1
Matilda Butler

Ten Tips of Writing for Healing
Diana M. Raab, author, Healing With Words: A Writer's Cancer Journey

Ways to Write an Autobiography
Laura Minnegerode

Creative Nonfiction

What is Creative Nonfiction?
Thomas Faber, University of California-Berkeley

Reflective Writing

Reflective Writing
Parme Giuntini, Otis College of Art and Design

Guidelines for Writing a Reflective Essay

a short tutorial

Reflective Writing
didactic animation


Vanessa Place
a lawyer who defends sex offenders

John Grishman
Barnes & Noble interview

Scott Turow
Jeffrey Toobin interview [58:54 mins.]

Peter Elbow

On Writing

On Spelling & Grammar

Writing Without Teachers


Freewriting Explained

Writers on Writing

Inspiring Authors

Margaret Atwood
Sanjay Nigam interview [58:57 mins]

Martin Amis
Charlie Rose interview

Maxine Hong Kingston
speech at University of California-Irvine|author of The Woman Warrior (1976)

David Shields
presentation at the University of Richmond|author of Reality Hunger|43:45 mins

Robert Pirsig

Jacques Derrida--Fear of Writing

Creative Transformation

Three Views
Michael Jones, Lauren Artress, and Jen Louden discuss the nature of transformation–and its relationship to art and the artist.


Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"
Nick Cave

"Suzanne" -- 1976
Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins