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a psychodynamic approach to therapy



Review Readings Previously Assigned: A First Look at Psychotherapy

Class Videos

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?
[1:43 mins.] [brief but instructive video]

Understanding Approaches: Psychodynamic Counseling
[8:21 mins.] [an interview of psychotherapist Brendan McLoughlin; locates psychodynamic theory in the work of Freud]

What is Psychotherapy? A Dialogue Between Two Psychoanalysts
[22:10 mins.] [Gerald J. Gargiulo and Amira Simha-Alpern] ["what is psychotherapy, what is psychoanalysis?"; reasons a person goes into therapy; "therapy is a college education of the emotions"; the goal of therapy can be seen a way to find out who we are; distinguishing therapy and psychoanalysis; the need for extended therapy sessions] [presentation can end at 6:53 mins.]

Dynamic Psychotherapy
[9:25 mins.] [Patricia Coughlin]

Susie Orbach: In Therapy
[14:50 mins.] [begin presentation at 0:33 mins. and end at 7:24 mins.]

Reference (Psychodynamic Psychotherapy)(Joe Burgo)

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and What to Expect: The First Session
[6:04 mins.]

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and What to Expect: The Early Weeks
[7:23 mins.] [Joseph Burgo, explains the psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy, in this 2nd of a multi-part series on psychotherapy; the idea that in psychotherapy there is an effort to make the unconscious conscious; passing reference to Transactional Analysis and Freud's structural view of the psyche (id, ego, superego)]

The Transference Begins
[10:56 mins.]

[5:57 mins.] [commentary on psychological defense mechanisms]

Reference (Psychotherapy Vignettes)

Stephanie Law: Can Therapists Love their Clients?
[10:40 mins.]

Martin Hsia: Moments of Meaning
[16:29 mins.]

Joe Dilley: Moments of Meaning
[12:50 mins.]

Nina Gutin: A Shared Experience of Suicide Loss
[15:56 mins.]

Richard LaBrie: He Said, She Said
[16:20 mins.]

Stephen W. Simpson: A Therapist and His Friend
[10:28 mins.] [a Lexington, Kentucky connection]

Silvina Irwin: Moments of Meaning
[15:11 mins.] [couples therapy]

Reference (Evidence-Based Therapy: A Critique)

Where is the Evidence for Evidence-Based Therapy?
[56:54 mins.] [Jonathan Shedler]

Reference (Videos and Audio Presentations)

Psychodynamic Theories of Personality
[8:48 mins.] [introduction to Freud's psychoanalytic theory; id, ego, superego]

Psychodynamic Humanistic Therapies
[5:10 mins.] [another introduction to Freud's psychoanalysis] [exploring the architecture of the unconscious]

Psychodynamic Initial Interview
[38:14 mins.] [Dr. Gerald Melchiode]

One Case, Two Formulations: Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Perspectives
[35:16 mins.] [ audio, with slides] [Dr. Giorgio Tasca presents a psychotherapy case. Dr. Joan Meitin provides a case formulation from a psychodynamic perspective. Dr. Jeanne Talbot provides a case formulation from a CBT perspective. University of Ottawa, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, April 23, 2013]

Psychodynamic Theory
[22:02 mins.] [focus on Freud]

Introduction to Psychodynamic Theory
[53:43 mins.] [audio lecture, Diane Gehart; various "schools" of psychotherapy; too much depth for the beginning student]

Psychodynamic Theory Debate
[46:19 mins.] [audio] [American Psychological Association, Montreal, Canada, 1988]

Psychodynamic Case Formulation
[46:15 mins.] [podcast; focus on Carl Rogers now well-known interview with a patient named Gloria] Carl Rogers and Gloria [45:40 mins.]

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?
[1:10:25 mins.]

Margaret Coyle Explains Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
[4:10 mins.]

John Slane Explains Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
[3:39 mins.]

Does Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Work?
[1:23 mins.] [Eric M. Plakun, Associate Medical Director & Director of Admissions, Austen Riggs Center]

Susie Orbach on the Therapeutic Relationship
[1:58 mins.]

Reference (Critical Perspective)

Specialists Without Spirit; Sensualists without Heart: Psychotherapy as a Moral Endeavour
[53:20 mins.] [Farhad Dalal]

The Analytic and the Relational: Inquiring into Psychotherapy Practice
[1:01:16 mins.] [Farhad Dalal]

Web Resources

Psychodynamic Approach
Saul McLeod, Simply Psychology website

The Psychodynamic Perspective
Robert Bornstein, Adelphi University


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Deborah L. Cabaniss

Evidence in Support of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Jonathan Shedler, 65 (2) American Psychologist 98 (2010)

The Future of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Mauricio Cortina, 73(1) Psychiatry 43 (2010)

Therapists’ Perspectives of the Effects of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy on Problem-
Drinking Behavior
Sandra M. Ryan, MSW Clinical Research Paper


That Was Then, This is Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy
Jonathan Shedler, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Deborah L. Cabaniss,, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2011

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