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"[S]elf-actualizing people . . . assimilate their work into the identity, into the self, i.e., work actually becomes part of the self, part of the individual's definition of himself.

* * * *

If you take into yourself something important from the world, then you yourself become important thereby. You have made yourself important thereby, as important as that which you have introjected and assimilated to yourself.

* * * *

This identification with important causes, or important jobs, this identifying with them and taking them into the self, thereby enlarging the self and making it important, this is a way of overcoming also actual existential human shortcomings . . . ."

--Abraham H. Maslow, Eupsychian Management: A Journal 1 (Homewood, Illinois: Richard D. Erwin, 1965)

"Self-actualizing people . . . are devoted, working at something, something which is very precious to them--some calling or vocation in the old sense, the priestly sense. They are working at something which fate has called them to somehow and which they work at and which they love, so that the work-joy dichotomy in them disappears. One devotes his life to the law, another to justice, another to beauty or truth. All, in one way or another, devote their lives to the search for what I have called the 'being' values ('B' for short), the ultimate values which are intrinsic, which cannot be reduce to anything more ultimate. . . .

These B-values behave like needs. I have called them metaneeds."

--Abraham H. Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature 43-44 (New York: Viking Press, 1971)


Hierarchy of Needs (Diagram): Diagram || Expanded Levels || Basic Chart

Abraham H. Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature 41-53, 57-71 (New York: Viking Press, 1971)

Class Video

Class Viewing 1: Becoming Self-Actualized: Realizing Your Full Potential [23:46 mins.] [screen in- class first 10:38 mins. of the video] [David Tuffley, author of Genius: Habits of Highly Creative People (CreateSpace, 2012)] [commentary on being in the "now" and "mindfulness"]

Class Viewing 2: Finding Your True Passion is a Cliché [3:55 mins.] [Jordan Peterson] [maximizing meaningful engagement, and to do this you must reduce the self-deception that you are engaged in]

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[11:25 mins.] [a short documentary on the life and influence of Abraham Maslow]

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[54:22 mins.] [1968 film]

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