Psychology for Lawyers

James R. Elkins

writing topics

Caveat: I do not mean to suggest or imply by presenting the following list of illustrative topics, that you may not find something you want to write about for the course that is not included on this list.

Legal Counseling and Psychotherapy

What Lawyers Can Learn About Counseling from Psychotherapists

Transference and Countertransference in the Attorney-Client Relationship

The "Psychology" in Legal Interviewing and Counseling Texts

Lawyers in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for the Unhappy Lawyer

Psychotherapy for Patients Who Have Learned to "Think Like a Lawyer"

On Being a Lawyer: Psychological Perspectives

C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and the Lives We Live as Lawyers

James Hillman, Archetypal Psychology, and the Lives We Live as Lawyers

The Psychology of Lawyer Unhappiness

Gerry Spence: A Psychology of Trial Lawyering

"Thinking Like a Lawyer": A Psychological Perspective

A "Lawyer Personality": Does It Exist?

Legal Education

A Psychological Portrait of Law School Classroom Dynamics

Humanistic Psychology and Legal Education

Persona and Shadow in Legal Education

Legal Education: A Psycho-Pathological Tour

A Psychoanalytic View of Legal Education

A View of Legal Education from a Psychodynamic Perspective

Law Teachers and Their Teaching: A Transactional Analysis Perspective

A Jungian View of Legal Education

Legal Education: A World of Archetypes

Positive Psychology & Legal Education

A Mindfulness Perspective in Legal Education

Johari Window

Using the Johari Window to Explore Gerry Spence's Approach to Lawyering

The Johari Window & Jungian Depth Psychology

The Johari Window: A Personal/Self Assessment

Personal Essays

One Student's Account: Learning How to Wear a Professional Mask

Finding a Place for My Neurosis in the Practice of Law

How Law School Tried to Drive Me Crazy

Persona and Shadow in the Life of a Law Student

Self-Awareness: From the Perspective of the Big Five Personality Traits

Self-Awareness: Using the Johari Window as a Framework

Self-Awareness: Putting "Psychology for Lawyers" to Use

Benjamin Sells, The Soul of the Law

The Benjamin Sells book is replete with possible paper topics. Notes on The Soul
of the Law
: Sells notes | Sells notes 2 | Sells notes 3

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