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C.G. Jung's Red Book

An Introduction to Jung's Red Book

James Hillman on Jung and Active Imagination, DVD [2009] [this first segment of Hillman's presentation on the DVD, Jung and Active Imagination, end at 47:19 mins.] [passing references to the Red Book: The Red Book as Jung's account of his efforts to survive, a process that went on for 14-15 years; a book of religion, an engagement with Christianity; a "book of torment"; "a book of initiation"; a "heretical document"; a book that "revolutionizes"; the book, not really written as a book, is a "heroic task" (undertaken while Jung was dreaming of the death of the hero)]

The Making of C.G. Jung's Red Book [3:14 mins.] [the process of digitally reproducing The Red Book]

Reference (Jung's Red Book)

Murray Stein in Conversation with Peter Kingsley about Jung's Red Book
[1:05:30 mins.]

"The Red Book": A Window Into Jung's Dreams
[5:48 mins.] [NPR, All Things Considered] [audio]

Carl Jung's Secret Book
[44:08 mins.] [NPR, audio] [Sara Corbett, author of "The Holy Grail of the Unconscious" that appears in the New York Times Magazine, September 16, 2009] [Sara Corbett is an author and journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times] [David Oswald, a licensed Jungian analyst and graduate the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a member of the New England Society of Jungian Analysts and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.] [End the NPR presentation at 19:22 mins.]

Sonu Shamdasani Introduces the Red Book
[7:23 mins.] [begin presentation at 2:24 mins.]

Sonu Shamdasani Discusses Jung's Red Book
[10:29 mins.] Pt2 [8:31 mins.] Pt3 [ 9:51 mins.] Pt4 [7:58 mins.] Pt5 [7:07 mins.] Pt6 [ 2:15 mins.] [Introduction to Sonu Shamdasani's Discussion] [poor quality video]

Jordan Peterson: Jungian Psychoanalysis in a Nutshell
[5:02 mins.]

Roger Woolger on Jung's Red Book
[10:24 mins.] Pt2 [8:32 mins.] Pt3 [9:53 mins.]

Murray Stein on Jung's Red Book
[9:49 mins.] Pt2 [8:22 mins.] Rationality vs. Mythopoetic [3:08 mins.]

Murray Stein on Jung's Shattering Midlife Crisis & The Origins of "The Red Book"
[7:51 mins.] [outlines a brief history of Jung's life and his involvement with Freud] Communing with the Divine [9:45 mins.]

The Importance of Jung's Red Book
[2:00 mins.]

CG Jung and Rudolf Steiner
[1:53:40 mins.] [Robert McDermott & Sean Kelly] [2012] [Sean Kelly's presentation on Jung begins at 40:34 mins.; discussion of Jung's "dark night of the soul" and the production of The Red Book, begins at 1:08:43 mins.] Pt2 [1:21:34 mins.] Pt3 [2:13:50 mins.]

Window of the Soul: The Red Book Images of Carl Jung
[9:56 mins.] [Paul Brutsche & Murray Stein]

Carl Gustav Jung & The Red Book
[2:29:34 mins.] [presentations at the Library of Congress] [a presentation by Sonu Shamdasani begins at 16:28 mins. into the video] [James Hillman's presentation begins at 1:08:35 mins.] Pt2 [2:40:22 mins.] [poor quality video] [a better quality presentation of Hillman's talk]

Lionel Corbett on Jung, Philemon and the Red Book
[12:34 mins.]

The Red Book and The Red Book: Jung, Tolkien, and the Convergence of Images
[1:51:31 mins.] [Becca Tarnas]

C. G. Jung and the Red Book: Imagination, Vision and Psychology
[audio, 22:00 mins.] [lectures by Lance Owens] Lecture 2 [1:27:25 mins.] Lecture 3 [1:37:08 mins.] Lecture 4 [1:24:01 mins.]

C. G. Jung and the Red Book: "The Numinous Beginning, which Contained Everything"
[audio, 1:21:18] [lectures by Lance Owens] Pt2 [1:32:34 mins.] Pt3 [1:23:02 mins.] Pt4 [1:37:53 mins.] Pt5 [1:10:29 mins.] Pt6 [1:36:59 mins.] Pt7 [1:22:38 mins.] Pt8 [1:17:04 mins.] Pt9 [1:11:22 mins.] Pt10 [1:30:12 mins.] Pt11 [1:20:18 mins.] Pt12 [47:41 mins.] Pt13 [1:04:09 mins.] Pt14 [1:20:55 mins.]

C.G. Jung's Red Book: Paradox and Transformation
[42:56 mins.] [lecture by Florian Birkmayer] Pt2 [15:26 mins.] Pt3 [30:01 mins.] [poor quality video]

Shattering & Restoring: Relational Threads Underlying Jung's Initial Red Book Entries
[1:20:22 mins.] [Lecture by Ken Kimmel, Jungian psychoanalyst, May, 2013, C.G. Jung Society, Seattle, Washington]

The Hermeneutics of Vision: A Lecture on Jung and Gnosticism
[1:39:19] [audio; lecture]
Lecture2: The Father of the Prophets [1:31:01 mins.] Lecture3: The Prophet's Bride [1:30:22 mins.] Introduction to the Zurich Lectures: Jung, Psyche and Gnosis [1:14:27 mins.] Pt2 [1:02:00 mins.]

Jung's Red Book: Mathew Spano
[54:33 mins.]

Rose Holt on The Scrutinies
[4:30 mins.]

The Mysterious Red Book of Depth Psychologist C.G. Jung
[3:25 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues

Red Book Dialogues: Jack Kornfield & Katherine Sanford
[1:43:00 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues: Jim Shaw & Gilda Frantz
[1:41:54 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues: Rabbi David Wolpe & Lionel Corbett
[1:21:51 mins.] Excerpt from the Wolpe & Corbett Dialogue [10:13 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues: Leonard Nimoy & Beverley Zabriskie
[1:17:29 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues: Lawrence Weschler & Dennis Patrick Slattery
[1:25:31 mins.]

Red Book Dialogues: Miranda July & John Beebe
[1:50:09 mins.]

Jung's Red Book (Articles and Essays)

The Holy Grail of the Unconscious
Sara Corbett, New York Times Magazine, September 16, 2009

C.G. Jung, Mystic or Psychologist? Reflections on the Red Book
Roger Woolger

A Beginner's Guide to C.G. Jung's Red Book
Mathew V. Spano

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