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The Human Dilemma

[27:31 mins.] [Rollo May interviewed about existential psychotherapy] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove] [excerpt :: 4:41 mins.]

Interview with Rollo May on Existential Therapy
[2:52 mins.]

Rollo May in Ten Minutes
[10:15 mins.] [Eric Dodson]

An Existential Approach to Counseling Explained
[5:54 mins.] [identifying Victor Frankl, Rollo May, and Irvin Yakom as central figures who established an existential approach counseling]

We Lack Mystery
[3:54 mins.] [Rollo May commentary]

Learning to Face Boredom
[1:36 mins.]

Rollo May & Viktor Frankl (Existentialism): Personality & Its Transformations
[1:12:01 mins.] [a class taught by Jordan Peterson] [introduction to the course]

Rollo May Interviewed for a 1988 Swedish documentary

Evil is a Problem for Us All
[29:03 mins.]

Ken Tangen Introduces Existentialism with a Look at Rollo May
[5:27 mins.]

Brief Introduction to Existential Psychology
[54:09 mins.] [audio] [Louis Hoffman, Saybrook University]

References (Web Resources)

Rollo May

Memories of Rollo May
[Stephen A. Diamond]

Reference (Existential Psychotherapy)

Ernesto Spinelli on Existential Therapy: A Personal Reflection
[39:05 mins.] [The Spinelli interview begins with his personal reflections on how he became interested in the application of existentialism in psychotherapy (with references to R.D. Laing)] [comments on existential therapy begins at 6:50 mins.; ends at 10:22 mins. (focus on relationality)] [comments on transference begins at 14:41 mins. and ends at 17:07 mins.] [on Carl Rogers: comments begins at 19:46 mins. and ends at 22:55 mins.]

Existential Therapy
[48:35 mins.] [Diane Gehart] [audio; Powerpoint]

Existential Psychotherapy: Death, Freedom, Isolation, Meaninglessness
[11:03 mins.] [Academy of Ideas] [audio; Powerpoint]

Reference (Existential Psychotherapy)(Brad Peters)

Existential Therapy: Meaninglessness
[3:47 mins.]

Existential Therapy: Isolation
[5:03 mins.]

Existential Therapy: Freedom
[4:54 mins.]

Reference (Existential Psychotherapy)(Alfried Längle)

Existential Analysis in Action: Phenomenological Encounter and Psychotherapy
[1:56:30 mins.]

On Becoming More Myself: A Talk by Dr. Alfried Längle
[1:51:11 mins.]

Reference (Existential Psychotherapy)(Emmy van Deurzen)

What is the Most Important Thing in Psychotherapy?
[3:23 mins.]

Existential Practice
[12:09 mins.]

Existential Therapy: A Philosophical Approach to the Big Questions in Life
[14:20 mins.]

Finding Meaning in Life
[12:34 mins.]

Existential Therapy: Philosophy in Practice
[7:15 mins.]

Existential Therapy in a Nutshell
[3:19 mins.]

Being an Existential Therapist
[27:32 mins.]

Phenomenological Therapy
[14:43 mins.]

Existential Therapy's Philosophical Integration of Psychotherapy
[13:07 mins.]

Self Reflection as Part of the Training of Existential Therapists
[11:07 mins.]

How I Became an Existential Therapist
[22:55 mins.]

Existential Awareness
[10:57 mins.]

How Do We Become Real?
[7:58 mins.]

Feeling Unreal
[11:42 mins.]

Learning From the Past, Being in the Present, Going Forward
[4:45 mins.]

Existential Crisis
[17:33 mins.]

Feeling Miserable
[4:35 mins.]

Fears and How to Get Beyond Them
[12:07 mins.]

Allowing Anger and Engaging with Its Hidden Values
[6:20 mins.]

[7:11 mins.]

Courage and Hard Work
[4:50 mins.]

Loving Your Life
[12:13 mins.]

Collaboration between Psychology and Philosophy
[7:47 mins.]

Emmy van Deurzen on Existential Therapy
[32:59 mins.] [an interview at the London Psychology Collective]

Celebrating 40 Years of Psychotherapy
[15:00 mins.]


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