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jordan b. peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist. He taught for eight years at Harvard, and has been a professor at the University of Toronto since 1998. Peterson is the author of two books, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (New York: Routledge, 1999) and 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Random House Canada, 2018).

[online text of Maps of Meaning]

Personality and Its Transformation

2017 Personality & Its Transformation

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course
[53:47 mins.] [Peterson notes the difficulty in defining exactly what we mean by personality and what constitutes personality and what constitutes something else. Human beings are incredibly complicated.]

Lecture 2|3 Historical and Mythological Context
[2:18:29 mins.]

Lecture 4|5: Heroic and Shamanic Initiations
[2:37:35 mins.]

Lecture 6: Jean Piaget & Constructivism
[1:45:25 mins.]

Lecture 7: Carl Jung and the Lion King
[54:02 mins.] [an excerpt that might be used: begin at 2:10 mins. and end at 9:05 mins.]

Lecture 8: Carl Jung and the Lion King (Part 2)
[1:44:24 mins.]

Lecture 9: Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious
[48:21 mins.]

Lecture 10: Carl Rogers, Humanism, Phenomenology
[50:09 mins.]

Lecture 11: Nietzsche, Dostoevsky & Kierkegaard--Existentialists
[1:34:30 mins.]

Lecture 12: Phenomenology: Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss
[46:32 mins.] [Peterson comments on his turn to philosophers in his personality course]

Lecture 13: Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag: Existentialism
[1:41:03 mins.]

Lecture 14: Introduction to Traits/Psychometrics/The Big 5
[49:36 mins.]

Lecture 15: Biology/Traits: The Limbic System
[1:18:57 mins.]

Lecture 16: Biology/Traits: Incentive Reward/Neuroticism
[1:13:37 mins.]

Lecture 17: Biology and Traits: Agreeableness
[49:25 mins.]

Lecture 18: Biology & Traits: Openness and Intelligence/Creativity I
[1:45:49 mins.]

Lecture 19: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity II
[48:57 mins.]

Lecture 20: Biology & Traits: Orderliness/Disgust/Conscientiousness
[1:34:32 mins.]

Lecture 21: Biology & Traits: Performance Predictions
[1:28:30 mins.]

Lecture 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief
[1:08:28 mins.]

2016 Personality & Its Transformations

Jordan Peterson's 2016 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

2016 Personality Lecture 5: Piaget, Segueing into Jung
[1:13:48 mins.] [Peterson's lecture on Jung begins at 36:48 mins.]

2016 Personality Lecture 6: Freud: An Overview
[1:18:39 mins.] [Introducing Freud and segueing into references to subpersonalities]

2015 Personality & Its Transformations

Jordan Peterson's 2015 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

Introductory Lecture
[1:15:22 mins.] [begin viewing at 20:08 mins. and end at 26:18 mins.]

Lecture 2: Historical Perspectives--Mythological Representations
[1:10:39 mins.]

Lecture 3: Historical Perspectives--Heroic & Shamanic Initiations I: Mircea Eliade
[1:20:07 mins.]

Lecture 4: Heroic & Shamanic Initiations II: Mircea Eliade
[1:23:36 mins.]

Lecture 5: Constructivism: Jean Piaget
[1:13:47 mins.]

Lecture 6: Depth Psychology: Carl Jung (Pt 1)
[1:19:48 mins.]

Lecture 7: Carl Jung's Depth Psychology (Pt2): Persona and Shadow
[1:13:47 mins.] [the part of the self we view as who we are; talking to the figures that appear in our psyche] [this video now seems to be blocked, at least at the time of my last attempt to access it]

Lecture 8: Depth Psychology: Sigmund Freud (Pt 1)
[1:14:39 mins.]

Lecture 9: Depth Psychology: Sigmund Freud (Pt 2)
[1:16:06 mins.]

Lecture 10: Humanism: Carl Rogers
[1:19:03 mins.]

Lecture 11: Existentialism: Viktor Frankl
[1:12:01 mins.]

Lecture 12: Existentialism: Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard
[1:15:44 mins.]

Lecture 13: Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR
[1:18:43 mins.]

Lecture 14: Existentialism: Solzhenitsyn :: Intro to Biology & Psychometrics
[1:22:44 mins.]

Lecture 15: Biology & Traits: Limbic System & Lower Order Goals
[1:20:33 mins.]

Lecture 16: Conscientiousness I-- Industriousness & Disgust
[1:12:21 mins.]

Lecture 17: Agreeableness :: Aggression & Empathy
[1:16:30 mins.]

Lecture 18: Openness--Creativity & Intelligence
[1:23:11 mins.]

Lecture 19: Not listed on Peterson's index of the 2015 Lectures for
Personality & Its Transformations.

Lecture 20: Conscientiousness--Industriousness, Orderliness & Disgust
[1:15:57 mins.]

Lecture 21: Performance Prediction
[1:05:48 mins.]

Lecture 22: Conclusion--Psychology and Belief
[1:10:17 mins.]

2014 Personality & Its Transformations

Jordan Peterson's 2014 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

Carl Jung (Pt1)
[1:14:57 mins.]

Sigmund Freud II (Depth Psychology)
[1:18:50 mins.]

Carl Rogers (Phenomenological Humanism)
[1:13:23 mins.]

Maps of Meaning

2017 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)

Lecture 01: Context and Background
[2:31:26 mins.]

Lecture 2: Marionettes & Individuals (Pt1)
[2:23:33 mins.]

Lecture 3: Marionettes & Individuals (Pt2)
[2:26:55 mins.]

Lecture 4: Marionettes and Individuals (Pt 3)
[2:12:26 mins.]

Lecture 5: Story and Metastory (Pt 1)
[2:22:28 mins.]

Lecture 6: Story and Metastory (Pt2)
[2:27:26 mins.]

Lecture 7: Images of Story and Metastory
[2:11:51 mins.] [reference to subpersonalities]

Lecture 8: Neuropsychology of Symbolic Representation
[2:21:21 mins.]

Lecture 9: Patterns of Symbolic Representation
[2:16:49 mins.]

Lecture 10: Genesis and the Buddha
[2:18:44 mins.]

Lecture 11: The Flood and the Tower
[2:32:23 mins.]

Lecture 12: The Divinity of the Individual
[2:25:55 mins.]

2016 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)
[14 videos]

Lecture 1: Meaning: Introduction and Overview
[1:40:54 mins.] [lecture begins at 3:55 mins.] ["most useful things are not all that pleasant"]

Lecture 2: Playable & Non-Playable Games
[1:10:53 mins.] [knowing the object/material world] ["our knowledge is finite in every direction"] [reality and truh definitions of reality] ["there are many different ways of viewing the world"] ["science refuses to give answers as to what you should do"; science must be nestled in something beyond science] [reviewed to 10:20 mins.]

Lecture 3: The Basic Story and Its Transformations | Part I
[1:30:27 mins.]

2015 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)
[22 videos]

1996 Maps of Meaning (Harvard University)
[14 videos] [An advanced undergraduate seminar from 1996 at Harvard, taught to psychology majors. It is an early version of Peterson's course, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, which is based on the book of the same name.]

Psychology and Religion: TVO's Maps of Meaning
[Thirteen (13) 30-min lectures] [Canadian Public TV]

Reality and the Sacred [TVO] [2010]
[Uuniversity of Toronto, 2009]

Reality and the Sacred
[9:53 mins.] [playlist, pt1 to pt5] Pt2 [10:03 mins.] Pt3 [9:59 mins.] Pt4 [9:55 mins.] Pt5 [5:59 mins.]

Reality and the Sacred
[56:34 mins.]

Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories (2017)

I: Introduction to the Idea of God
[2:38:28 mins.] [May 16, 2017]

II: Genesis--Chaos & Order
[2:32:32 mins.] [May 23, 2017]

III: God and the Hierarchy of Authority
[2:40:52 mins.]

IV: Adam and Eve--Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death
[2:32:46 mins.] [May 30, 2017]

V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers
[2:31:27 mins.] [June 20, 2017]

VI: The Psychology of the Flood
[2:35:57 mins.]

VII: Walking with God--Noah and the Flood
[2:32:20 mins.]

VIII: Phenomenology of the Divine
[2:40:45 mins.]

IX: The Call to Abraham
[2:35:13 mins.]

X: Abraham: Father of Nations
[2:28:21 mins.]

XI: Sodom and Gomorrah
[2:30:39 mins]

XII: The Great Sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac
[2:33:31 mins.]

XIII: Jacob's Ladder
[2:33:58 mins.]

XIV: Jacob Wrestling with God
[2:32:08 mins.]

XV: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
[2:44:23 mins.]

Note: The Bible, Symbol and Identity
[1:02:21 mins.] [interview/discussion on Peterson's Biblical stories lectures] [November 19, 2017]

Reference (An Introduction by Jordan Peterson to His Work)

Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 1
[2:40:12 mins.]

The Sweep of Jordan Peterson's Ideas

The Dangers of Being too Agreeable
[4:46 mins.]

Knowing Where You Are
[6:18 mins.]

Why Do People Explore?
[3:15 mins.]

You Have To Embrace The Monster Within So You Never Have To Use It
[10:47 mins.]

Don't be Harmless!
[4:50 mins.]

Normal-You and Angry-You
[4:27 mins.] [psyche as living partial personalities]

You Have To Embrace The Monster Within So You Never Have To Use It
[10:47 mins.]

Embrace Cruelty
[10:47 mins.] [reference to Jung's concept of the shadow]

Don't Be a Puppet!
[7:59 mins.]

Are You a Good Person?
[8:23 mins.] [reference to shadow and the realization that you are not harmless]

Integrating Your Shadow Self
[5:18 mins.] [comments on persona and shadow]

The Purpose of Life
[3:45 mins.]

Solve Problems, Find Meaning
[2:24 mins.]

Pathway to a Meaningful Life
[6:00 mins.]

What Matters
[12:59 mins.] [commentary on meaning]

Understanding Yourself
[6:36 mins.]

You Don't Understand All Your Values
[3:36 mins.] [commentary begins with reflections on belief systems and what people value and what it means to value something (that is, to believe something)]]

Validating Your Narcissism
[2:51 mins.]

Avoid this Deadly Trap . . .
[6:56 mins.]

Logos: The Articulated Truth
[6:39 mins.] [an astounding 6 1/2 minute video]

Why People Seek Out Drama and Make Things Difficult for Themselves
[2:29 mins.] [living a meaningful life] [complete video :: 41:45 mins.] [in the complete video Peterson responds first to a question about self-deception]

How Did We Lose the Bliss of Living in the Present Moment?
[8:01 mins.]

Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke Discuss the Meaning of Life
[12:49 mins.]

How to Fight Social Anxiety
[4:29 mins.]

Wasting Time and Opportunities
[9:39 mins.]

Failing a Class
[4:35 mins.]

Transforming Reality
[4:53 mins.]

Watch Your Fantasies
[7:52 mins.]

On Self-Deception
[41:45 mins.] [Peterson's commentary on self-deception ends at 7:12 mins.]

Becoming Independent From Your Parents
[6:15 mins.] [comments on trying to be who you once were]

Identify Toxicity in your Life
[4:40 mins.]

In Filth It Will Be Found
[6:24 mins.]

Tolerance as a Vice
[10:01 mins.]

Victimization, Resentment and Genocide
[9:03 mins.]

What's Better: Wanting or Having? Motivated States & Positive Emotions
[11:36 mins.]

Origins of Morality & Why You Never Should Practice What You Don't Want to Become
[8:34 mins.]

Side Effects of Telling Lies
[7:20 mins.]

Peterson Drops Knowledge Like A Boss!
[10:43 mins.] [a rift on thinking, talking, therapy, and free speech; thinking is hard and most of us don't do it very well]

Is There a Difference in Having a Bad Life and Having Depression Make Your Life Bad
[41:43 mins.] [comments on response to the question begins at 12:24 mins. and ends at 15:35 mins.]

On the Use of Psychotherapeutic Drugs and Psychotherapy
[41:43 mins.] [comments on drugs and therapy begins at 23:32 and ends at 28:42 mins.]

Breaking Bad, Jung & Nazi Germany
[4:43 mins.]

The Daycare Scandals of the 80's
[6:32 mins.]

On What a Belief System Is
[9:06 mins.]

On Fictional Truth
[7:48 mins.]

Are You Antisocial?
[6:22 mins.] [comments on movies, heroes, and fcition]

The Necessity of Artists in Society
[8:47 mins.] [commenting on the world we know, and the unknown territory beyond the world we know]

Fairy Tales
[5:35 mins.]

Jonah and the Whale
[15:31 mins.]

The Garden of Eden
[6:51 mins.]

On the Snake and the Fruit
[9:45 mins.]

The Stories of Genesis
[8:37 mins.]

An Old Story about Gods
[14:30 mins.]

When Compassion Kills
[2:46 mins.]

Being Hard on Yourself and Giving Yourself a Break: On Working with Lawyers
[41:43 mins.] [refers to work-life balance as a "bloody cliche"] [comments begin at 28:44 mins. and end at 34:04 mins.]

The Lie Behind Getting a ''Career''
[6:31 mins.] [comments on the legal profession]

We Don't Have Much Respect for Tradition in the West
[8:27 mins.]

Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and the Divine Individual
[5:38 mins.] [audio] [January, 2017]

Peterson Roasts Sam Harris
[8:50 mins.] [on transcendant values]

Preparing for Conflict
[5:27 mins.] [from Jordan Peterson's 2015 Maps of Meaning Course]

How You Create Your Own Reality
[7:54 mins.] [Peterson commentary ends at 4:18 mins.] ["Pay attention and listen on the off chance that the person you're talking to might have something to say." We need to be aware of our own ignorance; that we still have something left to learn."] [Comments on sacrifice.]

Pay Attention
[15:00 mins.] [the dominance hierarchy of gods]

Why Your Micro Decisions Matter
[4:33 mins.] [excerpt from Jordan Peterson's 2015 Personality and it's Transformations course lectures: Lecture 13-- Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR.]

Become a Paradoxical Being
[4:50 mins.]

On Exposing People to Threatening Things
[7:24 mins.]

How to Think about the Future
[37:08 mins.] [streamed live on June 17, 2013]

On Arrogantly Overvaluing Rationalism
[1:21 mins.] [on being smart and identify with that part of you]

The Arrogance of The Intellect
[6:15 mins.] [July, 2017]

The Biggest Reason For Failure
[6:02 mins.] [July, 2017]

Make Things Better Wherever You Are
[14:19 mins.]

Tolerance as a Vice
[10:01 mins.] [April 27, 2016] [Peterson confirms his admiration for C.G. Jung]

You Need Meaning in Your Life to Alleviate the Burden of Existence
[37:26 mins.] [Ottawa Public Library]

On the Evil of Pathological Altruism & Self Sacrifice
[10:41 mins.] [Ottawa Public Library]

On Sacrifice
[3:39 mins.]

On the Insanity of Collective Guilt
[8:18 mins.]

Free Market: You're Rewarded for What You PRODUCE, Not What You DESERVE
[4:13 mins.]

Why Playing Games is Mandatory
[6:11 mins.]

Maintaining Your Car
[4:25 mins.] [commentary on entropy]

The Bitter and Resentful Attitude Towards Life
[11:09 mins.]

How To Deal With Life's Error Messages
[9:43 mins.] [interpretating a failing grade]

Dealing With a Difficult Past and Feeling Lost
[7:38 mins.] [figuring out where you are; being lost is not good]

When Things Get Out of Control
[6:53 mins.]

Can You Withstand Tragedy?
[10:06 mins.]

Daily Structure Keeps You Sane
[6:00 mins.]

You Need a Routine!
[5:51 mins.] [praising psychoanalysts]

What To Do If I Don't Have Any Goals?
[5:38 mins.]

Learn To Think!
[10:30 mins.]

On Motivation
[7:45 mins.]

[8:03 mins.]

Don't Eat Your Brain!
[7:55 mins.] [Where are you now? Where are you going?]

Why You Act Like You Do
[7:02 mins.]

The Problem With Atheism
[5:43 mins.]

An Online University
[6:16 mins.]

TED Talks

What Is Real?
[20:50 mins.] [TED Talk]

Redefining Reality
[10:47 mins.] [TED Talk]

Known & Unknown | Order & Chaos

Encountering Obstacles in Life
[7:16 mins.] [seeing what gets in your way; novel occurrences; the mystery of something that is not supposed to exist; constrained chaos beneath everything that we think we are; the shark in Jaws; the dragon, predator that has been deemed irrelevant suddenly manifests itself, and thus the trauma; now you don't know where you are, and since you don't know where you are everything is relevant]

Personal Evolution, and Avoiding the Extremes of Brain Fry and Boredom
[12:23 mins.]

Find Your Balance Between Chaos & Order
[30:37 mins.]

Chaos And Order
[2:38 mins.]

On Tao, Chaos, Order, Perception
[1:57 mins.]

Personal Evolution, Avoiding the Extremes of Brain Fry and Boredom
[12:23 mins.]

Achieving Balance
[4:03 mins.]

Rules of the Game
[6:22 mins.]

Resentment and the Unknown
[3:46 mins.]

Why Utopia is Impossible
[8:18 mins.]

The Greatest Game
[18:16 mins.]

KEK, Logos and other Gods
[6:33 mins.] [audio interview]

Worrying About Frightening Things
[5:53 mins.]

Overcoming Adversity
[7:16 mins.]

Chaos Re-Emerging in Your Life
[7:27 mins.] [from Peterson's summer, 2017 lectues on Biblical stories]

The Social Structure is Corrupt and Incomplete
[8:26 mins.] [July, 2017]

How To Fear Nothing!
[15:07 mins.]

You Need a Partner Who is a Challenge
[3:00 mins.]

Peterson Breaks Down the Brain
[9:52 mins.]

"Once you know . . ."
[8:34 mins.]


Rationality, and Its Enemy!
[5:58 mins.]

People Who Lack Perspective!
[5:34 mins.]


Why We Suffer
[12:43 mins.]

Why You're Suffering
[3:36 mins.]

Pickup Your Suffering and Bear It
[8:04 mins.] [presentation, January, 2017]

Life Is Suffering, So Get Your Act Together!
[7:30 mins.]

Suffering vs Full Potential: What Can You Accomplish?
[12:43 mins.]

On Suffering, Resentment, and the Uselessness of Universities in 2016
[4:31 mins.]

You're Screwed No Matter What You Do
[6:27 mins.]

Is Life Worth The Suffering?
[9:46 mins.]

You Must Carry Your Own Cross No Matter How Heavy
[8:43 mins.]

Sort Yourself Out And Make It Manifest In The World
[7:59 mins.] [on how to respond to the inevitability of suffering]


On How You Inhabit a Story
[14:15 mins.]

Planning the Ideal Future, Rationale, & Strategy
[21:42 mins.] [We look at the world through the lens of stories. We look at the world through a "frame" that is a schema for action.]

The Point of Stories
[4:41 mins.]

The Tragic Story of the Man-Child
[7:46 mins.]

Persona & Shadow

On Human Punching Bags
[5:15 mins.]

Embrace The Shadow To Reach Enlightenment
[5:19 mins.]

Temperment & the Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five
[3:46 mins.] [September, 2017]

The Problem with Conscientiousness
[3:44 mins.]

Orderly People
[5:20 mins.]

[5:27 mins.] [on disgust]

Entrepeneurs and Openness
[8:01 mins.]
[21:36 mins.]


Personality Differences in People
[7:20 mins.] ["the complexity problem"] [excerpt from Peterson's 2017 Maps of Meaning 5: Story and Metastory lecture]

Freud's Id, Ego, and Superego
[5:58 mins.] [on perception and what we see]

On Competence Without Comprehension
[1:30 mins.] [on playing games without being able to articulate the rules]


On How Creative You Are
[17:42 mins.] [what does it mean to think creatively?]

Advice for Creative People
[2:22 mins.]

Creative Production and Pareto Distributions
[5:14 mins.]

Openness--Creativity & Intelligence
[1:23:11 mins.] [comments on intelligence begins at 11:41 mins. ; possible end at 42:22 mins.]

The Psychology of Creativity
[50:40 mins.] Difficulties of Creative People [12:09 mins.]

The Curse of Creativity
[6:28 mins.]

On Creative People
[11:17 mins.] [talking about the traits of temperment]


Don't Push for Happiness
[3:54 mins.]

On How Happiness Works
[1:53 mins.] [audio]

Why Happiness is Deceiving
[2:17 mins.] [audio]

Prioritizing Rationality Over Happiness
[9:26 mins.]

Happiness and the Brain
[39:20 mins.] [Peterson's opening brief comment on happiness and the brain appears at 1:30 mins.; additional commentary at 5:41 mins. to 6:52 mins.] [guest for this discussion include: Susan Abbey, David Fresco, Zindel Segal, David Vago]

Why Not Just be Child-Free and Happy?
[4:12 mins.]

On Temperament Traits and Happiness
[9:26 mins.]

Say No to Happiness
[54:00 mins.] [audio] [an introduction by Paul Kennedy who talks about our fascination with the idea of happiness; Frank Falk is the narrator of the audio documentary] [Peterson appears at 12:19 mins. and ends at 14:51 mins., appears again at 22:12 mins. and ends at 23:46 mins., and again at 25:00 mins. to 25:54 mins.]


The Mystery of High IQ and Industriousness
[5:41 mins.]

Controversial Facts about IQ
[13:10 mins.]

People Don't Like the Idea of IQ
[3:24 mins.]

IQ at Universities
[2:35 mins.]

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Is Rubbish!
[4:05 mins.]

On Increasing Intelligence and Lifetime Success
[3:24 mins.]

On Intelligence Levels
[2:35 mins.] [elite universities and IQ] [2017]

IQ and the Job Market
[10:41 mins.]

Graduate School and IQ
[3:24 mins.]

"Lawyers are Disappearing Like Mad": What is Happening to Low IQ Jobs
[4:57 mins.]

"Viciously powerful predictor of long term life success"
[3:47 mins.]


On Intellectuals
[2:44 mins.]

Advice for Hyper-Intellectual People
[5:11 mins.]

Jobs & Careers

What Job Fits YOU?
[9:17 mins.] [drawing on traits of temperament & IQ]

How to Find the Right Job
[9:25 mins.]

Why You WON'T Get A Career!
[6:31 mins.]


The Interpretation of Dreams
[7:36 mins.]

Nightmare Story
[4:05 mins.]

What Do Your Dreams Tell You about Yourself
[9:22 mins.]

The Bitter and Resentful Attitude Towards Life
[11:09 mins.]


On the Power of Writing [4:04 mins.]

The Pen Will Slay Your Demons And Calm Your Mind [4:41 mins.]

Self Authoring [9:49 mins.]

Intro to Self Authoring [8:47 mins.]

Self Authoring: It Changes You! [18:10 mins.]


On Marriage
[3:19 mins.]

You Make Your Marriage from the Arguments
[2:06 mins.]

How to Raise Children into Competent Adults
[18:30 mins.]

How Not To Raise Your Child!
[6:49 mins.]

Many Parents DON'T Like Their Kids!
[9:26 mins.] [you are a "you are like a colony of sub-animals that have to get along so you can be one thing"]

Becoming Independent From Your Parents
[6:15 mins.]

How Your Kids Change You
[4:40 mins.]

Fathers & Mothers

The Support of a Father
[2:54 mins.]

Growing Up in a Fatherless Home
[5:08 mins.]

The Good Father Helps You to Become Your Best Self
[5:47 mins.]

The Tyrannical Father & Society
[6:40 mins.] [excerpt from 2015 Maps of Meaning course lecture: "The Great Father"] [class presentation on Jung's idea of seeing the fantasy in the emotion, begin video at 2:00 mins. and end at 4:30 mins.]

Fatherlessness and Dealing With a Terrible World
[11:54 mins.]

Overbearing Mothers
[8:29 mins.]

The Oedipal Mother in a South Park Episode
[5:06 mins.]

The Oedipal Mother and Feminist Oppression
[3:26 mins.] [audio with illustrative slides]

On Mothers Who Infantilize Their Children in Order to Control Them
[9:39 mins.]

Clinical Perspectives

On the Role of Diagnosis in Clinical Practice
[41:43 mins.] [commentary on diagnosis begins at 10:06 mins. and extends to 12:22 mins.]

Borderline Personality Disorder
[7:01 mins.]

A Psychotherapist Is an Engineer of the Soul
[4:20 mins.]

Dealing with Suicide and Depression
[8:10 mins.] [minimalizing anomalous events; relationship of anomalous events to one's value system; a sense of meaning orients us (a positive way of thinking about psychology); meaning is a real/actual phenomena; you need something positive you can rely on]

The Failed Hero Story vs The Successful (Freud vs Jung)
[7:27 mins.]

How Do You Help Someone Who's Lost and Doesn't Want Help
[2:46 mins.]

The Dangers of Resentment
[6:15 mins.]


On the Psychology of Addiction
[4:37 mins.]

What Makes Overcoming Addiction So Difficult?
[5:26 mins.]

Mental Health

3 Mindsets That Lead to Ruin
[1:09 mins.]

Improving Mental Health
[5:51 mins.]

Increasing Mental Health
[5:51 mins.] [praise of psychoanalysis]


Do You Believe That God Exists?
[10:34 mins.]

The Problem With Atheism
[5:43 mins.]

Atheist Scientists vs Christian Fundamentalists
[10:14 mins.]

On Psychedelics
[12:26 mins.]

Deep Structure

Patterns of Behaviour
[8:26 mins.] ["things around you organize themselves into patterns of utility"]

The Development of the Individual
[6:22 mins.]

The Brain: Back to Front, Right to Left
[6:55 mins.]

Imagination and Work
[6:51 mins.] [on the gods and their relation to the unknown]

Snakes in the Garden
[6:48 mins.]

The Basis of Western Civilization
[7:46 mins.]

Left Brain | Right Brain

Peterson Breaks down the Brain
[9:52 mins.]


"The fact that facts change seems to indicate . . . that they're not facts"
[5:47 mins.] [an introduction to Piaget's work]

Dominance Hierarchies | Hierarchies of Competence

The Evolution of Dominance Hierarchies
[4:31 mins.] [chimpanzee domiance hierarchy; prototypical morality found in animals; the cost of winning in a dominance dispute; the use of mock conflict]

Human Hierarchies
[6:51 mins.] [people are different than animals; "we have multiplied our dominance hierarchies"; "if you're creative you can come up with your own dominance hierarchy" ("you spin up a game that is your game"; "you can be the best at playing that game"); with the appearance of multiple domanince hierarchies, there is an "ability to be successsful across a set of dominance hierarchies"; "a human being is a creature that has a high potential for succeeding across a very wide range of human dominance hierarchies"; the hero is a representation of the capacity to succeed across dominance hierarchies; "we're this weird general purpose animal"; "we can go anywhere and thrive"--and this relates to the hero mythology]

Make Something of Yourself!
[8:17 mins.] [arguing for the place of hierarchies of competence] ["Maybe you wouldn't be a great lawyer." Comment at 5:32 mins.] ["we need hierarchies of competence"; we need to know who the best are so we can reward them, and they will continue to be good; the idea that hierarchies of competence don't exist is "pathologically cynical; hierarchies can be corrupt; "our hierarchies of competence are reasonably function" and "they are valuable"; "go be a plumber, but be a good one"; "if you're going to be a plumber be a good one, otherwise you'd do nothing but case problems"; there are multiple hiearchies of competence; "work and get to the top"]

How to Rise to the Top of the Dominance Hierarchy
[14:02 mins.] [commenting on Piaget (and his ethology of human beings) and his argument that morality arises out of play; "every social animal is embedded in a dominance hierarchy"; there are thousands of these hierarches; if take multiple hierarches and abstract "what is central to all of them," you find a "pyramid of value"; and what's do we find at the top of the pyramid of value (which is "deeply rooted in biology and cutlure" which means "you don't just brush this off"; "you have a counter at the bottom of your brain that keeps track of where you are in terms of your status . . . and it regulates the sensitivity of your emotions so if you are at the bottom of the hierarch, barely clinging on to the world, everything overwhelms you. You are damn near dead. . . . You become sensitive to negative emotion."; commentary on Jung and the gods; is there a way of being that suggest you are going to move up in the dominance hierarchies?" (Peterson notes that these hierarchies are "not arbitrary and random") (Peterson poses this instructive question but then veers off to talk about Jung, archetypes and imagination (telling us that "your imagination is looking for things to fill itself with" and this is "how" we "deal with the unknown"); Peterson reads Jung to say that we look "down into the belly of the beast to see what lurks in the imagination?" and what we find there are the archetypes and "patterns of adaptive behavior"); Peterson returns to dominance hierarchy theor 101: "dominance hierarchies are the standard ways animals in a territory organize themselves"; "human beings are watching these dominance hierarchies since we became self-aware thinking 'what the hell are we up to? what the hell are we up to?'"; Peterson finally returns to the question that he asked: "is there a way of being that suggest you are going to move up dominance hierarchies?" The answer is found in imagination ("your imagination is looking for things to fill itself with"); imagination is found, following Jung, "down in the belly of the beast" where archetypal imagination lies' so what lies at the top of the pyramid? --speech, --vision ("You have a vision of your own ideal." It must be articulated. --"willingness to confront the terrible unknown" ("heroic willingness to confron the unknown"); according to Peterson there is no more noble vision than this--it will make you "admirable and valuable."]

Set Your Goals Up Hierarchically
[11:44 mins.] [you are made up of a set of subpersonalities ("quasi-autonomous subsystems"; "personality units"); "its one emotional frame after another vying for dominance; reference to "pyramids of competence" and what we want at the top of them: "the thing that pays attention and learns"; all this "maps onto the neurostructure of your being"; "you want to put something in control" and what you want to be in control is "the thing that pays attention and learns"' a GPS unit is close to the idea of intelligence--they tell you where you are at and where you are going, and if you get off track they recalculate to get you back on course; what is the story at the top of the hieararchy?"]

The Male Dominance Hierarchy
[11:29 mins.] ["the dominance hierarchy is permanent" and "all our wiring is conditional on that"; Peterson, early in the commentary notes that "you can bargain with reality" ("the reality you encounter . . . is an abstract social system"): "you can bargain with the future"; we share an evolutionary path with plants and animals; "the central spirit of the individual," something that we have evolved, means that we are indidviduals who can move up the dominance hierarchy; "we are always trying to figure out who we are. As we watch that we tell stories about what people who can climb the hierarchy is like and that is the hero" (the hero is the one who kills the snake, who slays the dragon); we start to tell stories bout the hero, and we find "our stories are pushing us in this direction"]

Authority and Equality
[3:53 mins.] [2011] ["the difference between people is important"]


On Postmodernism
[12:05 mins.]

Postmodernism Damages Students' Mental Health
[9:51 mins.] [Ottawa, Canada, March 12, 2017]

Peterson Dismantles Postmodernism in Six Minutes
[5:58 mins.]

Beyond Marxism & Postmodernism
[35:58 mins.]

Post-Modernism vs. Modernism at the Toronto Action Forum
[40:55 mins.]

On Marxism, Socialism and Postmodernism
[11:33 mins.]

The Marxist Origins of Postmodernism
[2:56 mins.]

Postmodernists Don't Believe in Logic
[2:11 mins.]

Postmodernists Don't Believe In Competence!
[3:00 mins.]

Peterson Eats NeoMarxism For Breakfast
[2:52 mins.]

On Marxists
[1:25 mins.]

Postmodernism: How and Why It Must be Fought
[12:00 mins.] [Manning Centre Conference, February 23-25, 2017, Ottawa]

The Nobler Your Aim, The Better Your Life
[6:26 mins.]

Political Correctness & Young People
[3:23 mins.]

“Bloody Neo-Marxists Have Invaded the Campuses"
[15:25 mins.]

Why You Have To Fight Postmodernism
[12:00 mins.] [published speech, 2017]

Canadian Freedom Summit 2017 Lecture
[33:24 mins.] [audio] [setting forth with clarity his on-going polemic against postmodernism]

The Postmodernist Agenda
[6:31 mins.] [conversation with The Epoch Times; published on July 3, 2017] Pt2 [5:57 mins.] Pt3 [5:49 mins.] Pt4 [8:29 mins.] Pt5 [5:29 mins.] Pt6 [8:52 mins.] Pt7 [2:37 mins.]

Postmodernism & Cultural Marxism
[43:46 mins.] [a talk with The Epoch Times]

Postmodernism: History and Diagnosis
[1:27:26 mins.] [Peterson interviews Stephen Hicks, author of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault]

Peterson Connects Marxist Theory With Identity Politics, Political Correctness
[5:29 mins.]

How To End Postmodernism
[13:19 mins.]

Why is Marxism so Attractive
[6:04 mins.]

Marxism is Partly True
[10:03 mins.]

The Truth the Academic World Doesn't Want to Hear
[30:09 mins.]

The Bible, Symbol and Identity
[1:02:21 mins.] [November 19, 2017] Pt2 [55:38 mins.]

Identity Politics and the Marxist Lie of White Privilege
[2:31:42 mins.] [November 3, 2017]

Why Postmodernists Reject Logic & Evidence
[4:07 mins.] [December 31, 2017] [comment on autoethnography: 2:02 mins.] Longer version :: 11:11 mins.

Postmodernism in a Nutshell
[7:11 mins.]


The Problem with the Alt-Right
[2:21 mins.]

The Idea of White Privilege is Dangerous
[1:42 mins.]

Ayn Rand, a Good Philosopher?
[3:04 mins.]

Political Correctness

The Age of Unequals: An Evening with Richard Wilkinson
[37:24 mins.] [Peterson appears at 7:14 mins.]

"You can't force me to respect you"
[5:16 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

[full presentation] The Pronoun Problem
[3:21 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Keeping People Out of Your Mind
[3:16 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Dropping Truth Bombs
[10:54 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Free Speech & Social Justice
[59:05 mins.]

Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, & Onkar Ghate on Free Speech
[1:47:49 mins.] [Clemson] [Peterson's initial presentation begins at 8:20 mins. and ends at 11:50 mins.; see also 16:35 mins. to 19:48 mins. (on being ignorant, which is where we start out, and this state being the foundation for the need for speech; "speech is a canonical value"; begin again at 23:40 27:36 mins.; 32:40 mins. to 35:53 mins. ("part of wisdom is knowing what to be afraid of"; "you have to pilot yourself through life"; "your mind is wired up so you can determine threats"; this segment is an exquisite summary of how determining to engage in speech is related to who you are as a person); 36:48 mins. to 41:23 mins. ("we speak being into existence"; "a lot of you is unarticulated"; we learn to believe the lies we tell ourselves and others; "do not pollute your character"; "don't say things you don't believe"); 44:54 mins. to 48:14 mins. (comments on the consequences of seeing ourselves as members of particular groups; men and women and their varying intrinsic interests; the group does not define the content of the spirit; beware of these three words: "equity," "diversity," "inclusiveness"); 50:05 mins. to 52:10 mins. (on archetypes); 55:21 mins. to 56:30 mins. (you have an internal tyrant; "you don't want to be a slave to your own tyrant"); 57:06 mins. to 59:30 mins. (on how to learn to be articulate--learn to write; "the act of writing is being something new into being"; "you can educate yourself"; "read what you should read"; 1:21:27 mins. to 1:22:58 mins. (Peterson's comments on today's journalist and journalism seems, to me, off the mark)] [streamed live on October 19, 2017] ["we are in a vicious war over the nature of reality"]

Why People MUST Be Allowed to SPEAK Freely
[9:23 mins.]

Post-Modernist Gender Dogma
[10:48 mins.] [November 19, 2016]

On Gender Differences
[7:07 mins.]

Peterson Destroys Gender Denying Idealogue
[9:54 mins.]

Political Tribalism
[5:20 mins.] [the psychology of liberals and conservatives] [dialogue with those who you disagree with]

How to Immunize Yourself from a Totalitarian Mindset
[9:05 mins.]

The PC Game
[21:46 mins.]

How to Combat Indoctrination of Students in the Education System
[7:22 mins.]


Clichés Are Not You!
[4:31 mins.] [on the writing found in student essays]

Be Authentic, Not Cliché
[7:28 mins.]

Read, Become Articulate, Transform the World
[4:51 mins.]

Clean Up Your Room!
[4:38 mins.]

Start With the Small Things
[15:13 mins.]

Be Careful How You Act/Write Online
[3:38 mins.]

What Should You Aim for in Life?
[22:50 mins.]

You Need a Routine!
[5:51 mins.] [praise for psychoanalysts]

Wasting Time and Opportunities
[9:39 mins.]

Powerful Life Advice
[3:59 mins.]

Grow Some Teeth!
[6:26 mins.]

It's Easy To Think of Yourself as Good
[3:46 mins.]

On Facing Fear
[6:36 mins.]

How Do You Stop Procrastinating?
[8:58 mins.]

Get Over Your Fear of Rejection!
[3:59 mins.]

How Pornography Affects on Young Men
[3:52 mins.]

Why Be Virtuous?
[4:16 mins.] [Why be virtuous? So you can bear the suffering of life without becoming corrupt. One key: "Don't lie."]

Don't Lie
[3:31 mins.]

Becoming Successful!
[9:21 mins.]

Schedule Your Time
[7:14 mins.] [building the person you want to be (the purpose of education)]

Ideals Reveal Your Own Shortcomings
[6:25 mins.]

No Goal, No Positive Emotion
[4:10 mins.]

What To Do If I Don't Have Any Goals?
[5:38 mins.] [May, 2017]

Goals, Scheduling, Negotiating & Friendship
[10:55 mins.]

Why You Go To College!
[6:12 mins.]

How To Transform
[21:17 mins.]

Helpful Habits and Ideas to Improve Your Life
[4:16 mins.]

The Biggest Reason For Failure
[6:02 mins.] [July, 2017]

You Can Be So Much More Than You Are
[8:40 mins.]

We Are Not Free! We Need To Wake Up
[7:18 mins.]

Your Personality & Who You Can Become
[8:21 mins.]

Stop Saying Things That Make You Weak!
[5:52 mins.]

12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
[2:56:51 mins.]

Rule 1: Stop Being Pathetic [13:22 mins.] Rule 2: Take Care of Yourself [4:12 mins.] Rule 3: Make Friends With People [4:35 mins.] Rule 4: Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday [5:45 mins.] Rule 5: Don't Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them [8:22 mins.] Rule 6: Set Your House in Perfect Order [4:05 mins.] Rule 7: Pursue What is Meaningful [9:33 mins.] Rule 8: Tell The Truth or At Least Don't Lie [2:35 mins.] Rule 9: Assume People Might Know Something You Don't [3:22 mins.] Rule 10: Be Precise in Your Speech [5:51 mins.] Rule 11: Don't Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding [5:23 mins.] Rule 12: Pet a Cat When You Encounter One [3:53 mins.]

Preview: 12 Rules for Life
[23:21 mins.] [November 25, 2017 mins.]


Religion, Myth, Science, Truth
[2:35:31 mins.] [a detailed index to Peterson's comments] [on Jung and the shadow, 2:06:42 mins. to 2:08:16 mins.]

Extended Interview on Maps of Meaning
[1:26:52 mins.]

The Architecture of Belief | Jordan Peterson & Stefan Molyneux
[1:30:41 mins.]

Wodek Szemberg Interviews with Jordan Peterson
[27:04 mins.] [2013] Talking Death [36:01 mins.] How to Think about the Future [37:08 mins.]

Reality Calls Show: Professor Jordan Peterson, Western Civilization
[57:38 mins.]

On Western Civilization and the Alt Right
[57:38 mins.]

Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke Discuss the Meaning of Life
[1:54:55 mins.]

Joe Rogain Show
[2:50:05 mins.]

Free Speech & Social Justice
[59:05 mins.]

Where Do SJWs Come From?
[19:25 mins.]

Chaos and Order Conversation With Theryn Meyer
[29:54 mins.]

The Truth About Reality and What You Can Do About It
[1:20:44 mins.] [Vin Armani interview] [Peterson comments on totalitarianism]

Bryan Callen Show
[1:13:30 mins.]

A Chat with Duncan Trussell 2017
[1:48:50 mins.] [audio]

Sargon of Akkad Livestreams
[2:06:32 mins.] [The University of Toronto, according to Peterson offered no assistance in making his lectures more widely available.]

The Mark Steyn Show
[50:15 mins.]

Exploring the Psychology of Creativity
[50:41 mins.] [reference to some of the basic dispositional traits--conscientious, introversion and extraversion; agreeableness, openness (creativity and openness are more or less synonomous), neuroticism] [March 9, 2017, National Gallery of Canada]

On Failed Utopias, Mapping the Mind, and Finding Meaning
[56:24 mins.] [Future Thinkers podcast]

Archetypes & Psychedelics
[55:38 mins.] [Future Thinkers podcast] [Peterson is involved in the interview beginning at 9:02 mins.]

2017: Full-Length Video
[2:24:54 mins.] ["Ideology, Logos & Belief," April, 2017, Vancouver]

Harvard Talk: Postmodernism & the Mask of Compassion
[1:30:04 mins.] [April, 2017]

Camille Paglia & Jordan B. Peterson
[1:43:02 mins.]

H3 Podcast #37
[Jordan Peterson appears, in a serious vain, at 4:38 mins.] [noting that he estimates that he has some 600 hours of video on YouTube] [identifies himself, by traits of temperament, a "liberal person"; "radicalism in the service of traditionalism"] [Peterson comments, at 4156 mins., why he is doing his Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories lectures] [at 59:52 to 1:01:26 mins., Peterson makes an insightful statement about Hitler, who "acting out the dark desire of the mob"] [at 1:04:57 mins., Peterson describes traits of temperament, with comments ending at 1:10:22 mins.] [talks about the need to have an "aim"; we are, according to Peterson, "aiming creatures"] [on complexity, 1:18:24 mins. to 1:21:00 mins.] [looking at the idea of sanity, at 1:24:58 mins. to 1:26:02 mins.; "we outsource much of our sanity"] [trained as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist (1:35:21 mins.)] [the discipline that makes it possible for one to write a book, at 1:36:06 mins.; "you have to fight like a junk-yard dog to get your own time"]

Jocko Podcast 98: Breaking Your Wretched Loop, Dangerous But Disciplined
[3:43:23 mins. ]

Michael Knowles Interviews Jordan Peterson
[33:5 4 mins.] [commentary on the ideologies|simplifications|biased heuristics|belief systems that we adopt; "grand stories that structure our lives," that is, "archetypal narratives" (including "the archetype of unexplored territory"; at ^:47 mins. Peterson comments on nature|chaos|unknown "("what exists beyond the campfire")(suggesting that the known|unknown, order|chaos is the "archetypal state of mankind")("archetypal themes are deep motivation structures"); at 29:00 mins. Peterson comments on C.G. Jung and refers to his advice: "stop saying things that make you weak"; being socialized is one thing, living with falsity is still another; "you know when you are betraying yourself")]

The Problem With Canada
[42:04 mins.]

Swedes Want to Know
[1:19:14 mins.] [The interviewer, Ivar Arpi, is a journalist with the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet] [December 2, 2017]

The Perilous State of the University: Jonathan Haidt & Jordan Peterson
[1:34:54 mins.] [November, 2017]

Stefan Molyneux's Christmas Spectacular with Jordan B Peterson
[54:16 mins.]

Debate on the Gender Pay Gap, Campus Protests and Postmodernism
[29:55 mins.] [England, Ch4 Interview by Cathy Newman]

Jordan Peterson Analyzes Cathy Newman
[1:52:57 mins.] [Peterson lays out his thinking on the centrality of the hero myth at 34:45 mins. to 49:12 mins.; an excellent summary of his view of the hero]

[6:52 mins.] [comments on hierarchy and dominance hierarchies; the nature of sex and sexuality; postmodernism in law schools]

Joe Rogan Experience #1070
[2:28:5 2 mins.] [January 30, 2018]

Dennis Prager Interview
[16:52 mins.] [January 29th 2018] [audio]

On the Adam Carolla Show
[1:17:23 mins.] [January 30, 2018]

Jordan Peterson on BBC 5 Live
[40:42 mins.] [interview begins with Peterson's comment on happiness]

Jordan Peterson @ Lafayette, A Conversation and Q&A
[2:47:35 mins.] [April, 2018] [[Peterson introduces himself to the audience, at 4:22 mins.--12:16 mins; talks about the 15 years he spent writing Maps of Meaning, his obsession with the cold war and his curiosity about what was going on with the modern day slaughters of the 20th century; learning the value of narrative; reading Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Jung, the great clinicians (in psychology and psychiatry), neuroscience; the psychological importance of individualism; teaching what he had learned from his reading; involvement in political controversy in Canada (focusing on the problem of "compelled speech")] [12:18 mins.--23:26 mins., responding to student's criticism of Peterson's appearance on campus as a speaker which Peterson finds to be the "chattering buzz of ideologically possessed demons"; are you hearing a person or someone who is ideologically possessed?; rejecting the idea of "ordinary people" (and how interesting a person is when they talk about what they want to talk about); people don't realized that they are possessed by an ideology; there is a space between the radical right and the radical left; an ideological stance is convenient; "I'm not anti-left, I know that the left addresses a serious, deep problem--radical inequality"; things can go to far on the left, and on the right; it's hard for those on the left to draw the line as to things going too far because the left has difficulty drawing lines; the left goes too far left in their demands for equality of outcomes] [24:50 mins., Peterson comments on how he is viewed in such extreme terms; it may be in a part a matter of temperament; an outline of strength in negotiation; thinking through the consequences of speaking out on the "compelled speech" issue; reading Viktor Frankel; learning the cost of staying silent; steps that take us down a path we don't want to go] [33:25 mins.; Marxism and and the right; Nazis and Communists; "what is happening on the left is murky" and it doesn't seem so repugnant as what happened with the Nazis; lack of historical knowledge; "there is a deafening silence" by the left about 20th century atrocities] [46:32 mins., commenting on modern-day politics, and the relative dangers of the radical left and the radical right; the situation in Canada is different than that in the U.S.; reference to identity politics (and his disdain for it); the danger to the academy is posed by the left, not the right] [52:56 mins., ethnic groups and IQ (and the problem with desperate outcomes of different ethnic groups); Peterson begins his comments talking about early childhood anti-social behavior and the link to later criminality; if the job is complex, then the best prediction is general cognitive ability; prediction of success (performance prediction) can be related to trait-consciousness; IQ test is psychometrically as good as it gets ("IQ is reliable and valid" as any psychological measure that we have); the Army's work on IQ; 1:06:12 mins., the complexity of talking about IQ and racial differences ("first, there is the thorny problem of defining race"); "we confuse intelligence with human value" (there seems to be no relation between virtue and intelligence)] [1:13:56 mins., presented with the association of "European pride" with white supremacy, and ethnic identity; the West has got some things right, including the sovereignty of the individual (and we should recognize this as a "miracle," it's not a matter of pride)] [1:19:48 mins., Peterson is presented a comment about Islam and the Muslim world; "one of the problems is that I'm an ignorant man" and it would require years of study to understand the difference between Islam and the West; "there is a problem, there is no distinction between church and state in Islam, and there is in the West"; a bedrock of our culture is the separation of church and state; the hope we found in Turkey that was founded on secularization, and the problems that country now faces; the hope that people of goodwill can built a bridge between Islam and the West] [1:25:00 mins., Difference in compassion on the part of men and women; Peterson responds by commenting on political correctness and his attempts to study it by way of a social science research study; study found two clumps that reflect political correctness (predicted by trait-agreeableness and being female); the research is not extensive] [1:51:40 mins.--1:54:32 mins., Peterson comments on how complex we are as human beings, and how we act on axiomatic beliefs which are, at bottom, religious in nature] [1:57:23 mins.--2:00:20 mins., on stories] [2:01:14 mins.--2:02:34 mins., commenting on institutional racism] [2:03:10 mins.-- 2:07:30 mins, commenting on postmodernism and its proponents; giving postmodernism its due; "you can't throw all the postmodernists into the same jug"] [2:09:20 mins.--2:10:39 mins., putting yourself together]

Lectures & Presentations

Resurrection of Logos
[2:34:51 mins.] [March, 2017] [Peterson's presentation begins at 51:59 mins.] [on setting out not to lie; learning of his two selves, at 1:12:00 mins. and ends at 1:15:46 mins.]

Slaying the Dragon Within Us
[56:37 mins.] [podcast]

Psychology of Redemption in Christianity
[46:35 mins.]

Reality and the Sacred
[56:35 mins.]

45 Minutes on a Single Paragraph of Nietzsche's Beyond Good & Evil
[43:42 mins.]

Music and the Patterns of Mind and World
[50:14 mins.] [presentation begins at 1:22 mins.]

Tackling the "Meaning Crisis": Mental Chaos in University Students
[1:42:40 mins.] [presentation begins at 4:04 mins.]

Truths that Matter
[27:59 mins.]

The World Is Hell Because You Don't Speak the Truth
[45:43 mins.]

Post-Modernism vs. Modernism at the Toronto Action Forum
[40:55 mins.] [February 4, 2017]

Strengthen the Individual: A Counterpoint to Post Modern Political Correctness
[1:13:40 mins.] [Ottawa, Canada, March, 2017] [introduction by his wife] [presentation begins at 3:13 mins.]

Q & A
[1:01:00 mins.]

Jordan Peterson at Western University
[1:31:59 mins.]

Storytelling, Games, Encountering Malevolence, Heroes
[27:05 mins.]

Desire: Biology & Culture
[1:04:18 mins.]

Religion, Myth, Science, Truth
[2:35:31 mins.] [Locating Jung in the context of religions; "nobody thinks like he thought"; "Jung is terrifying"] [1:58:04 mins. to 2:04:52 mins.]

Talking Death
[36:01 mins.] [streamed live on June 10, 2013]

People Don't Have Ideas, Ideas Have People
[59:35 mins.] [Peterson attributes the idea to C.G.Jung] [presentation on central idea ends at 2:54 mins.]

Dragons, Divine Parents, Heroes and Adversaries: A Complete Cosmology of Being
[1:14:41 mins.] [at 3:34 mins., Peterson talks about the early reading that he did to learn why we have particular belief systems; "I am definitely not a moral relativist"; "it is necessary for you to look at the world through a limited frame of reference" (at 5:53 mins.); you're brain is primarily a reducing agent (as is much else); "we deal with the complexity of the world in part by inhabited a a series of reducing elements" (end at 7:38 mins.)]

Tackling the "Meaning Crisis": Mental Chaos in University Students
[1:42:40 mins.] [Peterson's presentation begins at 3:52 mins.] [begins presentation by commenting on his own education]

Postmodern NeoMarxism: Diagnosis and Cure
[33:19 mins.] [presentation, University of Toronto's Students in Support of Free Speech, 2017]

A Talk at Linfield College
[1:03:08 mins.] [April 24, 2017. McMinnville, Oregon]

12 Principles for a 21st Century Conservatism
[2:01:50 mins.] [June 15, 2017]

Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value
[1:45:51 mins.] [presentation, Canadian Society for Academic Freedom, May 13, 2017]

The New Media: My Experience and More
[1:27:54 mins.]

Student Disciplined for Showing a Debate with Jordan Peterson to Class
[17:05 mins.] [there is no "safe place" for learning]

The Parasitization of Myth
[1:52:48 mins.] [November 24, 2017] [On post-modernism: 7:36 mins; on seeking excitement: 17:23 mins.; on categorizing: 33:15 mins.; on hierarchies of competence: 46:24 mins.; on the dragon of chaos: 1:07:03 mins.; at the university "study the pathology of history": 1:14:38 mins.; "pay attention"/"speak carefully": 1:19:14 mins.; presentation ends at 1:26:08 mins.]

Speech in the Netherlands
[31:52 mins.] [January 19, 2018]

12 Rules for Life: London: How To Academy
[1:30:32 mins.] [late January, 2018]

Identity Politics & Tthe Marxist Lie of White Privilege
[1:11:12 mins.] [Soverign Nations Conference, Washington, D.C.] [January 30, 2018]

Conversations with Gad Saad

Chat with Gad Saad
[1:12:11 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt I
[46:48 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt II
[51:14 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt III
[42:38 mins.]


Two Diners
[10:41 mins.]

Stereotyping and Other Ideas
[6:34 mins.]

Excerpt: Public Speech, 2008
[6:41 mins.]

Carelessly Disrespecting Your Culture
[10:25 mins.]

Never a Better Time in History
[5:56 mins.]

On Christmas
[9:19 mins.]

Message to Students

My Message to Millennials: How to Change the World Properly
[30:24 mins.] [published on November 8, 2016]

Message to Students
[3:55 mins.] [audio accompanying illustrating video]

Millennials Don't Be A Damn Victim!
[10:24 mins.]

Debate: Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson Clash over the Nature of Truth
[1:09:05 mins.] [podcast]

Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson "What is True" 2017
[2:15:41 mins.] [January 21, 2017, Waking Up Podcast]

An Open Letter to Sam Harris
[7:36 mins.]

What the Hell Went Wrong?
[8:43 mins.]

Overthought and Understood
[26:13 mins.] [comments begin at 3:20 mins.]

Interpreting Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson
[8:58 mins.]


Jordan Peterson & Ronald de Sousa Debate Living Without the Sacred
[51:36 mins.] [Peterson appears in the debate at 7:08 mins.]

Highlights of the Jordan Peterson Debate at the University of Toronto
[50:15 mins.]

Jordan B Peterson vs David Benatar: Antinatalism
[1:32:14 mins.] [audio only] [January 9. 2018] [Peterson, at 7:11 mins. states what he has expressed elsewhere, that we exist in an "existential conundrum" and that we cannot escape suffering]

Q & A (originally for Patreon Subsribers, Peterson has now
left the Patreon platform)

Prototype for Peterson's Q & A's on Patreon
Q & A: Disney Propaganda and Why Bashing Religion Doesn't Make You Smart
[59:35 mins.] [July, 2016]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:45:51 mins.] [April, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[2:17:15 mins.] [June, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:28:13 mins.] [July, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:49:46 mins.] [August, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:44:46 mins.] [September, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:42:48 mins.] [October, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:52:51 mins.] [November, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:35:18 mins.] [January, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:35:30 mins.] [March, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:28:08 mins.] [April, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:35:14 mins.] [June, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:48:46 mins.] [July, 2018] [audio begins at 6:35 mins.; video is poor quality]

Q & A for Patreon Subsribers
[1:27:03 mins.] [August, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:25:44 mins.] [September, 2018]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:23:55 mins.] [October, 2018]

Q & A January 2019
[1:59:18 mins.] [January 13, 2019] [announcement that he is leaving Patreon on January 15, 2019]


Q & A (Panel) February 2019
[1:19:25 mins.]

Q & A March 2019
[1:41:08 mins.]


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