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Stanislav Grof, A Brief History of Transpersonal Psychology [online text] [a version of this paper appeared in 27 Int. J. Transpersonal Stud. 46 (2008)]

Paul F. Cunningham, The Challenges, Prospects, and Promise of Transpersonal Psychology, 26 Int. J. Transpersonal Stud. 41 (2007)

S.I. Shapiro, Grace W. Lee & Philippe L. Gross, The Essence of Transpersonal Psychology: Contemporary Views, 21 Int. J. Transpersonal Stud. 19 (2002)

Mariana Caplan, Glenn Hartelius & Mary Anne Radin, Contemporary Viewpoints on Transpersonal Psychology, 35 J. Transpersonal Psy. 143 (2003) [online text]

Class Videos

Class Viewing 1: Does Transpersonal Psychology Revamp Reality? [7:43 mins.] [Charles T. Tart]

Class Viewing 2: What is Transpersonal Psychology? [1:18 mins.] [David Lukoff; tracing the foundation of transpersonal psychology to Abraham Maslow (and others); relating transpersonal psychology to the reality of our spirituality]

Class Viewing 3: Transpersonal Psychotherapy [9:19 mins.] [Jan Mojsa, transpersonal psychotherapist, speaks to Niall O'Loingsigh about transpersonal psychotherapy, a psychology "beyond the self"]

Class Viewing 4: James Fadiman: Transpersonal Conversations [14:51 mins.] [audio] [begin the audio presentation at 0:50 mins. and end at 7:50 mins.]

Class Viewing 5: Huston Smith: Psychology of Religious Experience [9:03 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove] [for in-class presentation, skip from 6:15 mins. to 8:22 mins.] [total running time, approx. 7 mins.]

Class Viewing 6: Lure of Numinous Experiences [5:28 mins.] [Lionel Corbett is a British trained psychiatrist and Jungian analyst] [end video at 5:10 mins.]

Class Viewing 7: Seeking the Divine Within [28:16 mins.] [discussion of Fadiman's The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide] [the in-class presentation of the video ends at 7:48 mins.] Pt2 [27:38 mins.] For another Fadiman interview in which he talks about his book, The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide, see: Psychedelic Explorer's Guide [30:21 mins.]

Class Viewing 8: Stanislav Grof: An Introduction [10:57 mins.]

Alternative to the selected in-class videos ::
"Science of the Soul: The Story of Transpersonal Psychology"

Science of the Soul: The Story of Transpersonal Psychology
[1:10:31 mins.] [2006] [documentary history of the transpersonal psychology movement; reference to the human potential movement] [Monte M. Page, one of the film commentators, notes that "Jung was one of the first transpersonal psychologists"] [for in-class viewing, skip 12:37 mins. to 20:45 mins., and 37:04 mins to 48:26, end at 53:48 mins.] [total in-class viewing 35 mins.] [for a brief presentation, see: 1:40 mins. to 4:10 mins.] [for an introduction to Stanislav Grof, see 5:56 mins. to 7:51 mins.; Grof tells the story about his first use of LSD at 20:49 mins. to 24:28 mins.]

On Being a Lawyer: A Transpersonal Perspective

We can imagine "the Law as having an integrity independent from, or at least not reducible to, its human practitioners. This is in keeping with a long and honored tradition within psychology of imagining human endeavors as having a transpersonal core, as if there is something going on that is more than human, something perhaps divine.” [Benjamin Sells, The Soul of the Law 93 (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1999)] [For another reference by Sells to the “divine influences” of the Law, see id., at 16]

“The rational mind always seems to be two or three steps behind experience, trying its best to impose a semblance of order and meaning in the wake of the imagination’s inherent multiplicity and mystery.” [Sells, at 95]

“The Law is only one of the soul’s imaginings, and . . . has its own direction and plumbs unknowable depths. This basis in soul gives the law its instinctual quality and numinous authority; and there is a sense in which lawyers serve the Law as holy men and women serve their Gods.” [Id.]

Benjamin Cardozo reminded us that behind the facade of law in modern society, we find "the ancient mysteries crying out for understanding—rest and motion, the one and the many, the self and the not-self, freedom and necessity, reality and appearance, the absolute and the relative . . . . Deep beneath the surface of the legal system, hidden in the structure of the constituent atoms, are these attractions and repulsions, uniting and disservicing as in one unending paradox." [Benjamin Cardozo, The Paradoxes of Legal Science 4-5, 7 (New York: Columbia University Press, 1926)]

Sells picks up on Cardozo’s reminder that Law is the “child of antinomies”:

One way of looking at any occupation or profession is to see it as an attempt to satisfy the deep influences at its psychological core. This places the lawyer in quite a predicament, a mortal in service to the Gods. On the one hand, the lawyer feels a compelling need . . . to run with these professional currents, to be the kind of lawyer the Law expects, to stand for the Law’s ideals . . . . But on the other hand the lawyer is only partly a lawyer and feels from within the powerful tug of other currents, other needs. This situation exists everywhere and for everyone, but is harder on the lawyer because of the Law’s demanding tendencies. And so the lawyer must champion control and order while knowing in his or her heart that things are neither controllable nor orderly. [Sells, at 96]

Sells goes on to observe that “[t]he lawyers lot like that of us all, is to contain this tension. The lawyer’s opportunity is to find ways to live from this tension, recognizing it as source for wonder, creativity, and yes, pain in his or her life. Wondrous and creative because it engages the lawyer in the soul’s eternal quests . . . .” [Id.]

Psychology & Spirituality
[9:12 mins.] [Murray Stein lecture] [Stein discusses Jung's work in way that provides a link to transpersonal psychology] Communing with the Divine [9:44 mins.]

Approaches to Growth East and West
[7:52 mins.] [Claude Naranjo interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove; Naranjo commenting on his work with Fritz Perls] [On Friz Perls: see Perls] [Naranjo: Seeker After Truth :: Naranjo talking about his life] [Claude Naranjo on Healing Civilization]

A Lecture in Psychology: Religion, Morality, Evolution
[8:40 mins.] [Paul Bloom, a psychology professor at Yale University]

Transpersonal Counseling
[9:34 mins.]
Pt2 [8:15 mins.]

Sofia University and the Transpersonal World View
[6:45 mins.]

Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology
[35:53 mins.]

Marilyn Schlitz: Does Transpersonal Psychology Revamp Reality?
[7:45 mins.]

Different Types of Numinous Experiences
[7:29 mins.] [Lionel Corbett] Lure of Numinous Experiences [5:28 mins.] [British trained psychiatrist and Jungian analyst]

Oliver Sacks: Nervous System and the Soul
[12:21 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Gary Zukav: The Seat of the Soul
[10:42 mins.] [A Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

John Rowan on Transpersonal Psychotherapy
[53:21 mins.] [talks about having declared himself a "self-actualized" person]
Pt2 [57:03 mins.] Pt3 [44:37 mins.]

John Rowan: The Centaur, Subtle, Causal and Non-Dual Interview
[57:03 mins.]

Addiction, Attachment & Spiritual Crisis
[9:08 mins.] [Christina Grof]

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening
[25:02 mins.] [Phil Borges, a filmmaker and photographer, documented indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years] [TED Talk]

Images of Transpersonal Education
[19:44 mins.]

Dr. Irene Siegel on Transpersonal Psychology
[3:07 mins.]

Reference (Stanislav Grof)

Stan Grof
[10:57 mins.]

Grof: A Longer Introduction of Himself and His Work
[17:24 mins.] [Stanislav Grof talks about how he decided to become a psychiatrist and how he moved beyond psychoanalysis and his first use of LSD; creating new maps of the psyche (that turn out not to be new)]

Exploring Transpersonal Psychology
[3:07 mins.]

The Opening of the Collective Unconscious
[3:53 mins.]

Grof on Finding His Mission in Life
[10:48 mins.]

Stan Grof about his LSD Experience
[10:15 mins.]

Pioneers in Psychedelic Research
[6:11 mins.]

Adventure of Self-Discovery
[5:00 mins.]

[5:27 mins.]

A New Paradigm of the Unconscious
[28:47 mins.] [1988] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Psyche, Nature, Cosmos
[16:58 mins.] [Grof and others appear in this documentary, "Fall and Winter: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century"] [Grof appears at 1:23 mins. to 4:53 mins; 5:25 mins to 10:00 mins.; possible brief presentation in class 5:25 mins. to 7:26 mins.]

Stan Grof: The Transpersonal Vision
[9:42 mins.] [audio] Pt2 [20:43 mins.] Pt3 [10:08 mins.] Pt4 [10:45 mins.] Pt5 [10:47 mins.] Pt6 [9:15 mins.] Pt9 [10:12 mins.] Pt10 [10:42 mins.] Pt11 [7:40 mins.] Pt12 [9:47 mins.] Pt13 [10:08 mins.] Pt14 [10:47 mins.] Pt15 [9:56 mins.] Pt16 [9:01 mins.] Pt17 [10:18 mins.] Pt18 [10:18 mins.] Pt19 [10:57 mins.] Pt20 [9:57 mins.] Pt21 [10:23 mins.] Pt22 [8:41 mins.] Pt23 [9:59 mins.] Pt24 [8:01 mins.] Pt25 [10:05 mins.] Pt26 [10:26 mins.] Pt27 [9:05 mins.]

The Legacy of Wisdom: Role of Spirit or Religion
[11:11 mins.] Inner Healer [5:21 mins.] Active vs. Inner Retreat [2:23 mins.] Lifestyle Elements [7:10 mins.] What Is Wisdom? [3:11 mins.] Secret of Life [4:45 mins.] Finding Mission [10:47 mins.] Dealing with Those Around Us [6:52 mins.] Intimacy & Sexuality [6:32 mins.] Right to Die [3:37 mins.]

The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
[59:18 mins.]

What are Holotropic States of Consciousness?
[3:01 mins.]

[3:24 mins.]

Spiritual Crisis
[2:54 mins.]

Organized Religion
[3:20 mins.]

Race for Consciousness
[5:07 mins.]

How to Save the World Interview
[3:59 mins.]

Stanislav Grof at the Harmonia Mundi Conference
[14:52 mins.] [audio] [1991] Pt2 [14:48 mins.] Pt3 [14:59 mins.] Pt4 [13:11 mins.]

Beyond the Brain
[15:00 mins.] Pt2 [14:59 mins.] Pt3 [12:41 mins.] Pt4 [14:44 mins.] Pt5 [11:55 mins.] Pt6 [13:11 mins.]

Proposal for a Radical Revision of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Psychotherapy
[42:44 mins.] [another good introduction to Grof's work] [2016]

Psychology of the Future
[1:04:26 mins.]

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
[1:33:20 mins.]

A Stanislav Grof Interview
[59:34 mins.]

Stan Grof & Michael Harner in Dialogue
[9:19 mins.]

Revision and Re-enchantment of Psychology
[50:04 mins.] [observations on his study of "non-ordinary states of consciousness"]

Revision and Re-enchantment of Psychology
[3:43:05 mins.]

The Implications of Consciousness Research for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy
[1:19:02 mins.]

The Galactic Game
[42:19 mins.] [audio]

The Cosmic Game
[42:20 mins.]

The Cosmic Game
[1:45:23 mins.]

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
[1:33:20 mins.]

The Roots of Human Violence and Greed
[1:45:08 mins.]

Grof Talks with Joan Halifax about Death
[50:11 mins.]

Conscious States of Dying
[9:28 mins.]

Death Experiences: Scott Eberle and Stan Grof
[1:06:25 mins.]

Christina Grof & Stan Grof on Their Holotropic Breathwork
[44:41 mins.]

Grof's Interview in Conjunction with the Film--"2012 Time for Change"
[30:15 mins.]

Stan Grof and His Encounter with Carl Sagan
[5:05 mins.]

Buddha at the Gaspump Interview
[56:02 mins.]

The Consciousness Revolution
[59:33 mins.]

Addiction: Transpersonal View
[3:37 mins.]

On Gender Differences
[4:42 mins.]

About Stanislav Grof

The Legacy of Stanislav Grof: Richard Tarnas
[35:47 mins.]

A Personal Appreciation for Stan Grof:: Jack Kornfield
[16:49 mins.]

Grof's Contributions to FDA Drug Development Research with Psychedelics: Rick Doblin
[31:20 mins.]

Reference (Frances Vaughn)

Francis Vaughn: Exercising Intuition
[43:54 mins.] [audio] [Francis Vaughn, author of Awakening Intuition]

Frances Vaughan: Spirituality and Psychology
[4:14 mins.]

Psychotherapy and Meditation
[39:13 mins.]

On the Learning Path: Frances Vaughan & Roger Walsh
[25:28 mins.] Pt2 [24:20 mins.] Pt3 [25:01 mins.]

Reference (Ralph Metzner)

Ralph Metzner: Transpersonal Psychology
[15:00 mins.] [audio] [major schools of psychology]
Pt.2 [15:00 mins.] Pt.3 [15:00 mins.] Pt.4 [7:22 mins.]

Metaphors of Transformation
[6:33 mins.] [metaphorical thinking]

Integrating These Substances Into Our Culture
[5:48 mins.]

Uses of Psychedelics in Shamanism and Psychotherapy
[28:29 mins.]

[3:22 mins.]

Dr. Ralph Metzner, Expanded Consciousness Pioneer
[1:06:00 mins.]

CG Jung, Albert Hofmann and the Philosophers' Stone
[1:58:26 mins.] [Seattle Jung Society]

Shamanism and Mythology
[1:44:29 mins.] [audio]

Terence McKenna and Ralph Metzner
[3:35:51 mins.] Pt2 [2:29:29 mins.]

Ralph Metzner and 5 MeO DMT
[1:20:58 mins.]

Reference (James Fadiman)

Transforming Limitations
[10:06 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

James Fadiman: Transpersonal Conversations
[14:51 mins.] [audio] Pt2 [14:51 mins.] Pt3 [14:51 mins.] Pt4 [11:46 mins.]

James Fadiman Interview
[5:49 mins.] [2014]

Seeking the Divine Within
[28:15 mins.] Pt2 [27:37 mins.]

Promises and Pitfalls of Spirituality
[9:47 mins.]

Are Psychedelics a Portal to Awakening?
[1:38 mins.]

James Fadiman Talks about His Experience with Psychedelics
[10:59 mins.]

Psychedelic Explorer's Guide
[30:21 mins.]

Scientific Problem Solving with Psychedelics
[45:03 mins.]

Can Psychedelics Accelerate Scientific Problem Solving
[58:51 mins.]

New Frontiers in Psychedelic Research: Beyond the Medical Model
[38:57 mins.]

Psychedelics and the Study of Perception
[25:24 mins.]

Psychedelic Research & Creativity Studies
[42:46 mins.]

Cultural Implications of Altered State of Consciousness
[1:31:49 mins.]

A Return to the Center: Liberation From a Medical Model
[1:02:04 mins.]

"New Directions in Transpersonal": Global Transpersonal Symposium
[56:57 mins.] [Fadiman's presentation begins at 5:17 mins.]

James Fadiman Interview
[1:12:33 mins.] [audio]

Buddhism and Psychedelics
[53:00 mins.] Pt2 [49:21 mins.] Pt3 [34:23 mins.]

Reference (Jeanne Achterberg)

On Transpersonal Psychology
[15:02 mins.]

Imagery in Healing
[27:26 mins.]

Reference (Charles Tart)

Charles Tart: Waking Up
[3:11 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Self Observation
[10:49 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Charles Tart Interview
[12:12 mins.]

Meditation and the Search for Meaning
[9:35 mins.]

Reflections on Meditation
[9:37 mins.] [Pt 1 of 9]

Science, Religion, and Spirituality
[6:15 mins.]

What are Altered States of Consciousness?
[12:12 mins.]

Does Transpersonal Psychology Revamp Reality?
[7:43 mins.]

The Mystical Experience
[30:00 mins.] [audio]

Charles Tart: Transpersonal Psychology
[15:00 mins.] [audio] [relating transpersonal psychology to the soul, and our spiritual nature, and to the study of spiritual experiences] Pt2 [15:00 mins.] Pt3 [15:00 mins.] Pt4 [5:22 mins.]

Questions on Consciousness
[9:30 mins.] Pt2 [8:49 mins.] Pt3 [9:59 mins.] Pt4 [8:19 mins.] Pt5 [9:54 mins.] Pt6 [9:58 mins.] Pt7 [9:56 mins.] Pt8 [9:59 mins.] Pt9 [9:49 mins.] Pt10 [9:34 mins.]

The Mystical Experience
[30:00 mins.] [interview; audio]

Evidence-Based Spirituality for the 21st Century
[25:59 mins.] Pt2 [11:41 mins.] Pt3 [26:35 mins.] Pt4 [12:27 mins.]

Six Decades in Parapsychology
[28:21 mins.]

The End of Materialism on Provocative Enlightenment
[1:3731 mins.]

Reference (Angeles Arrien)

Archetypal Forms and Forces
[7:42 mins.] [ Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Cornerstones of Wisdom: The Four-fold Way
[22:12 mins.] [TED Talk]

Four Questions
[2:33 mins.]

Managing Life's Transitions
[4:39 mins.]

Youth Rites of Passage
[12:10 mins.]

Symbols of Transformation
[57:53 mins.] [presentation; audio]

Reference (Rosemarie Anderson)

The Big Picture of Transpersonal Research
[8:29 mins.] Pt2 [11:05 mins.]

Human Spirituality and Process Philosophy
[14:01 mins.]

Reflections on Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology
[9:57 mins.]

Reference (Glenn Hartelius)

A Brief Interview
[14:10 mins.]

Reference (Kaisa Puhakka)

Buddhist Meditation meets Western Psychology
[57:17 mins.] [mindfulness meditation]

Reference (Jan Mojsa)

What is the Self?
[1:55 mins.]

[2:59 mins.]

Higher Self
[2:12 mins.]

In Search of Wisdom
[2:10 mins.]

What is Love?
[4:03 mins.]

Reference (Roger Walsh)

[3:35 mins.]

[18:48 mins.]

Impact of Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology
[6:18 mins.]

Links to Roger Walsh Videos

What is Spirituality and What is a Spiritual Life?
[9:01 mins.]

Understanding Religion: Conventional & Postconventional
[4:22 mins.]

Spiritual Traps: Grandiosity, Complacency, & More
[11:06 mins.]

Understanding Religion: Transpersonal Psychology & Gnostic Intermediaries
[4:28 mins.]

Toward a World Spirituality
[34:53 mins.]

The Spirit of Shamanism
[6:19 mins.]

What We Are? What Really Matters? How to Write Well
[71:59 mins.]

The State of the Integral Act
[35:35 mins.]

What's Next for the Integral Movement?
[36:48 mins.]

Reference (Ken Wilbur)

Psychotherapy and Intuition
[39:13 mins.] [Francis Vaughn talking with Ken Wilbur]

Mindfulness Practice
[9:00 mins.]

Aloneness on the Spiritual Path
[4:44 mins.]

Casting Shadow
[14:40 mins.]

The Deepest Secrets of the Universe
[2:47 mins.]

Increased Consciousness, Decreased Suffering
[7:47 mins.]

A Brief History of Integral
[22:24 mins.]

Reference (Jean Houston)

Possible Human, Possible World
[27:41 mins.]

Odyssey of the Soul
[4:15 mins.]

The Urgent Need for Transformational Story-Telling
[21:29 mins.] [February 2, 2013, Beverly Hills, California]

The Wizard of Us
[27:51 mins.]

Your Life's Purpose
[49:36 mins.] [audio]

Myths for the Future
[1:30:07 mins.]

Baffled No More
[1:08:52 mins.]

Lucid Living: A Mythological Perspective
[51:21 mins.]

Jean Houston at the Assisi Institute
[3:07 mins.]

Jean Houston at the Garrison Institute
[28:16 mins.]

Why Story is Essential to Social Transformation
[15:16 mins.]

Web Resources

6 Facts About Transpersonal Psychology

Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Abraham Maslow, Transpersonal Psychology, and Self-Transcendence

Transpersonal Psychology at a Crossroads
[Frank Visser, author of Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion (SUNY Press, 2003)]

Reference (Articles)

Harris Friedman, Toward Developing Transpersonal Psychology as a Scientific Field [online text]

Mark C. Kasprow & Bruce W. Scotton, Transpersonal Theory and Its Application to the Practice of Psychotherapy, 8 (1) J. Psychother. Pract. Res. 12 (1999) [online text]

Reference (Stanislav Grof)


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