Crime Film Documentaries

Instructor: James R. Elkins

"Conviction: The True Story of Clarence Elkins"

[55 mins.] [film by Mike West & Bill Ward]


"One summer night, Melinda Elkins’ mother was raped and murdered, and her husband, Clarence, was convicted of the murder and sent to prison for life. Melinda knew her husband was a victim of mistaken identification. Proving it would take years. A do-it-yourself detective, Melinda discovered a person she believed killed her mother – a convicted sex offender overlooked by police. In a twist of fate, the suspect was incarcerated in the same prison as Clarence. In prison, Clarence picked up a cigarette discarded by the suspect. DNA testing showed that the man was, in fact, the real killer. Because of his wife’s tenacity and conviction, Clarence walked out of prison a free man." ~ Durango Independent Film Festival  

"When a man is wrongly convicted of murder and rape, his wife devotes her life to proving his innocence. Conviction is not only a gripping story of justice gone wrong, it's also a meditation on the role of luck in the criminal justice system. In order for Clarence Elkins to prove his innocence, all of the stars had to align. It's a story that would be unbelievable if it weren't true." ~ Michael West

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