Crime Film Documentaries

Instructor: James R. Elkins

The West Memphis Three Case

The WM3: Released from Prison [August 19. 2011]

WM3 are Free
[3:11 mins.] [Don Lemon, CNN]

ABC News, Diane Sawyer
[3:27 mins.]

Nightline, ABC News
[5:40 mins.]

NBC Today
[7:37 mins.]

KATV coverage of the Alford plea by the WM3
[37:33 mins.]

Damien Echols & Jason Baldwin

WM3: Life after Prison
[19:12 mins.] [KATV October 30 - November 1, 2011. Heather Crawford travels
to New York City to visit with Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin a month after
their release from an Arkansas prison.]

West Memphis Three Panel Discussion
[7:26 mins.] [October 10, 2011, at HBO in New York City, the West Memphis 3 and
the filmmakers of "Paradise Lost" gather for the first time since their release
from prison on August 10, 2011]

WM3: Life After Prison
[19:11 mins.] [KATV, Arksansa TV station] [October 30-November 1, 2011]

Case Retrospective: "Democracy Now!" Interview

Damien Echols Interview with "Democracy Now"
[10:56 mins.] [Democracy Now! spoke with Echols in an interview
at the Sundance Film Festival] [Uploaded on February 6, 2012]
Pt2 [18:43 mins.]

Damien Echols: Post-Incarceration

Damien Echols with Piers Morgan
[2:16 mins.] [talks about his life in prison] [Sept. 29, 2011]
[A second excerpt from the Piers Morgan interview] [2:29 mins.]

Damien Echols Talks About Death Row
[Anderson Cooper Live] [1:00 min.] [Sept. 18, 2011]

Damien Echols talks about new book "Life After Death"
[11:21 mins.] [Damien Echols appears on 97.3 KIRO FM's Ross and
Burbank Show to talk about his new book "Life After Death"] [Sept 28, 2011]

Life After Death: Live from the New York Public Library
[1:29:36 mins.] [Damien Echols with Henry Rollins]

Opie & Anthony Show
[radio broadcast, with Jason Baldwin][15:04 mins.]
Pt2 [15:01 mins.] Pt3 [12:36 mins.] [uploaded January 11, 2012]

Life After Death Row
[1:31:30 mins.] [[Brandeis University] [Damien Echols with Lorri Davis, his wife, and defense team advisor Lonnie Soury, and a Erin Moriarty, a CBS reporter] [February 5, 2013]

Damien Echols at Memphis Conference
[5:15 mins.] [talking about his life in prison] [posted February 11, 2013]

Damien Echols: Life After Death
[18:49 mins.] [WGBH interview] [April, 2013]

Damien Echols at Off Square Books
[20:14 mins.] [Oxford, Mississippi]

" West of Memphis" (2012): A WM3 Documentary

West of Memphis: Official Trailer
[2:04 mins.]

Backstage with Damien Echols
Anderson Cooper Live [1:52 mins.][talking about "West of Memphis"
and his new book Life After Death]

Huffington Post Interview Damiel Echols & Amy Berg
[27:42 mins.] [Amy Berg is the director of "West of Memphis"]

Johnny Depp and the West Memphis Three
[2:11 mins.] [Johnny Depp discusses his support for Damien Echols, at the
Toronto International Film Festival.]

Damien Echols & Lorri Davis
[6:27 mins.] [The Hollywood Reporter, Sundance 2012] [January 26, 2012]

"West Memphis Three": Press Conference
[5:11 mins.] [The filmmakers and subjects of the documentary, "West of Memphis," hold
a press conference at Sundance 2012 to talk about the film.]

Damien Echols & Lorri Davis Interview
[3:59 mins.]

Damien Echols & Lorri Davis Interview [cont'd]
[3:23 mins.]

Interview: Damien Echols of "West of Memphis"
[14:07 mins.] [Interview with RedEye's Matt Pais, published on January 14, 2013]

"West of Memphis" Q&A @ TIFF 2012
[13:30 mins.] [with Johnny Depp]

Damien Echols on ABC, The View
[5:06 mins.] Pt.2 [with Lorri Davis and Amy Berg, director of "West of Memphis]
[5:02 mins.] [Published on December 6, 2012]

"West of Memphis": Press Conference
[41:23 mins.] [Toronto International Film Festival]

DP/30 @ Sundance 2012: "West of Memphis"
[38:53 mins.] [interview with director Amy Berg & producer Peter Jackson]

John Mark Byers

Byers Talks to the Press on the Day the WM3 are Released
[3:30 mins.]

John Mark Byers on the Today Show
[2:30 mins.]

Pam Hobbs

[3:11 mins.] [Fox 13 News] [Hobbs comments on his belief that the WM3 did not kill her son, and of her meeting with Damien Echols]

Damien Echols in Prison

Damien Echols: Court TV
[2:49 mins.] [Primetime Justice, 1996]

Jailhouse Interview
[Anderson Cooper 360°] [September, 2010] [3:06 mins.]

Life on Death Row
[7:02 mins.] [MyFox Memphis, FOX 13 News]

Larry King Live: Arkansas Rally for the WM3
[3:47 mins.]

Presumed /guilty: Murder in West Memphis
CNN's David Mattingly Interview [2:14 mins.]

Jason Baldwin in Prison

Baldwin on the use of writing
[6:41 mins.]

Jason Baldwin: Interview (on the Hearing that Led to His Alford Plea)
[9:48 mins.]

The Case Updated after "Paradise Lost" (1996)

West Memphis Three: Time for Truth
[9:58 mins.] Pt.II [10:19 mins.] [uploaded May 28, 2008]

The Search for the Killers

Interrogation of Terry Hobbs
[8:51 mins.] [stepfather of murder victim Stevie Branch]

Attorneys present four suspects allegedly involved
in the WM3 murders
[2:45 mins.] [WMC TV, West Memphis, Arkansas]
[March 28, 2013] [One of the accused, L.G. Hollingsworth reputedly died in a car
accident in 2001]

New allegations surface in the West Memphis 3 murders
[3:47 mins.]

Mark Byers Talking to Terry Hobbs
[8:29 mins.] Pt2 [failed to locate] Pt3 [6:16 mins.]

On Terry Hobbs
[9:29 mins.]


Dave Navarro interviewing Damien Echols
[16:58 mins.] [discussion of Echols's book, Life After Death,
at UCLA's Freud Playhouse , September 9, 2012]

Pt.2 [14:27 mins.] Pt.3 [13:43 mins.] Pt.4 [14:09 mins.]

West Memphis Three 10th Aniversary
KARK 4 - Part 1 [4:16 mins.] Part II [6:03 mins.][video begins
with discussion about the documentary, "Paradise Lost"; commentary
on the growing public support for the WM3; comments by Mara Leveritt,
author of Devil's Knot)
Part III [2:53 mins.]

WM3--KARK TV News Coverage
[YouTube video; 6:03 mins.] [references to the film, "Paradise Lost"]

Damien Echols
[YouTube video; 2:48 mins] ["Primetime Justice," CourtTV, 1996]

WM3 and True Crime with Reporter George Jared
[48:30 mins.] [George Jared is a true crime reporter for Arkansas' Jonesboro Sun. Jared
has covered a number of high profile murder cases including the West Memphis 3 case.
In 2010, he wrote a series of comprehensive stories after interviewing Damien Echols.]

Deleted Scene from "Paradise Lost" (1966)
[11:52 mins.] [Discussion between Fogelman and defense lawyers about laboratory testing
of blood on a necklace and the postponement in the trial granted by Judge Burnett to have
the testing done.]

"A Cry for Innocence" [CBS News, "48 Hours Mystery," July 24, 2010] [The video clips that comprise the program are offered up in brief flashes and we see far too little of Damien Echol, and hear nothing from Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin. We do get a few brief moments of an interview of Terry Hobbs, and a chance to meet the Terry Hobbs neighbors who challenge Terry Hobbs statement that he was not with the boys on the afternoon they were killed. "A Cry for Innocence" has no central focus, and offers no serious critique of the long incarceration of the WM3.]

True Crime With Aphrodite Jones: The West Memphis Three
[43:16 mins.]

WM3 Rally: "Voices for Justice" | Little Rock, Arkansas | Aug.28.2010

Eddie Vedder talks WM3, Damien Echols, and Time
[2:36 mins.]

Eddie Vedder & Johnny Depp
[4:36 mins.]

Eddie Vedder & Natalie Maines: Close Your Eyes
[2:44 mins.]

Fistful of Mercy & Eddie VedderL Restore Me
[6:03 mins.]

Patti Smith: People Have the Power
[8:25 mins.]

Johnny Depp
[4:21 mins.] [reading from Damien Echols prison journals]

Johnny Depp and the West Memphis Three
[2:10 mins.]

Reverend Thompson Murray
[8:18 mins.]

See: Mara Leveritt, Are 'Voices for Justice' Heard?: A Star-Studded Rally on Behalf of the West Memphis Three Prompts the Delicate Question, 33 UALR L. Rev. 137 (2011)

Interview: Joe Berlinger, Filmmaker

DP/30 Interview
[44:52 mins.]

Interview with Jason Baldwin & Joe Berlinger
[4:44 mins.] [uploaded January 12, 2012] [commenting on "Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory"]

News Coverage: Echols Oral Argument before the Arkansas Supreme Court [September, 2010]

THV-Pt.1 [5:18 mins.] Pt.2 [7:31 mins.] Pt.3 [8:27 mins.]