Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
West Virginia University|Fall|2016|



Carlos DeLuna

Reading: James Liebman, Los Tocayos Carlos, 43 Colum. Human Rights L. Rev. 711 (2012); Brandon L. Garrett, The Banality of Wrongful Executions (Review Essay), 112 Mich. L. Rev. 979 (2014)


  James S. Liebman, The Wrong Carlos: Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution (New York: Columbia University Press, 2014)


The Wrong Carlos
[9:38 mins., ABC Nightline]

Carlos DeLuna Case: Fight to Prove an Innocent Man Was Executed
[9:03 mins., PBS]

Professor James Liebman on the Carlos De Luna case
[4:24 mins.]

Maurice Possley Speaks on Carlos DeLuna
[32:57 mins.]

How many innocent people has the US executed?
[25:31 mins.] [Al Jazeera English]

Web Resources

The Wrong Carlos
[A Note from the Website: "All the evidence is here for readers to explore, and decide for themselves: crime-scene photos, law enforcement and court records, newspaper and TV coverage, police audiotape of the manhunt ending in DeLuna's arrest, videotaped interviews, interactive map and much more. These sources represent the most complete set of primary records and witness interviews (many of them videotaped) that has ever been compiled on an American capital case or, we believe, on an American criminal case of any sort."]