Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
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Ryan Ferguson


"Dream/Killer" (2015)
[1 hr., 49 mins.] [Amazon Video]


Original Porceeding in Habeas Corpus, In Re: Ryan Ferguson v. Dave Dormire, Superintendent, Jefferson City Correctional Center, Missouri Court of Appeals, Opinion Filed: November 5, 2013 [online text]

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, State of Missouri, ex. rel. Ryan Fergusion v. Dave Dormire, Supertintendent, Jefferson City Correctional Center [online text]

His Friend Dreamed They Killed a Man. Then They Were Both Charged with Murder
[Kate Storey, Esquire, August 17, 2016] [online text]

'Unlocking the Truth': Inside MTV's New True-Crime Show
[Amelia McDonell-Parry, Rolling Stone, August 24, 2016] [online text]

Host Ryan Ferguson spent 10 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit – and now he wants to help others gain their freedom, too


Ryan Ferguson's Fight for Freedom
[43:13 mins.] [48 Hours] [police interrogation; false identification; witness recants his testimony and identification]

Supplemental Videos

Bizarre Betrayal: Friend's False Testimony Led to Murder Conviction
[10:25 mins.] [ABC News]

Ryan Ferguson Juror Explains 2004 Murder Conviction
[8:51 mins.] [ABC News]

Ryan Ferguson Released From Prison
[9:52 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson on Katie Couric
[5:19 mins.]

Wrongfully Convicted of Murder | The Meredith Vieira Show
[4:56 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson talks about his release
7:50 mins.]

CBS This Morning
[5:09 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson Post Release Press Conference
[20:25 mins.]

Why was Ryan Ferguson's conviction vacated?
[28:28 mins.] Pt2 [29:05 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson a free man after AG declines retrial
[21:58 mins.]

Wrongly-Imprisoned Ryan Ferguson Shares His Story
[4:35 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson Presentation
[1:56:55 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson's Parents Press Conference
[33:19 mins.]

Ryan Ferguson Trial Analyzed By Legal Analyst Stone Grissom
[4:33 mins.]

If the Jury Had Known [5:10 mins.] If the Jury Had Known-Pt2 [9:10 mins.] If the Jury Had Known-Pt3 [9:20 mins.] If the Jury Had Known-Pt4 [4:32 mins.]

Jerry Trump testimony at habeas hearing
[1:24:13 mins.
] [April, 2012 ]

Ryan Ferguson talks to "48 Hours"
[1:16 mins.]

False Testimony: Chuck Erickson
[1:49 mins.]

Chuck Erickson's Interrogation
[9:52 mins.]

Charles Erickson recant video
[13:58 mins.]

Five Stories of Michael Boyd: Reenactments (Ryan Ferguson Case)
[13:17 mins.]

The Many Lies of Kevin Crane: The Brady Violations
[9:40 mins.]

Exonerations up in Missouri
[4:55 mins.]

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