Prosecutorial Misconduct: Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
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Rodney Reed


"State v. Reed"
[1:00:02 mins.] [ (2006)(revised 2013); directed by
Ryan Polomski & Frank Bustoz, 2006] [The 1996 Bastrop, Texas murder of Stacey Stites is revisited. New evidence shows death row inmate Rodney Reed may have been wrongfully convicted. The film explores the mishandling of evidence, the possible law enforcement cover-up and Reed's inadequate legal defense.]

Assigned Reading

Rodney Reed v. William Stephens, Director, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (US Ct. App., 5th Cir., 2014) [online text]

Reference (Videos)

Rodney Reed Fights Death Row
[4:27 mins.]

Appeals court reviews Rodney Reed's case
[2:43 mins.] [Reed seeks a new trial in his capital murder case]

Rodney Reed: The Next Troy Davis?
[4:19 mins.][The Alyona Show]

Framed: How an Innocent Man Ended Up on Texas Death Row
[21:18 mins.]

Interview with Jimmy Fennell Rape Victim
[22:15 mins.] [audio]

Jamie Bush Testifying about Rodney Reed to Texas Forensic Science Commission
[2:32 mins.]

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