Advanced Criminal Law: Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
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West Memphis Three

The West Memphis Three--Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley--were arrested in 1993, convicted of murder of three young boys, and were released from prison in August, 2011 after entering Alford pleas.



"West of Memphis" (2012)


[2 hrs. 7 mins.] [Amy Berg director] [Damien Echols & Lorri Davis producers]

Alternative Viewing: A Cry for Innocence [43:30 mins.] [CBS, 48 Hours Mystery]



  Maria Leverett, Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West memphis Three (New York: Atria Books, 2002)


  Damien Echols, Life After Death (New York: Blue Rider Press, 2012)


  Maria Leverett (with Jason Baldwin), Dark Spell: Surviving the Sentence (Little Rock, Arkansas: Bird Call Press, 2014)

Assigned Reading

West Memphis 3
[Professor Douglas O. Linder, Famous Trials, University of Missouri-Kansas City]

West Memphis 3

Black & Blue
[Boston Magazine, July, 2013]

Assigned Video (Confirmation Bias)

Errol Morris on Confirmation Bias
[5:03 mins.]

Damien Echols Talking About the WM3 Case

Damien Echols Interview with "Democracy Now"
[10:56 mins.] [Democracy Now! spoke with Echols in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival] [Uploaded on February 6, 2012] Pt2 [18:43 mins.]

Former Death Row Inmate Damien Echols on Life After Death
[18:49 mins.] [WGBH News]

Damien Echols' Life after Death
[8:47 mins.] [February 2, 2013] [interview by Erin Moriarty]

Interview with Piers Morgan
[6:31 mins.] [February 2, 2013]

Echols Talks about Life after Death Row
[1:31:30 mins.] [February 5, 2013] [Brandeis University]

Damien Echols Speaks at Off Square Books
[20:04 mins.] [May 14, 2013]

Damien Echols & Lori Davis with Steve Adubato
[28:00 mins.] ["One on One"]

West Memphis 3: Professor Elkins

Advanced Criminal Law: West Memphis 3
[WM3 course website, James R. Elkins]

Crime Film Documentaries
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West Memphis 3: Update
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Web Resources

West Memphis Three
[Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture]

Three at Last!
[Gentleman's Quarterly, December, 2011]

Selected Videos

WM3 Released
[37:32 mins.] [KATV News coverage]

Jason Baldwin
[10:46 mins.] [Liza Fromer, This Morning Show]

Mara Leveritt on West Memphis Three
[1:37:04 mins.]

The West Memphis Three Past Present and Future
[1:45:50 mins.] [panel discussion] [Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas-Pine]

Documentary Film-Maker Joe Berlinger
[44:51 mins.]

"West of Memphis" with Amy Berg
[1:00:46 mins.][2012 Sundance Film Festival Preview]