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Direct Examination

Gerry Spence on Direct Examination: "Telling Our Story Through Witnesses--Direct Examination," in Gerry Spence, Win Your Case 149-167 (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2005)

"Our story has already been told to the jury in the opening. The order of our witnesses should complement that." [Spence, Win Your Case, at 165] ["In our opening statement we have told our story. The complete story. Now we're here to prove it." Id. at 149] "The direct examination is also storytelling--telling the story through the lips of the witness. Our job is to help the witness tell the part of the story the witness knows. Id.

Direct Examination

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Direct Examination
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Direct Examination
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Direct Examination Does NOT Need To Be a Mind-Numbing Experience



Michael E. Tigar, Examining Witnesses (Chicago: American Bar Association, 2nd ed., 2004)

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