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Voir Dire

Gerry Spence on Voir Dire: "Preparing the Decision Makers to Embrace Us--Voir Dire," in Gerry Spence, Win Your Case 112-126 (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2005)

"The voir dire has a profoundly deeper purpose than to exclude those who are immutably biased against us. In subtle ways we want to open up the juror to new ideas, to open him to our position in the trial, and to be open to his." [Spence, Win Your Case, at 113]

Voir Dire

Eight Tips for Better Voir Dire
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17 Best Tips For Voir Dire
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Establish Rapport

Educate the Jurors

Selecting and Deselecting Jurors

Ask Jurors This Question During Jury Selection

Jury Selection: What Should You Ask?

The Art of Voir Dire

Voire Dire In Action

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Jeffrey T. Frederick, Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection (Chicago: American Bar Association, 2nd ed., 2005)

David M. Tanovich, David Paciocco & Steven Skurka, Jury Selection in Criminal Trials: Skills, Science, and the Law (Irwin Law, 1997)

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