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Lowell B. Komie's Lawyer Stories: Meditations on the Odd Lives We Live


 Instructor's Writings on Komie and His Stories

An Introduction to Lowell B. Komie's Stories

Lowell B. Komie's Lawyer Stories

The Law World Gets Real

Meditations on the Odd Lives We Live

A Letter to My Friend, Lowell Komie

 A Short Story Inspired by Komie's Stories: Ruthann Robson, The Satisfactions of Kimberly Bascomb: An Intervention into the World of Lowell Komie's Fictional Women Lawyers, 31 Legal Stud. F. 835 (2007) [online text] [Kimberly Bascomb makes a brief appearance in Komie's "The Cornucopia of Julia K."]

 Commentary on the Komie Stories: Louise Harmon, lluminating the Dark: The Stories of Lowell B. Komie and the Pursuit of Meaningful Work, 31 Legal Stud. F. 851 (2007) | Thomas D. Barton, Feathered and Unfeathered Hope: The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie, 31 Legal Stud. F. 933 (2007) | Robert H. Bunzel, Corruption and Resignation in the Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie, 31 Legal Stud. F. 977 (2007) | Jessica E. Price, "Don't Be Beguiled": Gender, Insider-Outsiders, and Justice in the Stories of Lowell B. Komie, 31 Legal Stud. F. 959 (2007) | Lillian Baker Kennedy, Reading Lowell Komie, 31 Legal Stud. F. 981 (2007)

Lowell B. Komie Stories Publications

Publication Note: Lowell B. Komie's lawyer stories appear in the following collections: The Judge's Chambers (Chicago: American Bar Association, 1983)(Chicago: Academic Chicago Publishers, 1987), The Lawyer's Chambers and Other Stories (Swordfish/Chicago, 1994), The Night Swimmer: A Man in London and Other Stories (Chicago: Swordfish/Chicago, 1999). Komie's lawyer stories were republished in the Legal Studies Forum (with an introduction by James R. Elkins) (vol. 25, 2001) and then collected in Lowell B. Komie, The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie (Chicago: Swordfish/Chicago, 2005) (with an introduction and reader's guide to the stories by Elkins).

 Lowell Komie's Novels

Komie is also the author of several novels including:

The Last Jewish Shortstop in America (Chicago: Swordfish/Chicago, 1998)


1998 Small Press Award for Fiction

Conversations with the Dancing Ballerina
(Chicago: Swordfish/ Chicago, 2001)




 a footnote to accompany Komie's stories:

Fictional Autobiography: Definitions and Descriptions

 video footnotes

Lowell Komie Talking About the Translation and Publication of his Legal
Fiction in Spanish

Komie Talking about a Trip to The Netherlands

Komie Talking about Paris & Amsterdam

Balcon: A Reading by Lowell Komie : : Pt.2

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