Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

James Innes Randolph, Jr.


"Randolph, Innes, lawyer and poet, was born in Winchester, Va., October 25, 1837, and died in Baltimore, Md., April 29, 1887. He was a man of rare talents, with early predilections for both music and art, but after serving in the Confederate Army he settled in Baltimore for the practice of law and incidentally began to contribute poems and sketches to the newspapers. At length he relinquished the legal profession and became an editorial writer on the Baltimore American, a position which he held for the remainder of his days. Among his best know poems are 'Twilight at Hollywood,' 'The Good Old Rebel,' and an 'Ode to John Marshall.' After his death, a volume of his verse was edited by his son, Professor Harold Randolph."

[Source: Edwin Anderson Alderman & Joel Chandler Harris (eds.), Library of Southern Literature 349 (New Orleans: Martin & Hoyt Co., 1910)(1907)(Vol. 15, Biographical Dictionary of Authors, Lucian Lamar Knight ed.)]

Randolph attended Hobart College in Geneva, New York and was a graduate of the State and National Law School in Poughkeepsie. During the Civil War he was a topographical engineer and held the rank of major. After the Civil War he settled at Richmond where he was worked at the Examiner while pursuing his poetry and other writing. The poetry of this period was collected and published by his son Harold Randolph after his death. It was in 1868 that Randolph moved to Baltimore and took up the practice of law, continuing his newspaper work with Baltimore newspapers.

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Unreconstructed Rebel
[with accompanying audi file]


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