Psychology for Lawyers

Guide to Assignments on the Course Website

I have tried to provide a consistent format for the assignments. The assignments often begin with a Preface. The preface (when included) presents succinct statements about fundamental aspects of the psychology associated with the day's assignment. When links are provided to the sources of these preface statements, as they are in the 1st assignment that follows, the linked source of the quote is not required reading.

The Preface is followed (for most assignments) with Readings. The Readings are assigned to accompany the work we do in class. If the Assigned Reading includes an indication that it is available online--[online text]--you will be responsible for obtaining the reading by accessing it on line and printing out the reading. If there is no [online text] link provided, then the reading will be provided to you.

The Preface and Readings will be followed by Class Video(s). The general plan is to show these videos in class. (For the first several assignments, the in-class videos are drawn from a TV series, "In Treatment," and are not available online.) I do not require you to view the Class Video(s) before class, although I have no objection to your doing so. Many of the videos, after we get past the first few assignments, are relatively short and there is no significant investment of time required to watch a particular video more than once. You may find it helpful to select particular videos we view in class for a 2nd viewing after class.

Class Videos will be followed by Reference resources, including supplemental videos, web resources, and scholarly articles and essays. These Reference resources are not required viewing or reading. You will find, in the Refrence sections of the assignment page far more resources than you will have time, energy, or willingness to pursue.

Note: Following each class, the assignment will be moved to the Assignments Archive page of the course website.


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