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fritz perls & gestalt therapy


Videos (Fritz Perls)

Here and Now: What is Gestalt?
[24:02 mins.] [1970]

Fritz Perls on Gestalt Therapy
[4:51 mins.] [audio]
Fritz Perls [6:50 mins.] [Perls talking about "gestalt"; disavowing the need to dig, like Freud, into the deep unconscious; focus on the "now"] Gestalt Therapy: Demonstration by Fritz Perls [14:57 mins.] [Part II -- 14:45 mins.] [working with a patient ]

Fritz Perls Explains Gestalt Therapy
[24:01 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy
[10:00 mins.] [training video (video begins with Perls talking about his approach; then proceeds to show a training session)]

Memory vs. Pride (1970)
[22:43 mins.]

Madeline's Dream (1970)
[18:43 mins.]

[24:54 mins.]

Everything is Aware Process
[26:28 mins.]

Perls Demonstration Tapes
[31:28 mins.]

Fritz Perls: A Session with College Students
[43:00 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy (Introduction)

Theories of Counseling: Gestalt Therapy
[27:20 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy (Steve Vinay Gunther)

Gestalt in a Nutshell
[3:12 mins.]

Welcome to Gestalt 2016
[5:54 mins.]

Mini Gestalt Module #1: Awareness
[5:06 mins.]

Mini Gestalt Module #2: Dialogue
[4:46 mins.]

Introduction to Client Therapy
[3:51 mins.]

Interview with Steve Vinay Gunther on Gestalt
[3:14 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy Demonstration
[50:45 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy (Joseph Zinker)

"Don't Back Off"
[2:49 mins.] [2001]

"Understanding by Itself is Not Enough"
[3:11 mins.]

JHow We Change Through Interpersonal Contact
[3:06 mins.]

An Encounter with Gestalt Therapy Founder Fritz Perls
[1:00 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy (Bud Feder)

Origins of Gestalt Therapy
[1:06:17 mins.] [audio presentation] 2015]

Interview with Bud Feder
[25:14 mins.]

The Three Es
[1:35 mins.]

"Take a Leap"
[5:35 mins.]

The Interactive Group
[3:59 mins.]

Videos (Misc.)

Gestalt Theory
[14:49 mins.]

Gestalt Theory and Approaches to Counseling
[5:50 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy with Erving Polster
[1:20 mins.]

Gestalt Approach to Counseling
[4:30 mins.] [Lucille Zimmerman explaining the Gestalt approach to counseling]

Role Play: Gestalt Therapy
[12:13 mins.]

Web Resources

Gestalt Therapy

Fritz Pearls

Gestalt Therapy: An Introduction
[Gary Yontef]

Erving Polster on Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy: Summary Guide
[Sheila K. Grant, California State University-Northridge]



Claudio Naranjo

Present-Centeredness in Gestalt Therapy

Contributios of Gestalt Therapy

Naranjo: Seeker After Truth
[56:20 mins.; video]

Stages in a Gestalt Therapy Session and Counselor Interventions
[Martin S. Fiebert, California State University-Long Beach]

A Working Synthesis of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy
[Ken Wilbur]


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