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"Therapy, or analysis, is not only something that analysts do to patients; it is a process that goes on intermittently in our individual soul-searching, our attempts at understanding our complexities, the critical attacks, prescriptions, and encouragements we give ourselves. We are all in therapy all the time insofar as we are involved in soul-making."

--James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology xviii (New York: HarperColophon ed., 1967)

Introductions to Psychotherapy

[3:12 mins.] [The School of Life]

How Psychotherapy Works
[7:16 mins.] [The School of Life]

James Hillman on Archetypal Psychotherapy & the Soulless Society
[7:39 mins.]

May, Rogers, Satir and Szasz
[7:17 mins.] [Rogers questions the idea of the therapist in a "role"; receiving the client, whatever they bring to the relationship; creating a safe relationship in which the client can become herself; understanding the client's inner world]

The First Counseling Appointment
[3:36 mins.] [Lynne Coon, counselor in Portland, Oregon, discusses what happens in a first therapy session]

Introducing Counseling
[9:43 mins.] Pt2 [7:40 mins.]

The Therapeutic Relationship
[9:08 mins.] [Jon Frederickson on "intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy"] Pt.3 [8:47 mins.]

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
[9:26 mins.][Dr. Patricia Anne Coughlin] PtII [11:05 mins.] A Broader Presentation [1:10:27 mins.] ["Specific Factors in Psychotherapy Outcome," and a video of a highly resistance patient]

Dynamic Psychotherapy
[4:57 mins.]

Interview with Psychologist Mariela G. Shibley
[2:24 mins.]

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and What to Expect: First Session
[6:04 mins.] [Joe Burgo, a clinical psychologist] Part II [7:04 mins.] [making the unconscious conscious; the idea of different selves in contrast to being a single person] Part III [10:57 mins.] Part IV [5:57 mins.] [commenting on defense mechanisms)]

Does Therapy Work?
[11:16 mins.] [Professor Bloom, Yale University lecture]

Introduction to Psychotherapy
[5:36 mins.] [David Murphy, Ontario, Canada]

Bill Cloke: Introduction to Psychotherapy
[1:54 mins.]

What is Psychotherapy?
[7:15 mins.]

What is Counseling? Psychotherapy?
[10:59 mins.]

Heinz Kohut: Reflections on Empathy
[4:47 mins.]

The Science and Art of Psychotherapy: Insider's Guide
[1 hr. 30 mins.] [Dr. Victoria Lemle Beckner, Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, discusses the different approaches to psychotherapy and how research informs clinical practice to help patients achieve lasting improvement.]

The Therapeutic Relationship as the Vehicle for Transformation and Change
[1 hr. 48 mins.] [Dr. Edward Teyber & Dr. Faith Holmes McClure]

Core Actions of Psychological First Aid
[43:52 mins.]

What Are the Different Types of Psychotherapy?
[3:13 mins.]

A Brief Comparison of Psychologies
[37:36 mins.]

Patricia Ann Coughlin: The Case for Specific Factors in Psychotherapy Outcome
[1:10:26 mins.]

How Psychotherapy Works
[1:02:38 mins.] [Bruce Wampold, psychotherapy researcher & professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison] [2014] Bruce Wampold on Psychotherapy Research and Challenges in 2016 [45:06 mins.]

Getting the Patient to Move in Psychotherapy
[2:19:26 mins.] [Harold H. Mosak, 2009]

Addiction Treatment & Therapy
[24:44 mins.] [references to a postmodern approach]

The Road to Mastery
[5:01 mins.]

The Evolution of Psychotherapy: An Oxymoron
[56:18 mins.] [Edward Teyber & Faith Holmes McClure]

Does Therapy Work, and How?

Psychotherapy Debate with Peter Fonagy and Bruce Wampold
[42:07 mins.]

The Good Life: Happiness
[47:35 mins.] Paul Bloom] [Yale University] [relevant commentary at 2:06 mins. to 7:50 mins.]

Psychotherapy (Jordan Peterson)

What Good Therapy Is and Isn't
[8:09 mins.]

The Most Important Tool in Therapy
[3:06 mins.] [praising Alfred Adler]

A Psychotherapist Is an Engineer of the Soul
[4:20 mins.] [expressing admiration for Carl Rogers, and his focus on listening]

How to Find a Therapist
[4:18 mins.]

Therapeutic Alliance and the Therapeutic Relationship

On Therapeutic Alliance and Emotional Communication, Right Brain to Right Brain
[5:25 mins.] [Allan Schore]

The Relationship in Psychotherapy
[58:33 mins.]

The Therapeutic Relationship as the Vehicle for Transformation and Change
[1:48:53 mins.]

Trauma and the Avoidant Client: The Therapy Relationship
[3:06 mins.]

The Therapeutic Alliance
[2:46 mins.] [Aaron Beck, a founder of cognitive behavior therapy]

Comparison of the Therapeutic Relationship in Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Therapy
[4:49 mins.] [Aaron Beck]

Therapeutic Alliance and the Therapeutic Relationship: John Norcross

Psychotherapy Research and Integration in 2016
[33:57 mins.]

On the Significance of the Therapist/Client Relationship
[2:23 mins.]

The Therapeutic Relationship
[2:27 mins.]

Psychotherapy: Relationships that Work
[6:04 mins.]

Methodology of Psychotherapy: Relationships that Work
[8:24 mins.]

What Does Not Work in Psychotherapy
[9:03 mins.]

Neuroscience and Psychotherapy
[2:54 mins.]

Psychotherapy: Mark Sehl

What is a Good Psychotherapy Session and Why?
[8:23 mins.] [Dr. Mark Sehl is a psychoanalyst; commenting on how psychotherapy works, and what a psychotherapist does to create a good session]

What Makes for a Good Psychotherapy Session
[26:40 mins.] [on the patient's sense of being judged]

Listening and Silence in Psychotherapy
[16:00 mins.]

Following the Contact Function
[16:52 mins. ]

Awareness of Hate and of Mistakes
[16:20 mins.] [therapist awareness of feelings]

Therapist's Fear and Anxiety about Attachment in Psychotherapy
[10:51 mins.]

Projection, Projective Identification, and Compassion
[14:56 mins.] Projection (cont'd) [9:50 mins.]

Psychotherapy: Demonstrations

Clinical Interviewing
[4:29 mins.]

A Counseling Session
[4:26 mins.]

Person-Centered Therapy
[3:58 mins.]

Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy with James Bugental
[3:16 mins.]

An Existential Approach to Psychotherapy
[4:28 mins.]

Psychoanalytic Session
[13:37 mins.]

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
[5:42 mins.] [Hanna Levenson]

Harry Guntrip and Object Relations Psychology
[8:03 mins.]

Sophia: In Treatment: Sophie: Session 1 [9:54 mins.] Sophie Session 2 [8:01 mins.] Sophie Session 3 [9:31 mins.] Sophie Session 3, Part 2 [9:42 mins.]

Laura: In Treatment: Laura: Session 1 [6:55 mins.] Laura Session 2 [3:53 mins.] Laura Session 3 [8:44 mins.]

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Approach
[Saul McLeod, Simply Psychology, 2007]


Psychodynamic Therapy
[Jim Haggerty, Psych Central]

Existential Psychotherapy

Mick Cooper & Existential Therapy
[29:01 mins.] [Glasgow, Scotland, 2012]

Existential Psychotherapy: Viktor Frankl

Alfried Längle
[1:56:30 mins.] [Längle worked extensively with Victor Frankl] From a Life of Inner Consent to the Detection of Spirituality [1:41:22 mins.]

Victor Frankl: Man's Search for Meaning
[15:09 mins.] [Frankl referring to his approach to psychotherapy as "logotheraphy"]

Finding Meaning in Difficult Times
[28:44 mins.] [Interview with Dr. Viktor Frankl]

Viktor Frankl "Man Alive"
[4:28 mins.] Pt2 [4:23 mins.]

Discussion of Frankl's Book, Man's Search for Meaning
[9:48 mins.]

Alfred Adler

Adlerian Individual Counseling
[58:28 mins.] [Diane Gehart]

Adlerian Approach to Counseling
[4:32 mins.]

Adlerian Counseling
[58:28 mins.]

Alfred Adler: Life and Times
[7:38 mins.] Pt2: The Inferiority Complex and the Break with Freud [9:39 mins.] Pt3: Key Concepts and Insights [11:01 mins.]

Ken Cramer on Alfred Adler
[40:34 mins.]

Alfred Adler Psych of Personality
[4:19 mins.]

Alfred Adler's Theory in Relationship to Religion
[5:35 mins.]

Adlerian Individual Counseling
[58:28 mins.] [Diane Gehart]

Four Stages of Adlerian Therapy
[1:24:26 mins.]

Alexander Lowen

Alexander Lowen
[11:38 mins.]

Alexander Lowen
[12:01 mins.]

Intervista Alexander Lowen
[19:03 mins.]

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems: Resources on the Plural Self--Course Website

Schema Therapy

What is Schema Therapy?
[3:12 mins.] [animation]

Introduction to Schema Therapy
[10:13 mins.] [George Lockwood] [focus on "core emotional needs"; goal in therapy is to help the patient see that their needs are met]

Schema Therapy for the Schema Therapist
[22:01 mins.]

What are Schemas?
[4:29 mins.]

Gestalt Therapy

Welcome to Gestalt 2016
[5:54 mins.]

Gestalt in a Nutshell
[3:12 mins.] [Steve Vinay Gunther]

Mini Gestalt Module #1: Awareness
[5:06 mins.] [Steve Vinay Gunther]

Mini Gestalt Module #2: Dialogue
[4:46 mins.] [Steve Vinay Gunther]

Steve Vinay Gunther: Introduction to Client Therapy
[3:51 mins.]

Gestalt Theory
[14:49 mins.]

Gestalt Theory and Approaches to Counseling
[5:50 mins.]

Gestalt Approach to Counseling
[4:30 mins.] [Lucille Zimmerman explaining the Gestalt approach to counseling]

Erving Polster on Gestalt Therapy

The Relational Approach to Psychotherapy

Working with the Process Dimension in Relational Therapies
[1:25:13 mins.] [Filmed at the California Southern University School of Behavioral Sciences]\

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

How To Understand Psychodynamic Theory in Contrast to CBT
[2:46 mins.] How To Understand Cognitive Psychology [2:29 mins.]

Distinguishing Psychodyanmic and Cognitive/Behavior Therapy
[2:46 mins.]

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
[4:04 mins.]

Mick Cooper on CBT
[9:58 mins.]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: An Introduction
[50:41 mins.]

Integrative Therapy: Person-Centered Therapy + CBT
[9:27 mins.]

CBT and Ancient Greek Philosophy
[15:30 mins.] [TED Talk]

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy: Aaron Beck

The Blueprint of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
[6:01 mins.]

An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
[17:47 mins.]

Cognitive Restructuring in CBT
[5:42 mins.]

Integrating Psychodynamic Therapy with CBT
[4:32 mins.]

CBT and Psychoanalysis Similarities and Difference
[3:53 mins.]

Interview of Aaron Beck
[1 hr. 44 mins.]

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy (Demonstration)

What a Psychologist Does in Using the CBT Method
[1:11:43 mins.] [a demonstration of a CBT-oriented therapist at work]

CBT Web Resources

Cognitive Psychotherapy
[Michael Herkov, PsychCentral]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
[Ben Martin, PsychCentral

Albert Ellis (Rational-Emotive Therapy)

Albert Ellis: A Guide to Rational Living
[9:16 mins.]

21 Ways to Stop Worrying
[1:25:01 mins.]

Albert Ellis and Gloria: A Counseling Session
[29:49 mins.]

Substituting Rational Thinking for Irrational Thoughts
[29:04 mins.] [1984]

Albert Ellis's Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
[5:44 mins.]

On Guilt and Shame
[10:00 mins.] [audio recording of Albert Ellis]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy with Debbie Joffe Ellis
[26:56 mins.] [change the way we think we can change our lives] Pt2 [27:21 mins.]

Types of Psychotherapy

Different Approaches to Psychotherapy
[American Psychological Association]

Types of Psychotherapy (Approaches)
[Srisik & Strisik, psychotherapists]

Pioneers of Humanistic-Existential Psychology
[The Virtual Office of David Hiles]


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