Prosecutorial Misconduct
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
West Virginia University|Spring|2012|



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Prosecutorial Immunity

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Web Resources: Supplement to John Kroger's Convictions

1st Reading Assignment in Kroger's Convictions (pp. 3-124)

Prosecutor's Workload (pp. 3, 5) [see also, pp.159-160, 174-175]

Urban Prosecutors Face Heavy Workload
New York Times

How Many Cases Should a Prosecutor Handle?
National Workload Assessment Project, American Prosecutors Research Institute

Federalization of Crime (p. 7)

[see also, pp. 139-140, 211-217]

The Increasing Federalization of Crime
Susan A. Ehrlich, 32 Ariz. St. L. J. 825

Doing Violence to the Law: The Over-Federalization of Crime
Biran Walsh, The Heritage Foundation

Involvement of the US Attorney's Office (and It's Assistant U.S. Attorneys) in Law Enforcement and Federal Prosecution of Crimes (pp. 33-34)

Guide to Criminal Prosecutions in the United States
Organization of American States (OAS)

AUSA & Wiretap Authorization (p. 7)

United States v. Callum (9th Cir.)

United States v. Staffeldt (9th Cir.)

Electronic Investigative Techniques
USA Bulletin, Executive Office for US Attorneys

(Judge's Report): Report of Application and/or Order Authorizing Interception of Communications
Administrative Office of the United States Courts

Witness Security Program (pp. 82-83)

[see also, pp. 216-220, 232)

Witness Security Program
U.S. Marshalls Service

United States Federal Witness Protection Program

Witness Security
U.S. Attorneys Manual

Federal Bureau of Prisons' Witness Security Program
Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General

Prosecutorial Zealousness (pp. 31-32)

The Zealous Prosecutor as Minister of Justice
Bennett L. Gershman

Cooperating Witnesses (pp. 72-73)

[see also, pp. 145 147-149] [Witness Security: pp. 219-220]

Cooperating Witnesses [A Defense Perspective]
Jon Buck

2nd Reading Assignment in Kroger's Convictions (pp. 125-233)

Mafia (pp. 129-209)

Mafia: What's In A Word?

Mobster Criminal Mentality

The Rise And Fall Of Omertà

The Rise & Fall of Organized Crime in America

Attendee Profiles at the 1957 Apalachin Mob Confab

The Raid At Apalachin

Defining Organized Crime

RICO: The Nemesis of the Mob

Greg Scarpa and the FBI (pp. 127-209)

Gregory Scarpa, Sr.

License to Kill: Greg Scarpa and the FBI [pt2] [pt3] [pt4] [pt5] [pt6] [pt7] [pt8]

The Scarpa Mob Family, The FBI, and a Story of Betrayal

Mafia Prosecutors & Prosecutions (129-233)

Robert Morgenthau

Informants (pp.145-153)

Confidential Informants

Are Informers Reliable?

Confidential Informants
NPR-3 part series

Study of the Use of Confidential Informants in New Jersey
A Report Commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey in Partnership with the Criminal Law Reform Project of the American Civil Liberties Union

Mob Hitman Turned Informant: Nicholas Calabrese
T. Markus Funk, prosecutor; Operation Family Secrets case :: YouTube video [5:41 mins.] [Operation Family Secrets :: FBI investigation of mob-related crimes in Chicagoi] [Nicholas Calabrese] [Chicago Mob] [Organized crime in Chicago] [Operation Greylord]

Confidential Informants: Protecting Their Identity

Surveillance (pp. 142, 220-221)

Surveillance Techniques

Use of Prior Inconsistent Statements: Use at Trial (pp. 181-182)

Impeachment by Prior Inconsistent Statement The Overrated Prior Inconsistent Statement
Deliberations, an American Society of Trial Consultants blog

Maximizing Inconsistent Statements in Cross-Examination
Trial Theater, The Trial Lawyer's Library

Prohibition (18th Amendment) and the Rise of the Mafia

Prohibition Bootlegging

Loansharking (pp. 130, 223-224)


RICO (pp. 211- 217, 232)

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Organized Crime & Racketering
U.S. Attorneys Resource Manual

18 U.S.C. § 1961, et.seq.
Federal statute

Organized Crime

Organized Crime