Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Howard Srickland Abbott


Horace Bushnell Hudson, A Half Century of Minneapolis 141
(Minneapolis: Hudson Pub. Co., 1908)

Howard Abbott was born, September 15, 1862 at Farmington, Minnesota. He received a B.L. degree from the University of Minnesota in 1885. He is the author of various legal treatises. His poetry was anthologized in Contemporary American Poets, 1928 (boston: The Stratford Co., 1928) and Christmas Lyrics of 1936: A Contemporary Anthology of Timely Verse (New York: Beacon Publications, 1 936). Abbott lived in Minneapolis.

[Source: The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets: The Who's Who of American Poets 1 (New York: Avon House, 1938)] [Some sources place Abbott's birth in 1864 instead of 1862.]


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