Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Edwin M. Adams, Jr.


Edwin M. Adams, Jr. was born in Gridley, Illinois. He received his bachelor's degree and his law degree from the University of Illinois in 1939. He considered becoming an actor while in law school, but became a lawyer instead.

Adams served, during World War II, in the State Department's World Trade Intelligence Division and then in the Navy. After his service in the Navy, he was named legal attache to the Allied Commission where he searched for Nazi assets hidden in Swiss bank accounts. He later, served as counselor to the U.S. Embassy in Rome. After six years in Rome, Adams took up residence in Washington, D.C. where he was worked at the the Bureau of African Affairs. His final Foreign Service assignment was as special assistant to the deputy undersecretary of state and associate dean of the Foreign Service Institute.

After his retirement from government service, Adams took up a new career in Hollywood. He appeared in commericals and hosted radio and TV shows. He appeared in 24 movies. He authored a novel, Petty Destiny (Xlibris, 2004), and wrote poetry. [Source: Obituary, Washington Post, October 27, 2008, p. B7]