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Lawyers and Poetry

Edward Lowell Anderson


"Anderson, Edward Lowell, lawyer, b. Cincinnati, O., 1842;
d. Cincinnati, O., March 29, 1916"

[W. Stewart Wallace, A Dictionary of North American Authors Deceased Before 1950 10 (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1951)]

"Anderson, Edward Lowell (Oct. 4, 1842-March 2, 1916), lawyer, was born in Cincinnati, Hamilton County. With his twin brother, Frederick Longworth Anderson, he attended Phillips Exeter Academy; but both boys left school to enter the army when the Civil War began. Edward was a captain in the 52nd O.V.I., was wounded at Jonesboro, and served on General Sherman's staff. He studied law at the University of Cincinnati after the war and was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1866. His books on horsemanship were highly esteemed." [William Coyle (ed.), Ohio Authors and Their Books 11 (Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1962)] [Used with the gracious permission of the Ohioana Library Association]


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