Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

William Henry Babcock


William Henry Babcock was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on January 19, 1849. He attended the Columbian University Law School (later to become George Washington University Law School) and then took up newspaper work. He eventually moved to Washington, D.C., and practiced law.

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Babcock's Cian of the Chariots, published in 1898, is sometimes credited as being the first Arthurian historical novel published in the United States.[See preface, Alan Lupack & Barbara Tepa Lupack, King Arthur in America (Rochester, New York: D.S. Brewer, 1999)]

Babcock died on July 20, 1922. [W. Stewart Wallace, A Dictionary of North American Authors Deceased Before 1950 19 (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1951)]


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