Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Harmon Seeley Babcock


"Babcock, Harmon Seeley, lawyer and poet, b. 1849;
d. East Providence, R.I., Jan. 3, 1937"

[W. Stewart Wallace, A Dictionary of North American Authors Deceased Before 1950 19 (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1951)]

"Babcock, Harmon Seeley, educator, lawyer, poet, author, was born April 11, 1849, in New Lebanon, N.Y. In 1874 he graduated from Brown university with the degree of A.B. and was valedictorian of his class; in 1877 received the degree of A.M., and was admitted to the bar in the same year. For three years he was superintendent of public schools of East Providence, R.I.; was town solicitor for nine years; and since 1890 has been coroner. For twelve years he was treasurer of the Watchemoket fire district; and for three years secretary and two years president of the East Providence business men's association. He taught two years in the University grammar school of Providence, and for one year in the Brown university as instructor in logic. He has delivered poems at annual conventions of various assocaiations and reunions . . . . He has been president of the Rhode Island Pultry Association . . . and is the author of several works on poultry." [Thomas William Herringshaw, Herringshaw's American Statesmen and Public Officials Year Book 1907-1908 79-80 (Chicago: American Publishers' Assoc., 1907)] [online text]


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