Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Isaac Rieman Baxley


"Isaac R. Baxley . . . was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1850. He was educated at the Catholic College of St. Ignatius de Layola (although he is not a Catholic himself), and passed the bar before the age of twenty-one. Mr. Baxley says this was his first legal crimebut the age question was not asked of him. He practiced little at the law, and abandoned it because he wished to write, and only write poetry . . . .

"Mr. Baxley has traveled a great deal, having been in Europe twice, and has lived permanently in California since 1878. His home is in Santa Barbara." The Magazine of Poetry: A Quarterly Review 271-274 (Buffalo, New York: Charles Wells Moulton,1890)(vol. 2)


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