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Horace Binney


Hampton L. Carson, Horace Binney
5 The Green Bag 56 (1893)

Horace Binney was born in Philadelphia on January 4, 1780. He graduated from Harvard College in 1797 and studied law in the office of Jared Ingersoll (1749-1822), a member of the Constitutional convention of 1787 and Attorney-General of Pennsylvania (1811-1816). In 1800 Binney was admitted to the bar in Philadelphia and was recognized as a leading lawyer in the United States. He was also reputed to be an accomplished poet. He served in the Pennsylvania legislature in 1806-1807 and in the U.S. Congress (1833-1835). He strongly opposed the policies of President Andrew Jackson.

Binney was opposing counsel, against Daniel Webster, in the Supreme Court case of Bidal v. Girards Executors, which involved the disposition of the estate of Stephen Girard. (qv). Binney's argument in this case greatly influenced the interpretation of the law of charities. Binney made many public addresses, the most noteworthy of which, entitled Life and Character of Chief Justice Marshall, was published in 1835. He also published Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia (1858), and an Inquiry into the Formation of Washington's Farewell Address (1859); and during the Civil War, he issued three pamphlets (1861, 1862 and 1865), discussing the right of habeas corpus under the American Constitution, and justifying President Lincoln in his suspension of the writ.

A portrait of Binney was painted by Stuart Gilbert in 1800 and hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Horace Binney
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Horace Binney

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Horace Binney

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Law Case Reporter

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[Between 1807 and 1814, Binney prepared and published the six volumes of reported decisions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, each of which bears his name]


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[In honor of "John Marshall Day," February 4, 1901 eulogy on John Marshall delivered at Philadelphia, September 24, 1835 (Chicago: Callaghan, 1900)]

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