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Eugene Brooks


The New York Times obituary, dated July 18, 2001 is titled, Eugene Brooks, a Lawyer and Poet, Dies at 80. News of Brooks death arrived during the construction of this website. He was the brother of poet Allen Ginsberg. Brooks changed his name from Eugene Ginsberg after his discharge from the Army in 1945. He attended Montclair State Teachers College and graduated from New York University Law School. His legal practice included international law cases. The poetry published in Rites of Passage in 1973 was primarily written during Brooks' war years in Britian and France. Before Allen Ginsberg died in 1997, Brooks often appeared with his brother to give poetry readings. Brooks is survived by his wife, Constance and four sons, Alan, Peter, Lyle and Neil; a daughter, Anne; and a stepbrother and stepsister.

The Ginsbergs were a family of poets. Louis Ginsberg, Eugene and Allen's father was also a poet. Eugene Brooks wrote the introduction to Louis Ginsberg 1992 collection of poetry, Collected Poems (Orono, Maine: Northern Lights, 1992). Allen Ginsberg also contributed to the book. Louis Ginsberg, Brooks' father, is also the author of Morning in Spring and Other Poems (1970), The EverLasting Lyric and Other Poems (1937), The Everlasting Minute and Other Lyric (1937). It was Louis Ginsberg, Eugene's father, who authored the introduction to Rites of Passage.

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Eugene Brooks, introduction to, Louis Ginsberg, Collected Poems (Orono, Maine: Northern Lights, 1992)