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Henry Howard Brownell


"Henry H. Brownell was born in Providence, Rhode Island on Februrary 6, 1820 and grew up in East Hartford, Connecticut, where he died on October 31, 1872. Brownell's father, Pardon Brownell was a physician. He graduated from Washington College (now Trinity College), Hartford Connecticut in 1841, became a school teacher in Mobile, Alabama for a year and then returned to Connecticut where he took up the study of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1844. After a small inheritance came his way, Brownell gave up the law to write poetry. Kunitz & Haycraft note that

He never took the law seriously [and] soon gravitated into literary pursuits. He and his brother were obscure hack writers when the Civil War changed Henry Brownell's whole career. Admiral Farragut, struck by a rhymed versionof his orders published in the Hartford Evening Press, looked up the writer and had him appointed master mate in the navy, then ensign and his own secretary. Brownell's war poems became famous; Oliver Wendell Holmes called him "our battle laureate."

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Henry Howard Brownell
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Henry Howard Brownell


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