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Armistead Burt

South Carolina

"Burt, Armistead, lawyer and poet, was born in Abbeville District, S.C., in 1802, and became Speaker of the House of Represenatives. He was quite a poet and produced three volumes of verse . . . . But he outgrew the poetic habit; and for the next fifty years no other work appears from his pen. He died in 1883."

[Edwin Anderson Alderman & Joel Chandler Harris (eds.), Library of Southern Literature 64 (New Orleans: Martin & Hoyt Co., 1910)(1907)(Vol. 15, Biographical Dictionary of Southern Authors, 1929, Lucian Lamar Knight ed.)]

Armistead Burt
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Armistead Burt

Armistead Burt
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Burt-Stark House
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Adam Burt, The Coronation, or, Hypocrisy Exposed; also, Sullivan's Island satirical poems, with notes (Charleston, South Carolina: Printed for Duke and Browne, 1822)

_________, Journeyman Weaving, a Poem (New York: Press of the Old Countryman, 1831)

________, Poems, Chiefly Satirical (New York: author [A. Burt], 1833)


Robert Milton Burts, "The Life of Armistead Burt," A.M. thesis, Duke University, 1945

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