Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Robert Boodey Caverly

Maine & Massachusetts

George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 92 (Portland, Maine: Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888):

This poet, who began his law practice in Limerick, Me., where he resided six years, was born in Barrington, now Strafford, N.H., July 19, 1806. He graduated at Harvard law School, and after leaving the Pine Tree State, settled as an attorney in Lowell, Mass., where he now remains. His poetry, or authorship, may be found in his volumes of "Epics, Lyrics, and Ballads;" in his several orations; in his "History of the Indian Wars of New England;" in his legends and dramas, entitled, "Battles of the Bush," and in other works. Mr. Caverly was greatly interested in the erection of the Hannah Dustin monument, placed on the island in Penacook, N.H., where Mrs. Dustin and her companions performed that remarkable deed of daring at the midnight hour.



Here on this hill she wandered in her childhood,
   Briefly to dance sweet summer days along;
While oft, in flowery vale or waving wildwood,
   She blest the bluebird with her little song.
Now bends the cypress, weeping limb and boughs;
   Sad night come down to lave the leaf with tears;
Soft, gentle zephyrs sigh their wonted vows
   Unto the love of life's departed years.

Ten thousand days' bright dawn shall beam upon it,
   Ten thousand nights' sweet stars shall come with care;
Ten thousand wild-birds' lovely warbling on it
   Shall bring oblations to my Clara fair.
Earth's lengthened years are little in His sight,
   Who rolls the spheres in majesty above;
Whose sun on high is but a candle-light,
   To lead frail mortals to a throne of love.


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