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Robert Milledge Charlton


Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

Robert M. Charlton was born in Savannah, Georgia on January, 19 1807. His father, Thomas U.P. Charlton, was also a lawyer. The young Charlton studied law, was admitted to the bar, and in 1828 he was elected to the Georgia legislature. He was subsequently appointed United States District Attorney by President Jackson, and in 1834, at age twenty-seven was appointed, and afterward elected, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Eastern District of Georgia. Charlton served as United States senator in 1852-1853 and was twice elected mayor of Savannah. He was widely praised for his oratory. Charlton wrote poetry and prose, essays and sketches, lectures and literary addresses, many of which appeared in the Knickerbocker Magazine.

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Charlton's son, Walter Glasco Charlton (1854-1917) was a lawyer, judge, and writer of occasional poetry.

Robert Milledge Charlton
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

Robert M. Charlton
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Robert M. Charlton

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Law Poetry Anthologies

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Robert M. Charlton, Reports of Decisions Made in the Superior Courts of the Eastern District of Georgia (Savannah: Thomas Purse & Co., 1838)

________________, Leaves from the Portfolio of a Georgia Lawyer (1839) [There is no OCLC listing of a library holding of this book.]

Writings: Lectures

______________, The Romance of Life, a Historical Lecture (Savannah: Printed by E.C. Councell, 1845)(delivered before the Georgia Historical Society, on the 14th January, 1845)(19 pgs.)

_______________, The Poetry of Death (Savannah: Edward J. Purse, 1849)(A lecture delivered before the Young Men's Library Association, in the city of Augusta, December 21st, 1848)

Biographical Sketches

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