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Clark Betton Cochrane

New Hampshire

Clark B. Cochrane was born in New Boston, New Hampshire on February 9, 1843 and lived in Antrim and New Boston, New Hampshire. He received his education at the Kimball Union Academy and studied law at Albany University in New York. He was admitted to the bar in 1865 and undertook the practice of law. He returned to New Boston and then moved to Antrim, where he was involved in mercantile and manufacturing pursuits. An elegant volume of his, entitled "Minora, and Other Poems" was issued from the Riverside Press in 1869.

The preface to the first edition of Cochrane's Voices of the Granite Hills (1894) reads:

To the many books of recent verse I venture to add still another. While I make no claim to superior excellence, I trust my friends will not consider these brief efforts as absolutely indifferent. Years of business and constant labor left me little time or inclination to "dally with the Muses," which under other circumstances I might have done; and they forsook me, or I them, years ago. However, during the last year or two of illness and enforced idleness, I have recalled the crude efforts of callow youth, and, recasting them to such extent as conditions allow, I give them for what they are worth to the sons and daughters of my beloved Granite State.

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