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John Esten Cooke


"John Esten Cooke, sone of John Rodgers and Marla Pendleton Cooke, and brother of the author of 'Froissart Ballads,' was born in Winchester, Frederic county, Virginia, on the third of November, 1830; was taken to Gengary, his father's estate, near that town, and lived there until the destruction of the house by fire, in 1839, when the family removed to Richmond, which has ever since been his home. Having studied law, in the office of his father, he was admitted to the bar, and continues in the practice of the profession.

* * * *

Mr. Cooke's poems have appeared in the 'Literary Messenger' and other southern periodicals."

[Rufus Wilmot Griswold, The Poets and Poetry of America 619 (Philadelphia: Parry and McMillan, 16th ed., 1855)][online text]

John Esten Cooke was the younger brother of the poet and story writer, Philip Pendleton Cooke, who was also a lawyer.


"Old Wood to Burn"
The Book of the Sonnet
1867 (vol.2)

Selected Writings

John Esten Cooke, The Virginia Comedians; Or, Old Days in the Old Dominion (1854)(2 vols.) [vol. 1: online text]

______________, Virginia: A History of the People (1883) [online text]

______________, Stonwall Jackson: A Military Biography (1866) [online text]

______________, My Lady Pokanhontas: A True Relation of Virginia (1885) [online text]

______________, Pretty Mrs. Gaston, and Other Stories (1874)

______________, Bonnybel Vane: Embracing the History of Henry St. John, Genleman (1883) [online text]

_______________, Stories of the Old Dominion: From the Settlement to the End of the Revolution (1879) [online text]

_______________, The Youth of Jefferson, Or, a Chronical of College Scrapes (1854) [online text]

_______________, Hammer and Rapier (1870) [online text]

_______________, Ellie: Or, the Human Comedy (1855) [online text]

_______________, Wearing of the Gray: Being Personal Portraits, Scenes and Adventures of the War (1867) [online text]

_______________, Canolles: The Fortunes of a Partisan of '81(1877) [online text]

_______________, Surry of Eagle's Nest; Or, The Memoirs of a Staff-officer Serving in Virginia (Gregg Press, 1968)

_______________, A Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee (1871) [online text]

_______________, Fanchette (1883) [online text]

_______________, The Maurice Mystery (1885) [online text]

_______________, Beatrice Hallam: A Novel

_______________, The Last of the Foresters: Or, Humors on the Border: A Story of the Old (1856) [online text]

_______________, Outlines from the Outpost (1961)

_______________, Henry St. John, gentleman, of 'Flower of hundreds', in the county of Prince



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