Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

George Cooper

New York

"George Cooper was born in New York City, May 14, 1840. . . . He began the study of law in the office of Chester A. Arthur, who was then called by his familiars 'The Boy' . . . . After being admitted to the bar, Mr. Cooper never practiced to any extent. Many of his early poems are to be found in The Round Table, and The Saturday Press, weekly journals of that day. He has contributed to Putnam's Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Appleton's Journal, The Independent, Harper's Young People, St.Nicholas, and many other periodicals."

[3 (1) The Magazine of Poetry 11 (January, 1891)(Buffalo, New York: Charles Wells Moulton)]

[See: The National Cyclopedia of Biography 245 (1898)(vol. 8): "After practicing for a short time he renounced his profession to devote himself to the vocation to which his natural gifts inclined him. In his early years he had developed a taste for writing, and before his sixteenth year had begun to contribute acceptable verse to several of the leading magazines." He became a regular cotributor to: The Independent, Harpers' Young People, Harper's Magazine, Appleton's Journal. (online text)]