Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Alfred Johnson Cotton

Maine & Indiana

A.J. Cotton "was born April 20, 1800, in Cumberland County, Maine, the fourth in a family of nine children. He came to Dearborn County, Indiana, in 1818, built a log cabin in the forest, became a schoolteacher, and was ordained in the ministry in 1825. An excursion into politics was unsuccessful, for he was defeated several times as a candidate for various offices. He was editor of the New Castle Banner for a while, but returned to Dearborn County and filled the postion of associate judge for six years and that of probate judge for four years." [Arthur W. Shumaker, A History of Indiana Literature 119-122 ([Indianapolis]: Indiana Historical Society, 1962)]


A.J. Cotton, Cotton's Keepsake. Poems on Various Subjects, by Rev. Judge A.J. Cotton, Philcom. To Which Is Appended a Short Autobiographical Sketch of the Life of the Author, and a Condensed History of the Early Settlements, Incidents, and Improvements of the Country, from the Early Settlers themselves, and from Observation and Experience in It, for the Space of Forty Years Last Past (Cincinnati: Pub. for the author by Applegate & Co., 1860) [online text]


A.J. Cotton, Cotton's Sketch-book: Auto-biographical Sketches of the Life, Labors, and Extensive Home Travels of Rev. A.J. Cotton. In short, convenient chapters. (Portland: Printed by B. Thurston, 1874) [online text]