Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Brainerd Currie


Law professor, author of irreverant verse, conflicts of law scholar

Currie served on the law faculties at the University of Pittsburgh (1952-53), Duke, and the University of Chicago (1953-1961).

[See: 4 Who's Who in American History, 1961-1968 (Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1968)]


"Rose of Aberlone"
[Harvard Law School Record, 1954]

Brainered Currie, Casey Jones Redivivus (Ringhiser v. Chesapeare & Ohio Ry., 77 s. Ct. 1093 (1957))(poem), 1 Green Bag 2d 113 (1997)

_____________, Rose of Abelone (Poem), 1 Green Bag 2d 445 (1998)(a note accompanying the poet states: "Brainerd Currie was a Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law when Rose of Aberlone was published in the Student Lawyer Journal in April 1965.")


Ross E. Davies & Montgomery N. Kosma (eds.), Quidsome Balm: The Collected Nonsense of Brainerd Currie (Washington, D.C.: Greenbag Press, 2000)


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Brainerd Currie, Selected Essays on the Conflict of Laws (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 1963)(Buffalo, New York: William S. Hein & Co., 1990)

Writings: Articles

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____________, Unification of the Civil and Admiralty Flutes: Why and How, 17 Maine L. Rev. 1 (1965).


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