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Bryon M. Cutcheon


Bryon Cutcheon was born at Pembroke, New Hampshire on May 11, 1836. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1861and obtained his law degree at Michigan in 1863. He served in the Civil War, obtaining the rank of bevet brigadar general. Cutcheon was admitted to the bar in 1966. He served as regent of the University of Michigan 1875-1883, and as a member of Congress, 1883-1891. He was president, orator and poet of the University of Michigan Alumni Association. [Source: Who's Who in America].

Cutcheon arrived in Micigan in 1855. He began the practice of law at Manistee in 1967. He served as city attorney of Manistech, 1873-1874, and postmaster, 1877-1883.

Bryon M. Cutcheon
Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress